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  1. what happened to the extension of these items? juji L2 Team 1,194 1,257 posts L2 Team Posted June 8th On 06/08/2021 at 10:36 pm, the flight said: Are you deleting the storm (event) Freyas scroll that shows a June 16 delete date in my inventory? @Hime@Juji@LIMA The 17th Anniversary Event Freya Storm Scroll will be deleted next week on 6/16 (added to first post). We will be extending four items from the 17th Anniversary Event below to 7/7 as they will be included in the new event starting next week. Shining Dragon Attribute Tonic (XP) - 17th Anniversary Event
  2. Hi , and thank you for asking 1. South America - Brazil 2. No , im not using VPN 3. DC two to three times a day. 4. Field slowness, such as Forest of Mirrors.
  3. it appears when it is killing the epic mimir. in the giant cave below
  4. Dear Neutron / Hime,The quest at faction level 6 is impossible to complete.Giant cave faction is on Maximum level and the raid boss Mimir is never alive. I have seen the plan to randomize raid spawn, but for a casual player we are always to late. Even if you would try to get a party for the raid. By the time you get there a top clan already have killed it. This is competition we can never win! We are trying to get Mimir for Eternity now without succes! We the casual player would really like to be able to obtain this beautifull mount that has stronghold teleport to this specific faction.Is ther
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