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    Even if you try to hate someone and tell him that 85 is good ..85 dex is not good .. the lowest you must have to say that at least i play is 89 ... you will tell me come on is 4 dex higher ... but believe me its very big difference and if you reach 93 or more after you will see bigger difference... i spend more than 20 bilions just to make test's ... ofcorse if you belive that you are ok with 85 you can do anything you want ... anyway have fun people who still playing this game :-) i done from here

    Well you need 2 different hair accesorys for example Exalted tiara + Eye pat Well i am not sure .. or maybe i dont know ... But for sure i think if you can reach 89 is ok or 93 is enough i believe ...
  3. Bye Bye To ALL .. Good Luck And Have Fun

    Yep :-) Its not that mate :-p ...just real life problems :-)
  4. Kamaloka lvl 4 and lvl 6 brooch jewells

    Nothing more than a toxic and a non factor player ... i am not even mad ... as i told you in past i laugh so hard with your brainless answer and with your non stop drama ... Maybe some day you gonna grow up that i hope
  5. Kamaloka lvl 4 and lvl 6 brooch jewells

    Go plz to a doctor mate .. to check your brain plz Did i say about pvp anything ? i am talking about PVE to use the lavien br i need at least 4 jewells lvl 6 .. maybe you can give some others that is for "PVE" and i can test them because i am noob ..
  6. Kamaloka lvl 4 and lvl 6 brooch jewells

    what you cant understand that i show you the difference with exaclty the same jewells like me ... ruby lvl 4 .. opal lvl 4 vs ruby lvl 6 .. opal lvl 6 + lavien br ? you must have at least more than 10 % IQ to understand this i think and for one more time tell me 1 more pve brooch jewell exept red / blue cat eye
  7. Kamaloka lvl 4 and lvl 6 brooch jewells

    1st in my items in first boss after i kill it i get lag and i late to move also on last boss i get 8 sec stun .. 2nd on lvl 6 jewells i got taurus br critical so i had all the time br + lavien br So ... its not so so big different about to spend so many koney to get all those things .. ofc in my opinion ... for sure in pvp make huge different but ...
  8. Kamaloka lvl 4 and lvl 6 brooch jewells

    You are idiot or what ? Same jewells exactly with mine with difference the level of jewells + the lavien br or is not enough those to make difference ... you think is a lot jewells exept red cat eye for pve ? Or you have jewells lvl 6 "PVE" so i can use lavien br.. plz think before you speak...
  9. Ozzy vs Antharas [DMG TEST#1]

    I think with hero berseker + cat buff maybe he can do that :-/.. but maybe
  10. Ozzy vs Antharas [DMG TEST#1]

    He kill it in 7 secs in slow motion as i see :-/