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  1. I think is the first time we cant sell the letters.
  2. Classic's Current Situation

    I remember some people wanted to compete bot with auto macro hehe.Npw all servers is on auto afk and will stay this way for ever like on live servers.GMs have to think something to bring back the players in front of the screen. Make siege every day or something else or say bb to this game.
  3. Soulshot is bug

    Yeah me too 1 char cant use soulshots and other char cant use spirit shots.
  4. So we have the auto macro system ok . But we dont have macro friendly areas like the live servers why? We need places for macro system with faster mob respawn and groups of mobs that stay at the same place not respawn one mile away every time ty.
  5. Guys dont ask for cake exp event .The event was rewarding too much like fishing on live server about a year ago. Thats way they cancel it. Buy l2 store plz keep the servers open.
  6. Did you guys delete the event talisman also ? cuz i dont have it any more.
  7. Goodbye

    Oh yeah this game is pay to win and full of bots but we play it for the fun we have with are friends not to be the No1 in the game.So come back your clan is waiting for you to lead dont mail all your item we dont need it we need you ...
  8. Server crash?

    Well you have right this 4% is more than 1 hour for me but i guess this is l2.:)
  9. Server crash?

    I lost 4% for no reason is this a joke ?
  10. Now what?

    Some guys think this is a illegal server they want to play here for the winter take 3 months vacation and start on new server next winter like they use to do until now.Well it is not like that , you cant be top and rule the server with 200$ every year like privet servers, this server will milk you for many years if you want to play official , so forget what you use to do and prepare your credit cards...
  11. Make VIP 4 Worth it

    VIP bonus is big already.More bonus will make the game subscription like game and all the rest will quit.This form of the game died years ago and died on innova servers too.So you wanna play with your extra bonus vip4 on empty server ? I dont think so..
  12. Oh yes i remember the old days i was paying subscr. for 3 acc back then. But i also remember that the game was pay to win as it is now the difference is you had to buy adena or gear with real money from other players or sites. Now you can buy thinks from l2store and sell them for adena or w/e.So stop use that,( the game is ptw now) cuz always was.The only think i wish them to fix is the spoil rate its really lame if the dont then spoil class is useless and better delete it. Btw the game was DEAD before free to play so its not the right solution to the problem.
  13. Mana Potions

    This classic is way easier then old one and there is classes with recharge we dont want to kill these class. I also remember D bows use 10 shots per hit and C i think 8 shots can any one tell me if we have this here? Cuz if yes i need to lvl my archer with dagger to 52 like old days ty
  14. Mana Potions

    Bring back mana potions from where? Lineage official never had mana potions .Only privet servers had them .
  15. Spoil nerfed again?

    i always play a spoiler and my friend play the buffer, now i want to know is the spoil only for vip ? Cuz if yes he has vip i dont so maybe i sould play the buffer and he get the spoil, plz gms let us know