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  1. You dont pay and you are a little frustrated ? you know how many boxes open this guys for this items ? i open 1000 boxes and nothing...so shut up nob
  2. So we cant use for exemple 2 or 3 same dye dex ? we need use for exemple str..dex..con ? and where can find dye powder for enchant dye ?
  3. no work to add Battlefield Token to collection... https://ibb.co/4MtmkhV
  4. :)) this made my day !! May you tell me what exactly means “pve mode “ :)) u have bloody weapon ? Or maybe +8 bloody set ? You let jewels on ch? Or wtf ? =)) come on guys, stop crying and accept what u are .... you are .. idk how to tell you ... you are nothing more than wasted money on some chars without brain im afraid to think what can happen if molensa have all isnipeyes’s items :)) P.S. Better move in pve clan ,there u cannot hit because you are not allowed to open war so u die decent and dnt have to come with this cheap excuses. Shame on you all. Amazing items,buf
  5. nice !!!! go go Molensa
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