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  1. Sure! I mean this makes sense to me. I'm just looking for an official answer though since there is a fair amount of speculation.
  2. I don't have delete option???
  3. Oh fml accidentally posted while editing title. Thanks phone. Wonderful.
  4. Good Morning to those who read this and hopefully @Juji @Hime As someone who is heavily invested in this game currently with all of my free time, I just have a few questions about the choices made for the fixes. Adena Rates, Drops, Spoils: Ok! We're going to get right into this one since it's the hottest issue. My first instinct is to get up in arms about only the selected areas receiving a fix however; I'm sure there is a more than reasonable explanation of why it is just the mentioned areas. My assumption is that "fixing" the solo areas allows farmers to more efficiently fa
  5. How am I cheating? This is the dumbest thing you've said on this post so far. I can't wait to hear how I'm cheating.
  6. I'm not certain honestly man I don't have a spoiler. I think maybe they are?? I know adena drops aren't where they should be but I can't speak for spoils sorry.
  7. My dude....spending money on BSPS wasn't advice. It's just a thing I do. The advice was simply to create adena goals and ways to reach them. My example was ok my goal is to get 500 c crystals by Sunday. I will figure out how to make that or something close. Since I have an end in sight I will be able to plan and coordinate how I will like that adena whether it be farming, mat selling, crafting, etc. Buying BSPS from the store was never the advice. If you look at the original topic, you would clearly see that.
  8. I mean make your own plan. Mine is simply to farm a bunch. Even if I bought my BSPS on the adena economy I'd still be making adena. Honestly playing a mage is just profitable at the moment. Also lol at " you can't save adena" I think I'm doing fine on adena friend. You just sound bitter because you haven't saved anything.
  9. Firstly, I don't care what you think you smell. The point of the post was saying to make a plan. Not saying to replicate mine, but to make one. It's not my problem you can't afford store BSPS and nowhere did I say "get good" or anything like that. Take your bitter attitude elsewhere. You do not know how to make adena it seems...which honestly isn't my problem. I'm using a function of the game to stay where I need to be to profit. Not my problem you aren't willing to use the same function that's available to you.
  10. 5 dollars a night isn't shit. I'm saving money by not going out drinking ?
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