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  1. bots outside dion.

    They have been there for months!!

    Dear friend, I'm not complaining. YOU and other people are complaining that there is no competition and the server is boring. I just explained to whoever is complaining that there are other things more important than L2 in people's lives. I can assure you that most of the players in this server are people that came back to the game after years without playing L2, and their lives, including mine, are not the same as in 2006. We came back for the nostalgia, but with much less time to play than before. Look how much work you just described in order to be a top player. Also, what is your definition of success? My fun time playing this game is mostly because I'm able to hang out on Discord with my old friends that I used to play 10 years ago. It is not the hardcore exp solo with BD/PP boxed etc. This is boring as hell. My definition of success in this game is to have fun. If it gives me only stress, I quit. I know people that have quit the game because they were not giving enough time to their kids, or the wife/husband was complaining, or that they were not productive at work because they didn't have enough sleep. Please, keep playing your game and stop complaining that people can't have the same pace you have. I will be playing my game until it is not fun anymore. Have fun.

    I saw a video from Supremacy nuking people with lvl 75 toons. Yeah, I believe you are right. We all suck.

    My friend, the majority of us have real life things such as family, work, a mortgage to pay etc. We are no longer the kids with a lot of free time to spend in a game. I've been playing this game since open beta. What we have in this server at the moment is a group of people playing 12 hours a day every day, sharing accounts to reach 75+ as fast as possible and another group (the majority) trying to catch up to be able to fight. The problem is that an update is coming soon and it will turn this catch up into something impossible in the near future. So, my advice to IsForce is to dismiss their alliance with Supremacy, stop recruiting "bandwagoners" clans or die bored to death and quit. I'm pretty sure that if this server was even in levels (don't need even gear or epic bosses) things would be much different, I can guarantee you. Once the no-lifers quit the game, then we will have a healthy server.
  5. Super Bowl Sunday sieges

    Based on Global chat, I would assume that this server is more Latin than NA.
  6. Archer Server

    In a 1 vs 1, I don't think a PR can beat a SR at the same lvl. Stun, Double, Stun Double dead. PR will not have time to cast Fatal.

    The problem with this game is that NCSOFT has GMs that don't play the game and, thus, are not interested in investigating the problem manually (just go to Hardins Academy, Execution Grounds, Outside Oren, Enchanted Valley etc etc etc and they would ban tonz of accounts). They expect that their system will catch the cheater, but it is easily bypassed. This situation leave us with 3 scenarios: just let it go and keep playing, quit game or just set up a bot train yourself since it is clear that cheaters don't get banned anyways.
  8. It's been weeks (maybe months) that a bot train of Elf Mages with Unicorns is running in Dion coming from the center of town, going up to the GK and running into the mobs to die and delevel. This is not even hidden. It is right there, in one of the main cities. Actually, Dion is a lowbie city, where new players are getting to know the game better. This only tells me how the GMs of this game don't care at all about what is going on. Maybe their salary is not enough and NCSOFT offers a bad work environment, I don't know. But it is so simple. Just go there and remove all these accounts every day. It will not be lucrative for them anymore to keep doing this once they see you guys are punishing them. I was GM of a very popular game in Brazil (40k players daily) and I know that this is possible. If you don't know where the bots are, you are not involved with this game enough.
  9. Baits Fishing event

    Real money! L2 Store
  10. Restart the server or..

  11. Restart the server or..

    WTF is going on? Jesus Christ. I can't log in. Every day is the same situation. Come on. What is the size of your team? Last time that I'm playing a Korean game.
  12. The dude was alone against 5 people.
  13. Exp Place for Silver Ranger

    Level? Do you have buffers?
  14. ahahaha Good job, dude!!!!
  15. Can someone paste here the status info of the 5 C bows? I can't find the complete info about them online.