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  1. Lotsa crashing in LoA, please fix @Juji
  2. there is no such thing as dual classes or awakening on classic, yer in the wrong sections of the forum
  3. Feedback from my point of view: - While the effort to make some grade appropriate armor and weapons available is appreciated... Armor: The amount of cloths for S grade is insane. Given the most recent prices of cloths of 8-25 mil EACH (was 8 prior to this event giving S armor) : * Drac Light or Arcana robes ~ Body 47 cloths, Helm 14 cloth, Gloves 10 cloth, Boots, 10 cloths = Total 81 cloths = 648 mil - 2.025 bil adena to unseal * Imp Cruisador Heavy - Upper Body 38, Lower Body 24, Gloves 10, Boots 10, Helm, 14 = 96 Cloths (wtf) = 768 mil - 2.4 bil adena to unseal. Even with
  4. so there used to be a way to replay an in-game made video.... anyone know how to do it now?
  5. omg the removal of that window (the system window) was super stupid, now in order to see the dmg you put out, skill reuse timers, even seeing if someone is accepting a trade or party invite you have to spam your chat box!!!
  6. Yes but @Juji point 2) there is hardly anyone on server that level range, so either those NEED to be changed or the raid debuff needs to return on epics. Raising the level is the most ideal solution but SOMETHING needs to be done. point 3) Cloths should NOT be THAT limited, you may only need 6-8 of them for A grade, but Juji.... S grade is 76+ which the majority of the server is... and people are still rocking B cause they cant afford the 360-480 mil that is needed just to unseal A grade ARMOR let alone the additional 300mil for A grade jewels. Let alone if you actually manage to co
  7. its pretty obvious who is using bots now since noone can claim "looping macros" on support @Juji an update would be lovely
  8. How about DROPS, regular good old DROPS.... farming spellbooks is rediculas, sit there for DAYS and not get even 1 book... shouldnt be like this.
  9. https://classic.lineage2.com/shop/launch-packs?_ga=2.244070213.1359107.1538521020-414085826.1489087279 Can I transfer items from Classic Launch Pack between characters on the same account? Before a Classic Launch Pack has been opened, the pack can be transferred between characters on the same account via the Dimensional Warehouse. Once opened, not all items can be transferred via the dimensional warehouse. The following items in the Classic Launch pack cannot be transferred via the Dimensional Warehouse between Lineage II Classic characters on the same account: 1st Class Transfer Buff S
  10. two of my clannies just lost 10% on death so this is not resolved
  11. It says in the patch notes (hopefully its accurate) that "Spellbook Trader NPC Lorenzo"in the town of Aden sells books too, so hopefully thats where you get the 40+books
  12. its not a written rule anywhere, the game client itself it programmed to only allow 3 per pc. You can HAVE more then 3 accounts, you just cant LOAD more then 3 per PC
  13. Patch notes say all deaths should be 4% losses.... but I'm losing 10% every time I die. Please fix this!
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