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  1. I don't understand how its possible after this maintance have so much lag all the people log more and more tunes for orianas event ....Its very hard t play because we have lag spike especially at town and close fields areas... Can we do something about the game t be more good t play? We are sure the capacity of the server its full???? Also we took random disconect a lot....
  2. I would like also t check the people who used and used Restoration system..And BAN them Its not fair for the normal player who invest Euro or dollars t happen this.. The gm team must Check some people....And Ban @Juji Shilien cry 9-10 Legendary Dyes 8-9-10 Dragon-Angel earings-rings 7-8-9 Weapons 20-21-22+++
  3. REALLY?? Server files will be rolled back to the previous version prior to the 10/7 maintenance ??? About the exp ??
  4. First of all will Be good idea if gms t fix the restoration machine..a lot of end game char make it... as i told to last post..That broke the game with shilen 10-cloaks-dragon ring +++ and after ofc fix the earing...There it no reason t speak about Bug when a lot of people USE the bug T be stronger...its not fair For the people who spend a lot of $$$...ban OR take all the items back.. FIX the lineage 2
  5. To Be honest..i dont understand why ncsoft dont ban yet ,,,the people who make Cheat-Or exploit....The 80% of server have from Restore coin...WHYYY they dont ban the because its not Fair for all THE PLAYERS t spend $$$$ ??? ITs amazing Who the thinks change with this ABUSE Thinks.. ALL use The Restoration... ANd make The items over +++ WITH illegal way,ITs not far For reall playerssss Shilien cry 9+10 Legendary Cloak +18,+19,+20 Dragon jewel 7+8 ANy real Action from gm team?
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