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  1. SS BUG

    Of course other MMORPGs make backups too, but those companies throw more money at their product. Maybe it will help you to understand what Draecke and I are saying if you don't think of Lineage II as a game intended to give you pleasure, but as a milking machine whose one and only purpose is to extract, with a minimum investment, a maximum amount of money from the player base. There is no juji except The Juji. Lineage II is what it is. The item lag has not been fixed during the past 10 years, so it would be a bit delusional to expect NCWest to invest in better hardware and/or better programmed backup rountines now, when the game has reached the end of its life. If you don't have the equipment to play without Shots, simply don't do instances but hunt out in the open where you can easily kill the monsters. If this doesn't satisfy you, just play some other MMORPG where backups are done more smoothly. As stated above, if enough people go away, the problem will solve itself
  2. SS BUG

    Especially if said items cause players to leave their characters logged in to recover Vitality But seriously, as you can see from the GMs' replies to Lophora, there is nothing wrong with the servers themselves (at least in early March, before the Attendance Check was installed). The only problem is the players. Remove the players and there won't be an item lag any more. A good way to apprach the problem would be to adopt something like the Classic queue. Set the maximum number of players per server to 14 aka 2 parties, who can either cooperate to defeat a Boss or fight each other 7 vs. 7. In Japan that works just fine. If with such a setup the servers turn out to be stable for a month or two, you can increase the limit to 28, then after half a year to 42 and so on, thus finding out what the true number of players is that our hardware/software can handle. If we are lucky, some players will have moved on to other games in the meantime and the overpopulation problem solves itself
  3. SS BUG

    That thought has crossed my mind too. But then you have Blessed Spiritshots, which not only add M.Atk. but also Casting Speed, so that would have to be increased in Nukers' passive skills too. And then you have Rubies and Sapphires which further increase damage when Shots are used. Those Jewels would then become useless. Once upon a time Shots also served as an adena sink to curb inflation, but what with them being given out for free by Herphah resp. being available in the L2Store, that function has long since ceased
  4. SS BUG

    Laran and Nymphadorae are right. Let me sum it up again: 1. It is not a Shot lag but an item lag and affects for example also Healing Potions etc. 2. It is caused by the Player Character Server writing its data to a backup drive every half hour, precisely at xx:00 and xx:30. This must be done so that in case of server crashes, scams etc. lost items can be restored. 3. The effect gets worse the more items are introduced via promotions and the more players are online. 4. Since deleting items that players have paid for would lead to an uproar, the only thing that NCWest can do is reduce the number of players: ban the bots, disable auto-looping macros, restart the severs at random times to take out the afk shops. 5. What players can do to escape the Curse of the Backup is to log out at xx:58, then log in again at xx:10, then repeat the procedure at xx:28 resp. xx:40. The lag continues after the backup has finished, but it doesn't even start when you log in for example at xx:15 6. Since there are no other players on the QA server, GM Dokumo and GM Buuj won't notice the effect. They have to log in on Naia or Chronos at xx:58 or xx:28.
  5. Yun Song-yi's plan didn't work out as intended. By checking the "Games" tab at the very top of this home page you can see that NCWest has so far only one mobile game (Aion Legions), and that came from Korea. The Iron Tiger studio is still listed on their official website, but so far they haven't produced one single mobile game of their own. And I still think that the honorable Dr. Yun is overestimating the mobile market in the West. That being said, NCWest would not "sell" their servers to Innova, but NCKorea would grant a global license to that company. Since the two varieties of the game are not compatible, Chronos and Naia would get wiped and the old players would be heartily invited to play on Core, probably with a free Starter Pack or something like that
  6. Prelude to War

    Here are all the updates: http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/update/list Please note that the patch notes for the regular servers are mixed together with the ones for the Bloody PvP server. You want the patch notes without the [블러디] tag in front. Like for example today a Combat Mode/컴뱃모드 was introduced on the regular servers. When you switch that on via the Actions window, you don't need to press the Control key to attack another player (party members, clan members and alliance members are exempted). Just like in the Olympiad: http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/update/view?articleId=638638 (about halfway down the page) The conversion of Lineage 2 into a PvP game continues.
  7. Prelude to War is definitely a major update. I would even go so far as to say that with the changes to the Zariche/Akamanah mechanics that update is actually a paradigm change, making Lineage 2 primarily a PvP/PK game: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/9857-prelude-to-war/?tab=comments#comment-75807 I am greatly looking forward to seeing piles of dead macro-botters lying around on the ground
  8. Suggestion

    That's it in a nutshell. 1. Ncsoft introduce new update with shorter buff times so that the few remaining Girlfriend Buffers (an Asia-specific internet-cafe phenomenon) don't feel useless. 2. Ncsoft make loop macro so that those players whose girlfriends have left them for Lineage 2 Revolution do not have to click on buffs that often.
  9. Suggestion

    For automating the Sonatas resp. Drumbeats of boxed Buffers who follow a live player around so that he doesn't have to switch windows every few minutes and can concentrate on the actual hunting.
  10. A simple workaround would be to delay the launch of Faurion by two weeks. Then you would have the patch notes published two weeks and one day before the update. No more reason to complain, everbody would be happy. After all, Fafurion doesn't bring much good anyway. For the average player it doesn't matter whether he or she gets one-shot by an R99 weapon or an R110 weapon.
  11. Herphah Quest

    Yes, the minimum level ist still 85. Keep in mind, the Herphah quests are originally a tutorial, introducing the game mechanics to those Korean (and European?) players who chose the Baltus Knights fast-track instance to reach lvl 85 in 20 minutes. Then they have to learn the game.
  12. Herphah Quest

    Nothing will be removed, but the number of Shots you get as reward will be greatly increased: http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/tsnotice/view?articleId=635705 (about 3/4 down the page) Apart from that, the maximum level for picking up the Adventure Guild quests will be increased from lvl 97 to 99.
  13. In Korea the current Fortune Pockets were completely deleted/삭제 from people's Inventory, Warehouse etc.: http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/update/view?articleId=634946 (about 1/4 down) In the Japanese patch notes there is no mention of this, but that might just be an oversight: https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/9204-fafurion-update-nc-japan/?tab=comments#comment-75195 Maybe somebody from Russia knows more abou how this was handled over there. If I were you, I would not stock up on Fortune Pockets. Even if Juji says now that they just won't drop any more but the old ones will be kept, there is no insurance against last-minute changes. Remember the Boss Jewelry Upgrading System!
  14. In Korea you just can't sell those Damaged Spellbook on the Auction House, otherwise they are fully tradable: http://lineage2.power.plaync.com/wiki/손상된+마법서 By the way, the exchange fee for turning in 55 Damaged Spellbooks for a chance at a Chapter 1 is 20,197,750 adena.
  15. Contrary to rumor I don't have a Lineage 2 database; it's all typed up on the spot and then quickly forgotten again. Here is the Korean event page: http://lineage2.plaync.com/promo/lineage2/180117_bereth As you can see on the bottom, a Forgotten Spellbook cost 2500 Won aka 2.5 dollars, the 10 Book Pack cost 20 dollars. It's not cheap, but since the gambling aspect is limited - even if you get a lot of Chapter 1 Books, you can always upgrade them to Chapter 2 or 3 - I personally find this a rather good event. Simply spend a few thousand dollars and you will eventually get there. No money is annihilated. I myself will do what I recommended Auburn on the previous page: go to lvl 5 now and then wait for the update to get the rest for free. Of course it is possible that the Damaged Spellbooks won't drop in our version of Fafurion, but then all you have to do is take a break for a year or two and get your Forgotten Spellbooks in the next iteration of this event, which will in this case certainly come