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  1. All my accounts were locked

    I really didn't wanted to created a new topic about this issue, there are 2 days I'm waiting for an answer from support and nothing until now although. All my 3 accounts were locked for suspicion activity, but I've never used any kind of cheat or bot on this game or any another as u can see there. There is no reason to locked my accounts. I've sent a ticket to support, but it seems that they don't give a s... to us. Please, there are many players needing help cause of the same problem. Don't forget us! ticket (22032670)
  2. Locked Accounts For NOTHING

    Will it gonna be solved on the next maintance, I mean, the whole issue with locked accounts, or u still don't know why it's happing?
  3. Account block

    Good to know. Gonna wait for more days ):
  4. Account block

    Help us, @HimeDirect @Hime @Juji. It's friday night, almost weekend, we've been waiting for classic NA for a long time and we can't play now. No one is answering us by ticket )':
  5. Locked Accounts For NOTHING

    I'm with the same problem and waiting a answer from support for 2 days. Nothing yet
  6. Account block

    I'm with the same problem and waiting for 2 days. No answered until now from support game.
  7. Can't log in

    I have the same problem and I'm waiting for 2 days for an answer, but nothing until now
  8. Friends account locked ?

    @iamCookieDoe, hey, mate, have they answered ur ticket?

    @Alex132 have they answered u?

    Ur account was locked with no reason as was mine, dude. U should send a ticket to support relating the problem, and wait for some days until they answer cause they don't care with us. I'm waiting na answer for 2 days and nothing until now.