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  1. good fight from both, thanks for this video!
  2. If you would have been there (in RS) as you claim, you would know Coldblood CP w/Aizen, Nuky etc. was not "forced" to leave Naia lolz. You're either clueless or you simply enjoy lying. Wait wait, I never "protected" Aizen, I don't have or ever had anything to do with him other than he was a good clanmate a long time ago. What you mislabel as "protection" is: I won't remain silent when I see lies spread on public forum, from ppl who have no idea what they are talking about or what actually happend. You better move on and quit this game, I have the strong impression L2 i
  3. lolz this again, this story has such a beard and it's really funny to see that you still have sleepless nights over my pixel weapon I bought 1+ year ago I got this weap 150bil adena from AllArround (how r u ! And nop I still haven't watch that star treck thing ) And I got that 150bil Adena for 0 Euro/0 US$/0 NC coins/0 Scams/0 Cheats/0 Farming/0 Raidbosses/0 AFK macros/0 Botting. Same as I got 95% of my other (medium) gear too, I am far from being top geared. But because you seem so desperate BmD I repeat my old offer, simply pm "OmenOfSteel and say: "I'm too dumb to play L2 without
  4. Stop spreading this BS noone ever spent 1 million on L2 or 250.000 in a month, thats impossible
  5. No way this would be a good change. I would go PK all the DH Lemmings in their PVE clans nonestop. Yes it would be fun for me, but I doubt it would be good for the game itself. Every player would be free to bully lower geared/weaker players like there's no tomorrow. Agree 100% with PR-Bob. Nope. Sometimes it is "neccessary" to PK someone. Losing 10% XP each time you do would be almost the same as removing the ability to PK someone from the game. Not a good solution at all. Ohhh noooeeeeeeees Draecke!!!! But I know why you're doing it and I'm happy you come bac
  6. The introduction of this change on Naia will lead to mass-extinction of the Lemmings (DH PVE guys) lol
  7. Are you sure you had the store open when you double-clicked ? Maybe that's the reason they refrain from helping you. Usually the support is quite good when it comes to small help/small things. Just recently I made a mistake and opened a lv3 Jewel-box I just made the day before. One mail to support was enough and they boxed the thing up again. What item is it about ?
  8. I didnt have any connection interruptions, do I have to give my Rune back? If not, thx !
  9. Why don't you just provide the infos they ask for? Fishy....
  10. I think this augment is actually quite worthless, it is "Undying will" so only good is it will let you chose any other Revelation Skill instead UW.
  11. Nop, only Red Libra, next event probably in a few months after/around new big content update. But if you remove augment ofc you can always try to find a player to trade with.
  12. Yeah okay maybe I was bit early, looks like only 2 servers are dead so far. But yday I checked the forum of classic and it's full of complaints and full of ppl. already leaving, I see there even less happiness than on LIVE. So now just wait till first imba P2W items hit Classic, which as we all know will happen and is just a matter of time, and you'll realize that this "stfu troll" is actually a prophet
  13. Good morning, I just checked server status here: https://l2.laby.fr/status/ Copy/paste: - Chronos   1827 players - Naia   1855 players - Talking Island (NA Classic)   3874 players - Giran (NA Classic)   1799 players - Aden (NA Classic)   1810 players - Gludio (NA Classic)   1111 players Looks like CLASSIC died sooner than I predicted. So now I'm asking for more effort from @Juji (GM events, F2P events, free boosts, lower L2Store prices, LabTests, more Communication on forum etc etc) on good ol' LIVE Servers, thank you !
  14. @TheScourge lol good luck testing stuff in L2 yourself
  15. I never took and never will take people serious that blame someone without any proof, even more when these people lack balls to at least post their IG Nick.
  16. All ppl that are bored from Classic, come try LIVE. I heard DragonHunters are recruiting
  17. While he was in SH he was my enemy. I can assure you I did notice when an enemy was using "stuff" back than lolz it wasn't hard to tell. I could name you lots of ppl that used "something" while always pretending to be legit. Foto is not one of them so stop your propaganda. Guess you're another DH that can't accept the fact that Foto's CP is doing quite well since a while, at least depending on the blue texts I see almost each evening when I'm logged in
  18. Currently my playtime is max. 1 or 1,5h/day in EU prime time, not more. In this time I usually see 2 DH parties out of town... err, typo... 1 DH party out of town... err, wrong again, I see 3 DH ppl out of town, of which zero (none, 0, nada, niente, null) run around with DH clantag, so tell me: Who should I PVP? Rest of your post is too dumb to deserve a comment. But a friendly advice: You can join that other annonymous ex-DH Chichilene or whatever his name is, he is working to create a PVE Lemming CP. Maybe you can find a new home there, GL !
  19. Well the problem w/MAX not going to Dim Siege isnt a problem of our CL, it's members like me that for sure will not stay up till 1:00 o Clock on a sunday for a Pixel game, so if you wanna blame someone, blame me and most of our other Euro players with a Job
  20. Haha guys spit your poison elsewhere I know Foto since many years, he always was legit (never bot/cheat/never bought account...who of you or generally of old DH can say the same?) and never a "join the winner-side" player (hint hint ), so YES it's totally and 100% deserved. About feeding, most DH heroes are fed too so thats not a valid point anyway. Oh and last, for my glorious friend that got no balls to post under his real nick @BloodDark: I was calling DH players Lemmings. Since you guys lost everything, each day more and more DHs flee the server and suddenly Classic looks soooo
  21. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/10091-happy-holidays-from-the-lineage-ii-team/
  22. GZ Foto! Well deserved Hero !
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