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  1. Why ppl cry ?

    Guys dont confuse your selfs .. opening a new server will not bring more people the only thing that can happend most people from chronos/naia/freya that dont have decent gear go play there for new begin .. and like that our servers market its gonna die more .. we have to deal with that....the only thing that can happend tonout people soend again money is to put a merge to freya and naia .. about new people ? New people muat be rdy to spend a lot of money if they want to play pvp not even in higher lvls but also in low lvls this is the truth
  2. Why ppl cry ?

    Mate is heavy because of alt toons .. if chronos has 2400 online players the 1300 its alts shops in towns ... i am not coplaining about events or p2w events because i am one of the most people that spending my money just saying about the activity.. i think you was here when the game uodated to GOD ...
  3. Why ppl cry ?

    The game is dieing day by day ... and the people are less day by day *

  5. Dimensional Siege

    Really i cant believ in my eyes that people still thinking about scripts on pvp realy wtf...
  6. SpartianGuard Yul POV 12/2/18 DH vs Max

  7. SpartianGuard Yul POV 12/2/18 DH vs Max

    Thanj you mate
  8. Dimensional Siege

    You want to see our scripts? check here then