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  1. @Hermes @Wissp Make it so!
  2. Please add the Destiny Pack Items (From the former L2Store) to the Einhasad's Store. The Destiny Pack included a 200% SP Rune - 30 Day, 200% XP Rune - 30 Day and 200% Drop Rate Rune which was a highly purchased items for XP and farming in game.
  3. I'm loving these reduce maintenance times that were promised when this new Maintenance time was selected. For the simple folk GM's..... That's sarcasm. The Maintenance time has increased since the Maintenance time was changed.
  4. This event is robbery..... Why are the boxes 400 NCoin? These 5% Clicks at $120 USD are ridiculous. This is a game and it is meant to be fun for all players ( recreation and entertainment). Poor business model. Targeting the top 5% of players that can afford this event and the top 5% already have these items or have no need. You need more realistic prices to target the average player or players new to the game where these craft options are viable. Drive more NCoin purchases over more patrons than just a select few. GOOD LUCK with the Shining Gran Kain’s Box Event. I will not participate with these rates and cost.
  5. GM's of the community (@GM_dufo @GM_dufo @Hermes @GM_SKY), @Hermes you may remember implementing the Lineage 2 Live - 3 Client Limit back in August 15, 2019 in order to combat the latency issues with the server. This was meant to be a temporary solution to be opened back up past three clients with server stability improvements. Those improvements have been made and a three client limit is no longer required and quite honestly had little to no affect on the latency issues of the server. @Juji was actively engaged and following up on this issue weeks/months until he chose to move onto bigger and better things. The server does not need the three client limit restriction anymore and it should be removed. Please reference pass forum posts and reconsider the three client limit restriction. Original Client Restriction Post: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/14638-known-issue-server-latency/ Juji Follow #1 Post: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/15495-live-server-maintenance-wednesday-october-16-2019/?do=findComment&comment=107122 Juji Follow #2 Post: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/16145-live-server-maintenance-wednesday-december-11-2019/#comment-110929 Kind Regards, ~LordCrypt
  6. @Wissp @Hermes @GM_EVA @GM_dufo @GM_SKY Do you remember this post? https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/26514-weekly-maintenance-time-change-notice/ You stated the maintenance time change was necessary to improve support and shorten the maintenance time. Nothing has changed and it's typical for maintenance times to be extended. This time on the Maury Show.... We determine the statement made by NCSOFT was a lie! Dear Players, We have an important announcement to make regarding the weekly maintenance time for Lineage 2. Starting on April 4th, the weekly maintenance will take place every Tuesday at 3pm PDT/10pm UTC. We understand that this change may be inconvenient for some of you, and we apologize for any disruption it may cause. However, we want to assure you that this change is necessary to enable us to provide you with improved support. Our goals are to shorten the maintenance time and be able to resolve post-maintenance issues more quickly. We value your continued support and dedication to Lineage 2, and we appreciate your understanding during this time of transition. We recognize that the regular maintenance time is an important aspect of your gaming experience, and we are committed to making this change as seamless as possible. For more details about the schedule updates as well as the latest news on upcoming releases and events, please check the forums and the official game website. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of change, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the best possible gaming experience. Sincerely, The Lineage 2 Team #JOKE!!!!!
  7. The recent Dethroned Fire Update added a plethora of new collections. Some of those collections include the need for the armor sets included in the Blessed Exalted Robe Bundle, Blessed Exalted Light Armor Bundle and Blessed Exalted Heavy Armor Bundle but I have already purchased these bundles a long time ago and destroyed/deleted the armor sets. Why you ask? I deleted the sets because I wanted the Consumables contained within the packs and I could not hold onto all the armor sets and jewelry in my in-game Warehouse. Every character in-game cannot manage the amount of non-tradeable items. You changed the mechanics with the launch of the Dethroned Fire Update and I can no longer complete these NEW collections. I am requesting that either these purchase limits be removed from our accounts so that we may re-purchase or these sets be restored by your Support Team. Requested Exalted Armor Sets to be Restored: Blessed Exalted Robe Bundle (Qty: 2) Blessed Exalted Light Armor Bundle (Qty: 2) Blessed Exalted Heavy Armor Bundle (Qty: 2) Restoring these sets I will be able to buy Blessed Exalted Armor Enchant Scroll (1,728 Scrolls or 69,120 NCoin or $864) in order to complete these Collections! Hero's Birth I Hero's Birth II Hero's Birth III Brilliant... Sharp... Sturdy...
