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  1. When are S Quiver's coming? Large handicap on bow users while all other S grade weapons are usable right away.
  2. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    @Juji Thanks. Pmed you and logged out
  3. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    @Hime @Juji Hi, I'd like to ask if the screenshot winners will receive their weapons during maintenance? Thanks!
  4. This is like saying your 2019 car should get the navigation system automatically, because it comes standard on the 2020 model.
  5. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    Hi @Hime @Juji, just wondering if there is any update on this for the screenshot winners? Thanks
  6. Add Rune, Pagan's, Hellbound for content please
  7. Just really bad luck. It's basic statistics. Previous results have no impact on the next attempt. If its 10% chance, its always 10% chance. Doesn't increase if you failed the previous 30x. If it is indeed 10% chance, you will fail 40 in a row 1.5% of the time. Stay away from Las Vegas. Good luck going forward
  8. Archer Gear/Stats

    Opinions on Heavy Armor vs Light (Majestic)? I see archers in both. Also, +++DEX or +++STR? Always used to be Dex but now I'm not so sure. Thoughts appreciated.
  9. Login Server Down?

    appears to have been short (5min). Seems back up
  10. Login Server Down?

    Launcher crashing and won't load. Anyone else?
  11. I haven't had a d/c since I came back to the game 2 months ago. However, ever since this past maintenance, I can't stay connected for more than a couple hours. Sometimes it even disconnects at log in. When this happens I then even have trouble getting past the PW screen on the launcher. If I do get past the launcher, I occasionally can log in, or sometimes I can't select the server (exactly the same as what happened maybe ~9months ago). Nothing changed on my end since maintenance. Anyone else having issues?
  12. Keep getting disconnected.

    I've recently had the same issue on Classic, starting this week. Were you able to resolve this?
  13. The client will be closed. Continue?

    Same here. Are they going to fix this????