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  1. Recknovatio wins Dimensional Siege!

    Well we all have the same problem ..also we couldnt next target (DH) but we still keep our castle... If you cant take target with mouse or with some macros better unistall game Nop it was totaly bugged in Dimensional server .. in our server its working correct Just lolz
  2. new HUSARIA movie against DH "The Beheading of EpicSoul"

    I just laughing more and more from what read everytime from you guya that all ... So thank you if my day is bad you make life at least keep going the good work
  3. Lineage2 Naia DIm Siege ......

    I am joking mlka :-D ... but yeah he want nc graphics
  4. new HUSARIA movie against DH "The Beheading of EpicSoul"

    1st think i am not you dying with aoe 2nd i not making drama i dont care about you guys .. i juat laugh so hard and trolling you noone stop
  5. Lineage2 Naia DIm Siege ......

    If he cant see even the fly that is flying next to his head he cant play so graffics more importand than FPS
  6. new HUSARIA movie against DH "The Beheading of EpicSoul"

    My lies ? Who is liying better people can see i stop here ..your madness has no end cya on field i hope you will not pr again Good luck with your resist
  7. new HUSARIA movie against DH "The Beheading of EpicSoul"

    I was silent because people was not making propaganda and they are not speaking like you guy .. evety each fight after was just saying GF I was all the time out and hunting them go check my channel videos > words You succed ? Wtff
  8. new HUSARIA movie against DH "The Beheading of EpicSoul"

    I have big mouth ? I am answering to your big mouth about DH with the same way you speak :-) maybe you want a tissue ? You kill me on hb after 4 fails and when my skill all offyou come to kill me runing left and right pick up mana herbs :-D gg with that and gf all the time you whose about w shot and never changed If you think that someone who spend 5k per month has the same gear like me and i am on naia about 7 years now you are crazy and you need drugs :-)
  9. new HUSARIA movie against DH "The Beheading of EpicSoul"

    I dont care how much my player cost but .. before some days you bought a +17 dark weapon right ? That cost arround 1.5 k euro ? Aa yeah i forget you fam the adena on Garden Of MasterCard and the Fortress of PayPal damn About coc ring ? Rulers of Authority Belt i call it coc belt Rulers of Authority Ring i call it coc ring You must really have mental problems to not understand it or you dont have anything more to say or complain and you trying to make drama from nothing You will video with me to PR you ? If you are full pt vs me yeah maybe you can but if you want cp vs cp i want to see you really trying.. maybe in about 50 years from now You got ideas and new materials xmm its smelling empty VISA CARD... For the record i got from DH 2 years now: Rulers of Authority Ring (coc ring)/lidvior/+10 set /7s / +10pvp cloak /stage 8 crystals/ bosses farm and a lot of real pvp with real enemys What you got ? Right Clan failed SpanishMaffia clan Failed RisingStar got some dragos and you get 100kk share adena and after they failed Husaria clan using pr everywhere Failed :-/ Cheers
  10. new HUSARIA movie against DH "The Beheading of EpicSoul"

    I am the bad guy i just trolling those people because they are trying to say lies and propaganda Foto maybe he saying the truth thats why he never reply or say anything on forum because he know what really happening actualy 14 the rest people leave clan / quit
  11. new HUSARIA movie against DH "The Beheading of EpicSoul"

    Maybe you must read better what he wrote ... To watch the dandys / valiants or roses you must show the boosts no the debuffs ...so what you said "you can see " noone can see that gg guys Waste ? just show to all people that you are clowns thats all and that you are not spending real money
  12. new HUSARIA movie against DH "The Beheading of EpicSoul"

    Dont be SELFISH share the pvp also with our cp !!!
  13. Dynamite01 Cp VS Ωhm's law

    The courage ? Plz spend 10 minutes from your time go to my channel and check the period we whose "losing" what whose happening on BlackBird Campsite /on sieges And now we talk about recruit :-D damn you have a special gift jumping from one conversation to other gz to you ...so the problem about recruit now more pvp for you ... you could kill Ronins ez before now you can kill them again and say your propaganda agajn raping "DH" haha
  14. Dynamite01 Cp VS Ωhm's law

