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  1. Prelude to War

    The only thing that goes remotely in that direction is that the formula for the reduction of received damage which is used for the calculation of armor set options etc. has been "adjusted"/수정되었다. I assume that this means that damage will be more reduced. But it could also mean that the current damage reduction was considered as excessive. I simply don't know. Apart from that, Sigel Knights and Iss Enchanters get more P.Atk. with their weapon masteries.
  2. Prelude to War

    In The "Prelude to War" update there are no changes to any Feoh skills apart from the party-wide Feoh Aura Toggle having become a personal passive skill, like the Dual Maximum HP Toggle (that goes for all classes): http://lineage2.power.plaync.com/wiki/전란의+서막+클래스
  3. What's a Bloody server?

    It's the same game world as on the live servers, with the same hunting grounds, but people have much better equipment. Here are two videos which might make things clearer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3TCMP-C4PY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_cTgJ1AZzo I think you could best compare it to a illegal server where, since everybody has highly overenchanted weapons, overenchantment doesn't mean anything when it comes to PvP (which is what the Bloody server is about). But you can kill monsters much faster than on a regular server, i.e. people level up faster. Those Bloody Coins are mainly obtained by PvP, but only as long as an attacker has Attack Points and a victim has Life Points, so you can't farm them indefinitely. A Sparkling Einhasad Shirt costs 2,400 Coins + 6,000,000 adena, a Shirt Enchantment Scroll costs 1000 Coins: http://lineage2.power.plaync.com/wiki/블러디+코인 You need at most 2,400 PvPs to get a Shirt that is useless. But the higher your level, the more Coins you get per kill (the level difference between killer and victim doesn't matter)
  4. Prelude to War

    In the "foreword" to the patch notes it says that "in the center of the slowly overturning battlefield new powers are stirring and all gathering in front of destabilized Aden": http://lineage2.power.plaync.com/wiki/전란의+서막 It doesn't say who or what those powers are, but I think if it were Epic Dragons, the developers would first introduce one (like for example the Dragon of Light), and then one or two years later the other. Taking into consideration that we just got Fafurion, those "new powers" might actually be player-run clans. When you look at the new Cursed Sword mechanics, we are clearly moving towards more PvP. Those Kill Points etc. seem to be inspired by the Bloody server.
  5. Prelude to War

    I personally find it quite impressive how the developers fail to learn from the GoD disaster. In GoD the old classes were streamlined and people didn't like it. Now they are streamlining the classes again. In GoD the Starter Villages lost their starter function and people didn't like it. Now everybody, including the Ertheias, gets born in Gludio: http://lineage2.power.plaync.com/wiki/전란의+서막+퀘스트
  6. Prelude to War

    It's true. In the meantime the detailed patch notes in the Powerwiki are up: http://lineage2.power.plaync.com/wiki/전란의+서막 Here is the "Skills" section: http://lineage2.power.plaync.com/wiki/전란의+서막+클래스 As you can see, after the 1st Class Change at lvl 20 for example Warriors get "Novice Armor Destruction" and "Novice Mega Strike", then after the 2nd Class Change at lvl 40 Gladiators get "Novice Sonic Flash" and, as Tyrr Warrior Archtype ""Novice Power Bomber" and so on. "Prelude to War" is the update with the most fundamental changes to game systems since GoD
  7. Chat problem

    https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/2384-all-chat-goes-to-general-chat/?tab=comments#comment-60298 Also check what Juji wrote 4 posts further down.
  8. Farewell Margaret Krohn

    That must be a photo from her student days. Nowadays she is a bit stockier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7eVhNH0WcM @ Gods3rdLeg: "Marketing Lead" sounds pretty much like "greedy" and "Cash Grab". You should take the possibility into consideration that Steven Sharif hired her as Marketing Lead precisely because of the experience in cash grabbing she gathered at NCsoft
  9. Prelude to War

    They are trying to put an incentive for PvP into the game. Like for example you can now get the Cursed Swords also when you kill some player character of lvl 95 or above (95레벨 이상 PC), and the additional reward - apart from the Treasure Chests near the Sea of Spores - you get for being the last owner also increases with the level of the buff stage, i.e. the more people you kill, the more adena you get. Even though you can't kill members of your own clan, the system is open to exploiting. Simply track down a dropped Cursed Sword, then kill members of a friendly clan non-stop and share the adena afterwards
  10. On Wednesday there was a new update in Korea - 전란의 서막 /"Prelude to War": http://lineage2.plaync.com/update/history/2018/181212_prologue/intro Here are the patch notes: http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/update/view?articleId=637479
  11. Fafurion update NC Japan

    What I can tell you is that the spear-impact angle-increasing Edge of Storm skills introduced in Korea on October 10 did not make it into the Japanese version: http://www.ncsoft.jp/lineage2/news/notice/view?bbsNo=3201&articleNo=5259 (section 3.スキル/Skills) Since there is usually only one export version, I am afraid we won't get it either.
  12. Fafurion update NC Japan

    Thanks for the offer, but that Discord thingy is more something for you young 'uns Talking about young and old, in Japan you can upgrade a Dark/Bloody Amaranthine weapon of +10 or above directly to its Dark/Bloody Krishna equivalent (it will lose 2 enchantment levels in the process), and +6 or above lvl 6 Dinato/Grande dual-purpose Eternal armors directly to Limited Leviathan (the top stage), with no loss of overenchantment level. It will be interesting to see whether NCWest will introduce the dual-purpose armors to make that possible, or whether the upgrading option will be completely removed over here
  13. Fafurion update NC Japan

    Here are the Japanese patch notes: http://www.ncsoft.jp/lineage2/news/notice/view?bbsNo=3201&articleNo=5259 In Section 4 (アイテム/Items), Subsection [1](6) the "Spellbook Fragments" which are dropping in lvl 99+ Hunting Grounds and can be used for passive skills are mentioned, but there is no mention of Fortune Pockets having been removed, like in Korea. This might be an oversight, or it has been changed for the overseas version.
  14. December 2018 Preview

    Basically like this: http://lineage2.plaync.com/promo/lineage2/171115_quest You enchant Freya's Ice Staff and exchange it for a reward. The higher the enchantment value, the better the reward. You can either opt to turn in your Ice Staff at +7 and get a lvl 3 Jewel Box or keep it and try to go to +17 and get a lvl 5 Jewel Box, or keep it and try to go to +27 and get a Stage 3 Dragon Weapon. Since both the Ice Staff and the Enchantment Scrolls are obtained from the L2Store, this is pure straight real-money gambling, with a high frustration factor. "If I just had turned in my +17 Staff and been content with a lvl 5 Jewel. Why did I have to go and try for +27? Now I can't even buy my wife a jar of cookies!" An event in the true spirit of Christmas
  15. December 2018 Preview

    Well, those were the rewards in Korea. It is absolutely possible that at NCWest you won't get Dragon Weapons Stage 1/2/3 if you enchant a Freya's Ice Staff to +25/26/27, but a +10/11/12 Amaranthine Weapon