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  1. TIL: people still don't know how to effectively play L2 in 2018
  2. Unpopular Opinion

    Literally not a single person said they want to get top D after a few days. No one said that they want to play on a high rate server. There were some people with top D yesterday or even before that already. All of which are the effect of closely coordinated groups pooling resources of 9+ people grinding in the most effective ways for 8-12-16h+ per day. Nobody says that this should not be rewarded, because it should, no doubt about it. The problem is that everyone who is not min-maxing to the absolute limit is currently being punished for that.
  3. Made me chuckle, good job.
  4. Only 1 Dual Box pls!

    Game is free2play. VIP queue skip is actually one of the few things that are fine with NA classic.
  5. Drop rates aren't broke.....

    Stop spreading lies. http://www.lineage2media.com/Downloads/Lineage Ii - Prima Game Guide 2004.pdf
  6. About random(?) bans

    Most bans are due to suspicious payments. With so many bots running around it's surprising that anyone gets banned for that at all.
  7. About Bots

    If they cared about bots there would have been hundreds of accounts banned already. NCsoft just doesn't care.
  8. FIX Dark Elf adena quest?

    Bots have been running scripts for this quest since day 2. Mostly in small 2-3 man parties, but I have seen larger ones 5+ as well.
  9. Adena is balanced

    nice b8 m8 I give 8/8

    Better have your wallet ready then. This is not 1.5. This is not C1/Prelude. If you compare this to the 2004 release of L2 then the adena droprates here are less than half, closer to 30% of what it used to be. We have the adena rates from the kr 1.0 classic / ru classic release (which was changed because it spawned the exactly same issues), with a number of things from 1.5 and post 1.5 updates, that are completely unbalanced for the progress rate that these droprates dictate (example, RB's). This is a custom server created to make money out of nostalgia and the feeding on natural level of competition that L2 has always promoted.

    Had the same issue. No way to fix this on your end. Had to use a different payment method. And now I regret it. Trust me, just don't buy anything from them right now. If they don't fix the issues the server is gonna be dead in a week.
  12. It's Time

    I've spent my free time during the weekend running the spider quest over and over again. I've barely got around 250k right now pulled together from a few characters: 25lv (elven wizard, had 30k saved up from grind only because i farmed withut shots for the whole 24-25 period), 24lv (se box, spent the 3k spiritshots fully on spiders) 21lv (freshly created DE fighter, ran out of free soulshots just after hitting 21). Even though I've spent all this time I still need a bit more to afford a mage staff from the giran weapon shop. And you know what? It was not worth it. I feel like I wasted all that time. So what if I can now play for a bit and get some levels, I'll hit the same wall in a day or two and then what? Running the spider quest again, but this time on 6 chars to be able to afford the lowest D grade weapon? The only option to me if I want to continue playing an elven wizard is to find light blue or green mobs that I can either one hit with spiritshot solar spark or 2 hit with a nuke+solar spark without soulshots. And I'll still be getting less money per hour than a bleeping spider quest, because mobs drop adena 50-70% of the time at most and the item/mats drops are close to non-existent. This is not old school L2, this is a nostalgia bait optimized for drying people through the L2 store. If the adena isn't fixed I'm going to try for a refund. If that doesn't work, I'll be sure to spend every single world chat shout that I have from the 30$ pack to try and save people's money from this dumpster fire.
  13. If you were lv50 with low d grade in 2004-2005 then you were horrible at this game. Getting full low-mid D grade at 32 was really simple (without alts) and by the time you completed the quests for the 2nd class change you would be able to afford at least the low C grade weapon, the one for around 3m. I vividly remember farming in ant nest in a small 4 man party and getting up to around 100 adena from the fat ants. Here normal 30lv mobs dont even drop a 100 adena if you solo them.
  14. The Great Wall

    There is a reason why the rates got changed in every single region that had their L2 classic release.