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  1. Why are Olympiad losses on a disconnect double to quadruple the regular point loss of a match. FIX THE SYSTEM!
  2. Agreed Summoners Pets need to be able to be enchanted or level increased with leveling past 110. A even better boost would be giving the summoners a party buff much like they had in the past to be useful in a party environment.
  3. @buffgirl you want to participate in Blood Swords? How about you ask to have server transfers opened to transfer to NAIA (GMT+1) where you can then participate in Blood Swords where the server caters to EU time based players. Chronos is a NA server and should remain as such. The time proposed 1 PM PST is absurd. The current Bloodsword PvP time is (PST: 9:30PM / CST: 8:30PM / PST: 6:30PM) and this will change with DAYLIGHT SAVINGS this weekend to (PST: 8:30PM / CST: 7:30PM / PST: 5:30PM). Many NA players are still working or just getting out of work on the East Coast which is 5 PM EST. The aver
  4. ++ I would very much like to see the percentage rates posted for all probability chances. This includes the in-game crafting system which states the probability as 'High', 'Medium' and 'Low.' This would also include the Loot box chances too for every item obtainable inside loot box type events. This way the L2 Community can make more informed decisions on attempting crafts and know full well the chance they have to create a craft or obtain an item from a loot box.
  5. Not an exploit! This is game mechanic of clans with less than 15 people so larger clans cannot bully smaller clans into doing what they want. Are you a bully Divekio? Because it sounds like you want to war and bully smaller clans into getting what you want.
  6. Sounds more like incompetence from NCSOFT WEST. Still experiencing in-game which hurts melee based characters the most. When will it be fixed? It's only been going on six months. Where's the compensation for this again?
  7. Please implement this system on Live! ++
  8. It has come to our attention that many players have been exploiting inaccessible locations of the game. These locations have been used to create unfair advantages not intended by the game. Your statement is false, you gave the L2 Community Players in-game mechanics the means to access said locations. This by definition is not inaccessible location of the game. You've taken the word (Mass Petition) of a few Players with the brain of an Amoeba who CAN NOT think of how to access the locations via game mechanics. You're trying to cover your ass with this message. Secondly, can you please explain a
  9. Going on two weeks wasting our Prestige and Destiny packs. Is there any plan to reimburse or give compensation for the players who currently have Prestige and Destiny packs running? Loosing the ability to farm in-game Adena currency and Experience Points.
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