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  1. 14th Anniversary Preview

    In the Korean skill description ist says that Spirit of Revenge is activated on yourself (자신/自身에게 리벤지 스피릿을 발동한다): http://lineage2.power.plaync.com/wiki/그랜드+쏜+오브+벤젼스 Whether in view of how the other tank triggers work this makes sense or not is another question. But that's what it says
  2. Lineage 2 Mobile by NCSoft

    A release of Lineage 2 Mobile is still far away. At the moment initial testing is scheduled for the 3rd month of the Korean summer this year (올해 말), i.e. August: http://www.inven.co.kr/webzine/news/?news=193858&site=lineage2 (the first question-answer block) Please note, Chief Financial Officer Yun Jae-su said this in February, and he mentioned a whole series of games (Aion Tempest, Project TL ...). In the middle of May there should be another quarterly earnings conference. Possibly a new, more game-specific schedule will be revealed then

    This was changed some updates ago. Now you must talk to the Adventure Guildsperson near the Buffer NPC to see the quests. You can sort them by pick-up level to find the ones suitable for you.
  4. Roadmap 2018

    Ah, I see. Thanks a lot for the clarification; I was a bit worried there for a moment So for the time being we will stick with the cut-off point February 21 as a given, and for everything else our guess is as good as yours
  5. Roadmap 2018

    Conguero, I have noticed that you mention in your post the Atelia Refinery but not the hunting zones we are discussing here: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/1157-adena-farmeable-areas-already-on-korean-servers/ Is this just an editing error or have those low exp/high drop zones been excluded from the export version? And what about the upgraded Silent Valley? Inadvertent omission from your side or really not implemented at NCWest?
  6. Red Libra.

    This is the official reply to your question, from Community Manager Conguero himself, the one man who holds up the flag of the L2 Team at NCWest: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/1240-red-libra/?tab=comments#comment-9314
  7. Forgot PIN and support page not working

    You can contact support via e-mail: support@lineage2.com In such cases I always use my main e-mail, which has my real name, to hint that I really mean it
  8. Random spawn of new monster?

    That was Earth Wyrm Trasken: http://lineage2.power.plaync.com/wiki/어스웜+트라스켄 She travels all over resp. under the lands of Aden and Elmore since she was woken up in the "Goddess of Destruction" update (possibly she already appeared in High Five during the blood rain period; my memory is a bit hazy there). The so-called "Grave Robbers" (도굴꾼 actually means "illegal miner", like the people who cause the coal mine accidents in Shanxi) messing with the force field set up by Lucien to keep Trasken at the bottom of the Mithril Mines didn't help. If you encounter her again, you can just ignore her. She doesn't attack outside of the dungeon you enter through Priest of the Earth Daichir in Schuttgart and also can't be attacked. What you see is just bonus material provided by the developers for your entertainment
  9. Bring warriors/summoners back to PVP

    There seems to be some confusion here. - The Grim Reaper servitor introduced with GoD did and does until today use Beast Soulshots for the single target nukes and and Beast Spiritshots for her AoE skills. - The new 3rd class type Servitors introduced several updates later use only Beast Soulshots for both single-target attacks and AoE. - A Wolf can not heal. What you have in mind is probably a Baby Buffalo. - Blessed Beast Spiritshots have not been removed and can be used for example on a pre-Awakened Soulless for its Corpse Burst, a magical skill. - Botters don't use Beast Shots on their Servitors and therefore can be easily outdamaged/kill-stolen by a same-level live Summoner. Maestro and the other people in this thread, however, don't discuss botters but well-equipped Summoners who actually play their characters and can easily afford Shots, especially in PvP.
  10. Bring warriors/summoners back to PVP

    I don't disagree with you there. But what can I say? The developers are aware of the problem, some years ago they even wanted to improve Tyrrs. At that time they suggested that diversifying the Feral Cries (Bear, Hawk) etc. might be a good idea: http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/letters/recent Nothing ever came of it, and I suspect that even if they had further pursued that route, it would have been a minor adjustment, like three weeks ago the increase of the transferred Summoner P.Atk. from 105% to 120%. It's not as if the developers wouldn't try, but somehow their efforts don't lead to a satisfying result. I personally still think that the main problem are the items which "outboost" any skill adjustments the developers might come up with.
  11. Bring warriors/summoners back to PVP

    With the "Crofin" update on March 28 the developers have expanded on that debuff aspect. The improved Link of Loyalty works basically like the Critical Wound skill of Dagger classes - it places a debuff on your victim which increases its received Critical Damage by 30% (the same amount as Critical Wound), no matter who among the attackers is dealing that damage. This is obviously intended to make Summoners more wanted in parties, but the main use of that effect will be in dealing with high-Hp monsters, not so much in PvP, where things happen too fast for Wrath to level up to Stage 5, where the effect may (or may not) trigger. Insofar Maestro's point is still valid - even after the boost brought by "Crofin", Summoners will be at a bit of a disadvantage in PvP.
  12. Bring warriors/summoners back to PVP

    In the recent update the developers increased the P.Atk. that is transferred from a Staff or Two-Handed Blunt Weapon onto the Servitors from 105% to 120%: http://lineage2.power.plaync.com/wiki/스킬+개선+3차+업데이트 According to Korean Wynns, this lead, together with the improved Link of Loyalty for more Critical Damage, to a noticeable increase in damage output. The P.Def. and M.Def. of lvl 100+ Servitors was also increased, but according to reports from Korea they are still easily killed. It can't be said that the developers are not working on the problem, but their solutions seem to be unsatisfactory. Don't ask me why they chose 120% for the P.Atk. transfer and not 150% or 200%
  13. Bring warriors/summoners back to PVP

    I totally agree. One problem here is that many Koreans are not very interested in PvP. Over there a cross-server World Olympiad had to be introduced several updates ago to get any matches at all. The other problem is the huge amount of stat-enhancing items that are being fed into the servers via events and promotions. Every monster of a given variety (Lesser Giant Warrior, Lesser Giant Wizard ...) has the same stats, so it is relatively easy to adjust skills so that a given class can smoothly but not so easily that it would get boring deal with the monsters at a given level. In PvP you have huge differences, even if everybody is 100+, like in Korea. An enchantment on your Retributer of +12 vs. the +4 of your opponent makes all the difference in the world. You simply can't balance that out with improved skills, especially since the Summoner beside you might still be using an overenchanted bow to cast his Marks. I am afraid we have to face the fact that the excessive amount of high-powered items on the servers in all Territories has driven the game into a dead end where class balancing has become technically impossible.
  14. Bring warriors/summoners back to PVP

    In the recent update in Korea the damage output of Summoners' servitors was increased. Their defense is still lacking though: http://boards.rochand.com/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=2123&start=40#p37936
  15. l2 salvation

    Oh, so South Americans can't enjoy the fast track to 85. Ah well, doing it the traditional way takes just a few days anyway and over here it's all free. (Better don't ask what you get for free ).