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  1. HAving the same issue, except when i contact support they tell me they not going to help GG only takes 72+ hours for a response too
  2. @Hime is this real life? Hello,After researching the provided information, we will not be able to assist you with accessing this account. Any further replies or messages in regards to this account may be closed without a response.Regards, Czian NCSOFT Support Team I cant log into your website because i get "something went wrong on our end" error message....this account has legitimate purchases on it you have taken my money... i dont even know what to do anymore. I can play the game just fine on my accounts but cant log into a single one of them on the
  3. Thank you for your patience.You could be receiving the message you are describing as the result of one of the following reasons:• The result of security measures in place for the protection of our games, our players and their information and accounts. This means that your attempts to access an account closely mirror that of individuals who intentionally attack the services we provide with malicious intent. As such, we cannot allow accounts to be accessed under those circumstances.• That your system is blocking security features of our website. Please make sure that your system is not blocking
  4. all opetions i could look into on my side dont help, including different computers phone clearing cache cookies new browsers everything. my friend also had the same issue his ticket was answered and they clear the block ON THEIR END and he can log into the website with his account now.
  5. @Hime ive said it once ill say it again, me and several of my friends cant login to the website because of "Something went wrong on our end" bug and support replying to our tickets they wont help us. This is not acceptable. my other friend gm unlocked his account please refer to
  6. accounts are not locked i can play the game on them, what i cant do is login to the website. "Something went wrong on our end, please try again later"... well then maybe you should fix it on your end then!
  7. on call to respond to all my tickets about not being able to log into the website with "WE are not going to help you right now" How the heck your support team going to go around and just copy and paste this type of a response to us. Its not just me my friends having the same login issues on the website getting the same response. Its funny its just this one support guy though "Czian" my other friend had someone else respond to his ticket and they actually helped him and he is now able to login. several days of waiting just to be told to fk off by your support team,, when all i want to d
  8. Just going to keep bumping this until we get a response to why our tickets are being copy pasta responded to and closed after days of waiting.....
  9. finally revieced a response to my ticket.... "I am sorry, but we will not be able to assist you with accessing an account at this time." the best part about this is my friends ticket for same issue support team fixed it on their end for him. BUt me and 1 more friend told by copy paste ninja support team member Czian that we dont have time for your issue.... i submitted a new ticket maybe this time i will get someone from support who actually wants to do their job.... not holding my breathe.
  10. starting to wonder if they saying they wont fix website login issues right now but will later? idk the response didnt read very well. My first reaction is they just saying F U. Most annoying thing is my friend with same issue got a different gm and they fixed his account now he can login into the website again.
  11. since i cant login and update the main post because i still cant log in *Cough Ncsoft support Cough* We are still recruiting 30+ cps
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