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  1. I used to see in forum last week i think, cap at only+5. Is this right cap currently? Thanks for answer
  2. pls, don't change the drops, if you change your game will full of inflation issues as high level dominate the systems. your game will be out in a month, trust me. these drops rate works fine in your version, listen to the norms, not just the forum.
  3. Bye bye. Player like you can't accept the real world work cuz if you say bots everywhere , every games have the bots issues cuz nowadays, it's too smart , and play like silly human. Ncsoft can't ban without investigation, sometimes, ppl accuse legits player who control many clients by himself
  4. due to the economy right now, and the drop rate 40+, this is the worst case scenario to destroy the economy so fast. the players who can afford to have 10+ more clients in the same times, get better rng to get random d-weapon box while normal people who only open 3 clients barely get one. so what's the point to make it only tradable thing while other rewards is not tradable. really disappointed of this one, in 2 weeks you will see a wealthy player from selling these without grinding as usual.
  5. I don't see any problem for drop, if you consider equality vs softcore( casual low level), they might spam quests for adena and get reasonable drop but you high level 40lv+ has a chance to get quality items drop which make you more profit than them. Just play smart and see where to farm the mobs including spoil.
  6. now, they're opening 2 new servers. gludio [gmt-4] and dion[gmt-5], not sure about how it would affect the existing players and new players.
  7. Aden is the new classic server, you can't move characters to any of classic servers. and among the classic servers, there is no schedule yet for server transfer.
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