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  1. Bug on NPC Natools

    It's not really a system error, just normal sloppy design. You will see the same phenomenon after you have done a daily quest in the post-85 levels. After you have finished the quest and gotten your reward, the NPC gets the parchment with the green ribbon around it again, but when you talk to him, the quest is greyed out, i.e. it can not be picked up until the next day at 06:30. The parchment just means that there is a quest in your level range, but due to other factors you can't necessarily do that quest.
  2. Storm Screamer vs Stun

    I am not sure whether we don't have a misunderstanding here. Can it be that you are not talking about the "Stun" (which is actually a Faint) from a Storm Screamer, but a Storm Screamer getting stunned by Velociraptors while hunting in the Lost Nest on Primeval Isle? Do you get the Anesthesia icon on your own debuff bar? In that case you should be looking for Sprigant trees, which look like this, with a typical electric lightning sparkle surrounding them: http://lineage2.power.plaync.com/wiki/아라크누아 When you kill that tree, it sometimes drops a Sprigant's Fruit: http://lineage2.power.plaync.com/wiki/아라크누아의+열매 Pick it up and right-click it in your Inventory. The Fruit will vanish and give you a 20 minute buff which, among other things, increases Anesthesia resistance
  3. Salvation - First Chapter Feedback

    That's the problem with competent people - they sooner or later get promoted out of a position where they do good practical work, to general regret and a loss for everybody. Something similar happened with Juji As far as the feedback is concerned, your assumption of the poll being bogus is correct. If the developers really wanted feedback about the Salvation update, they would have put up a poll here half a year ago: http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/forum/list The feedback from the Korean players, who got the update much earlier than us, would have enabled them to make adjustments for the export version before that ever went live in the overseas territories. But as you can see, there were no polls in Korea since 2014. So our poll here is obviously not more than a placebo, intended to appease the enraged masses by giving them the illusion that things will get better in the future.
  4. Salvation - First Chapter Feedback

    1. Hime is female 2. While Conguero just has to divide his time between WildStar and Lineage 2, Hime is the Senior Community Manager at NCWest, so she has to take care of 5 game forums plus the associated social networks (Facebook, Reddit etc.). You should be deeply grateful for each single post she makes on this doomed forum of this doomed game while she could spend her time in a much more profitable way. 3. An even gear battle system aka Arena has made short appearance in Korea. You will find screenshots and videos here: http://boards.rochand.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1639#p33308 The Arena received very positive feedback from the Korean players, but since uneven gear, obtainable from the L2Store, is the way NCsoft makes its money, the Arena was cancelled after three weeks.
  5. scam

    I'll take your word for it Another problem with the reworked /nexttarget feature is that it is tied to a patch which requires players to be at least lvl 106 to pick up the quest related to the upgraded Orfen, the recommended level/추천 레벨 for participants in the raid is 108: http://lineage2.power.plaync.com/wiki/오르펜+레이드#hd109917 So this patch is not something we will get in the near future. Then there is the problem that Orfen and three other bosses drop Angel's Jewelry (the old Orfen's Earring etc. have been phased out) which in itself is worthless and requires Shilenite for upgrading, which in Korea is tied to the Boss Jewelry Upgrading System, which was cut out of our version: http://boards.rochand.com/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=2074&start=60#p37418 It will be interesting to see how (or whether at all) the developers will deal with these localization issues they brought over themselves
  6. scam

    In a future update you will be able to set /nexttarget so that it picks up only monsters; players with a monster's name will be ignored: http://boards.rochand.com/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=2094&start=10#p37478
  7. Sigel Knight vs Sigel Knight Shield Wave bug

    The developers are working on it: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/442-shield-wave-bug-in-olympiad/?tab=comments#comment-2766
  8. After Awakening you have two "Spoil" skills that don't need you to use Sweeper any more but instantly move the (usually non-existing) item into your inventory. The single target version is called "Reverse Plunder" and looks like this: http://lineage2.power.plaync.com/wiki/리버스+플렌더 The "AoE version" (it affects not all monsters around you but only those in front, one of which must be targeted) is called "Wild Plunder" and looks like this: http://lineage2.power.plaync.com/wiki/와일드+플렌더
  9. What Happend to Old Forum?

    The old forum ist still there, but read-only: http://boards.lineage2.com/forumdisplay.php?f=137
  10. I fully agree with this post. Reputation has been added.
  11. From the wording in his topic title and the fact that he asks for an English list even after you linked him said English list you can tell that Renaii is a new player who can neither afford the Soul Crystal(s) nor the Gemstone fee. Providing him with anything more than what I have bookmarked on my computer anyway would be a waste of time. In a few days the man will be gone @ Renaii: For certain reasons that have to do with NCWest's business model and the Neutron Theory of Acceptable Inflation (do a Google search) it is technically not possible for new players to play Lineage 2. Just do yourself a favor and uninstall the game. For everybody: This is also the reason why Naia and Freya will not be merged. When you go to the Fairy Settlement you will see that at peak times all Cocoons are cracked by bots as soon as they spawn. The adena production is running at full capacity, and all this adena winds up, via L2Store money laundering, as dollars in NCsoft's coffers. If two servers were merged, this would cut in half the amount of adena that can be generated and severely reduce NCsoft's revenue
  12. Here you go: http://lineage2.power.plaync.com/wiki/집혼#hd103227 Juji once put up a downloadable .pdf file with the precise percentages per Soul Crystal stage on the old forum; with a bit of googling and searching you might be able to find it
  13. SOME FUNNY l2

    Here is a video: Special thanks to Thenlwn!
  14. Salvation - First Chapter Feedback

    Your 1 year estimate is probably not far from the truth. This has nothing to do with player numbers though, but with the situation in San Mateo: http://boards.rochand.com/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=407&start=2020#p37614
  15. possible error committed?

    You should write to support@lineage2.com, explaining your situation. Via the server logs they can check whether your story is true, and in similar cases they have been known to provide a "care package" of Diplomas to the unfortunate player