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  1. I've heard this so-called patience as being defined as making multiple accounts to run the spider quest 50 times a week on each account. Yep, this server will definitely last a long time. omegalol
  2. As I've said many times, Atinulis is LITERALLY UNABLE to argue a point. The dude is straight up incompetent. I'm talking Grade A Stupid here. Don't waste your time debating with this dude. He's either a troll or drools on his keyboard. It's actually painful to watch, because all he has is calling other people "crybabies". Shit, I'd rather be a crybaby than have autism. omegalol
  3. People are actually using someone leveling efficiently as an argument against broken drop rates. omegalol
  4. They don't. They literally never do. They're actually incapable of providing a sound argument in any sort. It will forever and always be 12 year olds saying "waahhh you're a crybaby because you disagree with me".
  5. Still waiting for the people with "I have millions of adena at Lv30" to actually prove it. I fear I'll be waiting forever.
  6. Holy shit there's a lot of children that still play this game. The opposition literally parrots "crybaby" and "tears" in every single post.
  7. Case in point, people like Arinulis should simply be disregarded completely. Their only recourse is "quit crying and leave". When presented with facts, they freak out. Nothing new to see here, let's move along.
  8. There is confirmed a problem with the server rates. Look no further than Skelth. Anyone who says otherwise has simply not done their research on the topic and should be disregarded as nothing more than forum trolls, especially given the fact that all they have in their argument is "well i like it and u r wrong". Would definitely recommend to discontinue playing the servers. I can't think of a single p-r-iv-a-te server that was ran nearly as badly as this supposed official server.
  9. Hello. I'm going to take a moment to counter some of the arguments being made in support of the current system. Debunking the myths, if you will. This is true, however it doesn't mean that the server is doing just fine because of this. This is a poor excuse for the current state of the server. If you could literally make more adena and be better off on the actual Classic Lineage II, which was known for its insane grind and hardcore-ness to begin with, then what does this make the current server? The upsides to the custom Classic are not outweighing the downsides of actual classic L
  10. It was set to 6600 yesterday and it was seemingly accidentally undone with the maintenance. Also, the event timers didn't change. We were literally better off yesterday. NCSoft, you did it again.
  11. Queue is back to 5900. You guys trolling, or...?
  12. All you people posting suggestions for a fix are the funniest. NCSoft never ever takes player suggestions into account. That's pretty much a proven thing. Don't waste your time with your long drawn-out fixes. They have their way and they will stick to it 100%. All we can do is wait.
  13. If you think PvE competition is bad now, imagine what it'd be like if you doubled it. Actually unplayable, as it almost is already.
  14. Giran server. These people have been here non-stop 24/7 as a 5-man for about 6 days so far.
  15. These people have been reported on the forums several days ago already. I hop and skip my way into the Cave of Trials and who should be there, literally in the exact same spot? It's the same 5-man bot party that's been there for so long. NCSoft banning bots omegalol Just not even going to bother posting a screenshot at this point. NCSoft doing what NCSoft does best - absolutely nothing.
  16. I feel like removing the box is bullshit at this point. We don't know how many people have gotten some at this point and it'd be ridiculous to remove it now.
  17. I'm "on your side", so-to-speak, but I honestly have no idea what you're trying to do with this post. I'm here to play the game, not fight the immorality of a business. If this all goes to shit, I'll just quit. That's how it works.
  18. This is actually a recurring thing. "The rates are fine, drops are fine, adena is fine, GM's don't give into the crybabies, I only had to buy shots from the NCShop a few times and I've been fine." People need to understand that buying shots from the shop invalidates their opinion on the rates. Point blank, no argument. For the people who aren't willing to spend all this money, for the people who never have shots at all, this is wack and it's unacceptable. You can't say "I opened my wallet just a little bit and I'm fine". The subscription model isn't even acceptable to begin with. I have
  19. Yep. Me and my friends are also in this boat. We've stopped playing until Wednesday rolls around. If Wednesday yields nothing, we'll probably just uninstall and move on.
  20. Literally the same dudes saying rates are fine and that they want the most hardcore experience are the same guys saying "I only had to buy a few soulshots in the NCStore". Ah, yes. The old "I'm a hypocrite and don't even realize it" approach. Very bold.
  21. Literally just read what I provided in the main topic. It's evidence that you're wrong.
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