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  1. Upgrading R99 Weapon

    Can I upgrade a Blessed R99 weapon to a normal R110 weapon? Or I can just upgrade Bloody/Dark R99 weapons to R110?
  2. Mentor/Mentee System

    U need to level up to 86 so it will graduate and auto-dismiss from mentor
  3. Luck Befitting Of The Status Quest

    He answered in other topic, so i'll put the link here too https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12918-issuse-with-luck-befitting-of-the-status-ladys-ornamental-dagger-quest/?do=findComment&comment=93661
  4. i'm with you on this one... i can't get the knife after he broke
  5. Luck Befitting Of The Status Quest

    The problem is that he does not give the KNIFE... How can I enchant a knife if I don't have one...
  6. I started this exalted quest through blacksmith of mammon, but he doesn't gave me the knife to enchant... I'm a missing something?