    Mlka you are not know what you are talking about really first start cp after clan after solo player after clan after cp after compare clan vs clan wtf ? Fairytales ? :-D ok ... when you win 2 pts vs 1 pt you speak bleep DH and after when you lose ooooo we are outnumberes /outgeared stop that ..... fight lose /win say GF When dh was losing from zerg RS and outgeared we never say a shit Omg people .. ? Plz mate stop making any post on forum drama ... we know your chat is more stronger than your pvp ... at least you are not using the secret weapon on pvp chats "CAPS LOCK"
  15. Is this possible by Hand?

    So if they use programm its theyier problem and Ncsoft's problem and they should feel so idiots that was coplaingin as (DH) for uae bot on DS tha all
  16. Is this possible by Hand?

    Mate i just said that why you try to teach me :-D also if he had berseker on if he is hero on his class then he is spammin like shit i know and personaly i dont care :-D if he use or no ... if someone use still bot he is totaly useless for me
  17. Dynamite01 Cp VS Ωhm's law

    Who talk only about you ? You start talk about clan after you talk about cp and now you talk about your self wtf :-D ... you see on video only you ? Or your cp only ? There was almost all husaria there 14 vs 6 what is excuses come on stop your propaganda just say GF and dont cry ..you can try to resist as much as you can :-) W8 for merge join to MAX as you will do :-D and after you can start talk that your clan can do at least something untill then RESIST :-D
  18. Is this possible by Hand?

    Yeah mate i know how is fast targeting + macros + next target just on this point or is Keyboars spamming skills like hell and he had high STR so he getting mastery reset skills and hit noone stop or program... like i said i dont want to believe that people useimg so you cant be sure :-)
  19. Is this possible by Hand?

    Keyboard spamming like crazy and this guy just press "next target" about unflagged guy probably is the only click he did with mouse .. i say just 1 exsuse becauae i dont want to believe that people still use some kid of program and with that gear that he has that he need it
  20. Dynamite01 Cp VS Ωhm's law

    Hello my Propaganda friend .. 1st we have 2 radiant circle and ofc that not means that are also +5 i have +4 supafly has +0 and 1 noble on ts0unakas that all About cloaks Spartian/supafly/ts0unakas but ofc on your clan omeofsteel /fotomoto/saiva/msdarknes and a lot more players that have those ancient cloaks are fake ? Its my imaginations OFC About evolved agathion stage 5 ? Supafly and i have evolved lvl 2 rest cp has stage 6 agathions but ofc our cp is out gear yep yep When i was telling you that i am gettinf 5k euro evry month ofc i was trolling .. do you know what is the monthly payment in greece mate who you think i am .. if i had 5k euro evry month my players would not be with that gear just omg... +10 sets ? You dont have inside your clan ? Wtf so all those blue armors on ts0unakas video or on my video ia just effect from Vegas Pro ? Damn ..your cp running with seraph armor ? Wtf do you see my dmg in seraph armor ? Its about 3 millions i never see hit any of your xlan about that dmg stop the bullshits In previous post you said your clan dont spend even 1 euro now you spend you playong on events wow Our Rmt and Bot clan damn you are hillarius mate and and you are outgeared ofc :-D your clan has better gear than half DH.. every evening drama ? You succed what ? :-D to gank on pve people and adter log out and when you find pvp group you pr ? :-D damn mate cut the bullshit and all this propaganda GL with your resist :-D
  21. Dynamite01 Cp VS Ωhm's law

    We lose to dudot because whose dominator and buffing all the time so we couldnt use POW ... we get clan res lock by mistake that was not in rules..also my soulshot if yoi check on video is all the time bugged and because all lost rose by time at the end and we disnt realize :-) and they just play better at the end we lose not because dudot cp whose better gear ... If you play smart you can hold the dmg ... We was pvping with RisingStar clan with healer not even dark sets i had the half gear that i have and we couls fight vs 3 cps of them .. So lets dont speak better about gear :-D