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  1. Dynamite01 Cp VS Ωhm's law

    You believe or not my gear is same like fotomoto/msdarkens/omenofsteel theyer top DD's anyway for sure some supports from them are weak but most of them they have the same gear like my supports ...for example charnotfound/saladyn/wea/sindela etc... If i was not able to hit them 1 shot when i had my skills ON then i must delete my char ... when i had skills on 60% of MAX clan was 1 shoted on DS ... i think they must find the solution alone to theyier problem have fun
  2. Dynamite01 Cp VS Ωhm's law

    The think is that buy Ncoins is rmt too :-D . you talk about our ton of difference gear your clan gear i gave you a example about my cp for example supports healers/etc they are not that strong you think... they have the same gear like you guys about mine gear ? Is same like fotomoto/ msdarkness /omenofsteel :-) Anyway i am happy at least you are trying and you getting better ... As you said maybe one day you can contest as :-) Hf and Gl With Love SpartianGuard
  3. Dynamite01 Cp VS Ωhm's law

    Hello mate first of all ts0unakas made a video from our CP .. personaly i dont care what others cp's can do and what they cant do. The only i know is about our cp and thats all ... About gear only Supafly has better gear that you guys all the rest you are in the same gear like our cp ...Dont start again about gear a shit plz its your choice to fight.. I was all the time less gear than enemys but still i was raping them.. If you have videos is good for you guys and for your friends ... YouTube / Forums are free tonpost anything you want .. i didny understand youbthreating as that you can show videos ? :-D really wtf.. Something else about future you will contest as .. xmm i really want to see you trying .... P.S Husaria clan they are not RMT /No buying Ncoins they have even spend 1 euro .. the know places that can farm bilions :-D
  4. Delevel

    Feel Free To Die
  5. MAX threatens with massive report

    Our cp had innadril that we decide to leave from there and give it to your clan so you will stop cry ... About dragons and adena from them? Where i found my old elmoreden cloak ? my lidvior earing ? My Rulers ring ? My set +10? The farm on enchanted mimir ? And on Dh is not only 1 guy its 90 people inside that all must get ... You try to share adena from dragons at past on RisingStar clan and you was getting in every dragon 200kk each player damn mate really .... I said you dont know what is going on inside DH you was believed what your old clan leaders of you telling you .. You think you know but you dont.. cheers
  6. MAX threatens with massive report

    You dont even put your mind to think before you speak .. and ofc we know what is going on in NAIA DH RULE YOU ALL BB Pve Player <3
  7. MAX threatens with massive report

    MAX ON ADEN ATTACK https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=A8yjNbcKkNY
  8. MAX threatens with massive report

    GAINAK one place like Coliseum pvp zone..... you are not in same pt ? You get dmg from your clan also .. Soultouka getting rdy for 2nd dark set because she farm all the stones idiot soultouka and ta0unakas was for 2 months on gainak every night .. damn... COC BELT .. An item that you can find it only from Ceremony of chaos that OverDps farm it .. damn what are you talking for second time :-D
  9. MAX threatens with massive report

    Hahahahahah mate what are talking about ? Dynamite never got ban :-D ... also about rmt soultouka/ts0unaka ? Hahah they have only dark armor brooch jewells lvl 3 and some lvl 4 and ts0unakas just baugh after 1 year + on DH that i know him b.antharas ... Exeqtor still useing cheat ? WOW i need to buy the same glasses with you because i dont see anything and i have play pvp with him on coliseum allready
  10. Aden 25.02.2018 [f2pr PoV - NCwest Dimensional Siege]

  11. MAX threatens with massive report

  12. Valakas - Truffle

    Yeahhhhhh ... its suspicious !!!!!! I am 2 + years.inside DH its like my family ... when tou speak about DH you speak also about me Why i am defending ? I am not i just laughing with all those posts and because i bored to laugh with the same posts i answer so they will answer with an other bullshit answer and i will laughh moree :-D
  13. Valakas - Truffle

    Noob :-D... scriptssss .. exploid damage
  14. last resistance clan HUSARIA recruiting PVP players!

    Ofc maybe he didnt know but also even if he knew he must not care he was clean ..and for last time how we know that was not one from you guys just to trap DH ..and as i said he get kicked i dont know if he rename but you know better that you are outside DH right ? :-D Spy info .. Names from instances :Visa Fortress / PayPal Instance Name from farm area: MasterCard plains / PaySafe Land A Guys on your post for recruit type that lookimg for clan and you send this to DH ? Strange Recruit :-D
  15. last resistance clan HUSARIA recruiting PVP players!

    I dont know if he come back with new name or not .. about wastedsoul was dead with doing nothing absolutely so its not his problem ... You must Show me those instances or farm areas that you farm all your adena to buy all your gear dark armor/dark weapons /jewells etc etc and you dont spend even 1 cent
  16. last resistance clan HUSARIA recruiting PVP players!

    Mate i bored watch everywhere talking about DH RMT or Dh Boting...Tell me something really where all of you or people same like you find all this gear? From kamaloka /af/cc/baylor/kartia ? You dont spend money for game you dont RMT? If you dont how you find the money to buy the +17 dark cutter 3 sa from AllArroundMe.. stop coplaining all the time about RMT and about botting ? That guy that he use bot he get instand kick from clan and who tell me that is not one of you guys juat an alt char to make a propaganda video for DH .. so stop all that shit and think first :-) With Love SpartianGuard
  17. SpartianGuard Yul POV 25/2/18 DH vs Max

    Shit internet connection detected :-D
  18. MAX threatens with massive report

    they trolling as i am trolling too
  19. MAX threatens with massive report

    WELL Guys you speak about DH is botting Right ? Lets check here then nova targeting with not even click on them BTW NC FOTO
  20. MAX threatens with massive report

  21. Why ppl cry ?

    Guys dont confuse your selfs .. opening a new server will not bring more people the only thing that can happend most people from chronos/naia/freya that dont have decent gear go play there for new begin .. and like that our servers market its gonna die more .. we have to deal with that....the only thing that can happend tonout people soend again money is to put a merge to freya and naia .. about new people ? New people muat be rdy to spend a lot of money if they want to play pvp not even in higher lvls but also in low lvls this is the truth
  22. Why ppl cry ?

    Mate is heavy because of alt toons .. if chronos has 2400 online players the 1300 its alts shops in towns ... i am not coplaining about events or p2w events because i am one of the most people that spending my money just saying about the activity.. i think you was here when the game uodated to GOD ...
  23. Why ppl cry ?

    The game is dieing day by day ... and the people are less day by day *
  24. SpartianGuard Yul POV 12/2/18 DH vs Max