  8. @Wissp Is NCSOFT West looking for a lawsuit because this truly a bait and switch tactic which is not permissible in the United States government by the FTC and is considered fraud/scam.
  9. @Wissp Yet another failure and copy paste from Korea to prove you have no input into this game. A compromise needs to be made. You were the face of the company and STATED this was NOT intended.... The entire community who had scrolls submitted a ticket and you wasted their time and my time. Now you come back and say they will be marked for deletion? How about you make these "Scrolls for Deletion" BLESSED enchants that cannot drop the level of the current level regardless of enchant. That way players can actually use them if their item is still not +7. Question.... How many other "Standard Maintenances" have taken place with NINJA patches that affect the aspects of the game? Pretty messed up. Again, The previous poll you took will have LITTLE impact or merit with the Korean developers. I don't think anything will come of it but nice try. Pretty messed up you're the face and have to answer to the player community.
  10. I never disconnect in Olympiad and today I disconnected twice and lost -22 points each time. I port in start to do self buffs or click to move forward and "you've been disconnected from the server." I'm running three clients on 3 computers and NONE of them disconnect. This isn't abnormal for me to have these many clients running on my PCs. I've operated this way for years with no issues and now it is? And only my client I'm competing in Olympiad..... I call bullshit! I play this game to be competitive and I enjoy Olympiad but when I continue to disconnect it really pisses me off. Please investigate and fix this issue! @Hermes @Wisp
  11. These Dethroned Times are stupid. I'm a CST player and I cannot participate in the weekly Dethroned because I'm sleeping in the morning and at work in the afternoon. On top of that you change the Weekend Dethroned time to overlap with Olympiad and SEIGE. How is a person playing this game to stay competitive in PVP and PVE if two different aspects of the game that are BOTH equally important occur at the exact same time. Change the times back and make it more accommodating to NA server times. The vast majority of the player base is NA time zone and we keep getting shit on with crappy European based benefit.
  12. @Hermes @EMpulse How do you think this garbage above (Recycled Event) is adequate compensation for the entire downtime Chronos experienced Saturday? Think about this from a players perspective for one instead of a GM who really doesn't care two shits. You allowed a game with cross server competition go unchecked and gave advantage to one side. People pour $100s, even $1000s into this game along with weekly subscriptions, Destiny Packs etc. Please come up with something better. 1. Weekend Playtime Hours: Roughly 15 hours the server was unavailable/unstable. 2. Final Olympiad Day: Naia had a full day (3hr 40mins) uncontested to take heroes in a cross server competition. 3. Dethroned: Naia had a full day (5hrs) to freely compete and farm points. You continue to shit on Chronos as a NA server and give bleep all for the players still left playing this game. You can block this post and many others but you have to see the dotted line that more and more people are getting fed up with NCSOFT Wests semantics and censorship. Kind Regards, L2Community
  13. @Hermes No fix has come to enable people to use the last of their Event Tickets (Acquired through Quests or Purchased) , myself included. At minimum, Will players be reimbursed for their purchased tickets (30 million Adena per ticket) or receive some other type of compensation?
  14. The cost of this event is beyond stupid. This event isn't even new content and players attempting to catch up or close the gap have to spend more money than those people who first had access to this content.@Andouillemakes a valid point on the pricing and this prices should be reviewed. Red, Blue, Support and Balance did not cost the same in the past. I will be boycotting this event all together unless the prices change. @Hermes@Arctic @EMpulse @Hime
  15. Update the server boosts to that of FY2020!!!!! https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/23797-december-12th-2021-holiday-server-boosts-terrible/
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