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  1. Wts: SB: sacrifice spark cubic spirit sharing +4 goat staff ill sell cheaper than you can find since I can’t have a dwarf sitting in town so never have time to sell. thanks
  2. Ya of course it is, this server is trash isforce recruited half the server and the level 71 no lifers - no ones going to pvp a zerg, it’s not fun when most clans have 50 people and they have 200. I mean just look at those trash videos of them zerging
  3. When you have 150+ active people on everyday to do RBs it’s not that hard to do well. You can also throw those ppl at 40 ppl (video). Lineage isn’t very hard when you have a zerg - it’s usually the way servers go: zerg side wins zerg gets bored zerg loses players. theres a reason supremacy joined with them, they need a zerg since they are only a few of supremacy
  4. I’m not in nova, but good for the BRs. It’s funny because they are horrible pvpers that just have a lot of ppl (hence rbs). im sure they’ll do good on the server but damn they’re bad
  5. Better view of the day. IsF is a Zerg backed by the highest levels. Someone might put two and two together that the high levels (supremacy) wants a bunch of meat shield zerg. not sure why anyone in their right mind would post the OPs video of a zerg getting killed in fom https://youtu.be/22QsqG14Wzc
  6. It’s really so bizarre that’s its taking you this long to fix adena and drop rates on a 14 year old game
  7. Wts staff of life top d 1h blunt. pretty sure I’m selling cheapest in server 2.2kk or trading for polearm / c heavy armor message me here / pm
  8. I played skelth as a Canadian, there were a handful of us. find a clan that has NA players and make friends that play your time zones, don’t focus on being #1 against the CPs. also make your own buffer
  9. Okay we will take your word for it, while your at it can you enlighten us on everything else you know? There’s a reason police are required to write down things in cases instead of using memory during court, one is more credible than the other. we don’t believe that you know the rates from 14 years ago, but we believe the guide, written out is much closer than what you, or anyone else remembers
  10. Captcha can appear an hour later perhaps? also I can see this being an issue in pvp. People will be reporting people they don’t like or during pvp o try getting captcha up
  11. Weird because I am sick of people playing for free whining about not getting a premium service
  12. You’ve obviously never played classic or are a troll. warlords are one of the best mass pvp classes in game, not for kills but for crowd control. They can also aoe in a duo to 65+ with either EE or SE
  13. Weird I think everyone should pay to play then we wouldn’t have free loaders crying that VIP (people who actually support the server). They won’t take boxes away from people paying them. If they do they’ll lose a lot of them, which means no server for you
  14. Dumb topic , shouldn’t happen. Rates are fine now. Play Aden if you don’t want to pay for vip (ppl that keep servers open). if they did that they would need to refund everyone’s box - think they’ll upset the ppl who pay or the free loaders ??
  15. Who cares the more the marrier, I love the massive population.
  16. Probably wouldn’t wait at all if you went to Aden or paid. Don’t complain that you are trying to get on the most populated servers as a free player
  17. Because rates were way off, proven multiple times and confirmed by devs. case closed.
  18. You can’t compare c1 to classic . People have mastered classic since this is the 4th if not more server to open.. ofc they’ll be ahead rates are great. You should stop playing if you think it’s bad. No one cares
  19. Talking about ti but there were 40+ last week don’t be a bird
  20. How’s that proof when people are level 50 and have mastered the progression in classic. Don’t be a fool
  21. Warlord and ee lf clan . Canadian eastern time zone. Played skelth
  22. So we jump in front of the f2p players but sometimes there’s vip in queue. Perfect that’s fair and understandable - Saturday so there’s plenty of ppl on
  23. No where but if people didn’t fork money out free loaders like you wouldn’t have a server to play on, so ofc we should jump to the front.
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