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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsd0VCSlyvE&t=0s
  2. Well ... the game is diying day by day more and more ... most people cash out ... and even if i start now i need to sell my kidney for items to be competitive at least in pvp with rest people ... so is no point to start on thoae server ... in 1 year from now at least server will be complety empty
  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dsdPEzvBi-k
  4. Hello mate you make your application here for clan we looking active player that are active on our TS and they are intresting to find a CP https://rebornclan.enjin.com
  5. Our clan is full probably we gonna create a second clan for begin ... UP
  6. Hello we are 6 people and we are searching for BD/SWS/SE that they have experience on PVP.... we are Gmt +3 timezone and we are going to play our 7 hours per day TeamSpeak3 use Requiered make your application : https://rebornclan.enjin.com/
  7. Well i am from Greece the sieges on TI is around 3 oclock at night so for me is hard ... if you dont have problem with the -5 then you answer alone in which server you should go
  8. you should start which server its fits more on your time so you could participate more in sieges/bosses
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