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  1. Really everyone should be drunk at this time
  2. What happened with that NA Classic ? ALL TIME DC/DC Server still losing players cause that event of pendants The bots dominated all the server
  3. Congratz NCSOFT Congratz @Hime FOR NOTHING ! BOTS ON ALL THE MAPS, SELLERS ON ALL THE SPOTS, EXP 55+ ? Please, pay attention with ur players
  4. Guys, This administration of NA, they don't care with your opniation about BOTS. All the server have BOTS, all locations have BOTS to farm and selling adenas. They just kidding with us always. This server never answer to us about BAN of BOTS. So, let's play and have fun WITH BOTS.
  5. Please adm, better to evaluate these BANs, cause there are many players being harmed by it. I don't know if this XINCOD3 program is the problem, but there are many players who do not use any kind of illegal programs on their personal computer and have been affected since the last maintenance.
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