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  1. It was implemented to avoid unfair play with the overpowered combo of root + pole /bow. Nothign else to say, its a senseless cry.
  2. Got 400 coins, restarted the queue so i could go in.... 1200 ppl now!
  3. Is this actyually true? for any vip status?
  4. THIS IS A SHAME : 930 queue on Giran. Lets see how many ours does it take
  5. In my experience a bishop its not a char to box. A nuker will miss mp, a warrior will miss buffs and a summoner apart from missing buffs will almost no need of your heals. Said that, maybe a shillien elder (abusing body to mind and maybe using body of avatar fro CDL could get more benefit from a bishop but.... none of them will be "the perfect match" PS: Gotta say im not that experienced dualboxing with spectral summoner, but for ex an elemental summoner will virtually ignore your heals.
  6. +1 Someday people will realize boxes dont kill big raidbosses neither win sieges.
  7. The point is that a PP gives almost no benefit to a sorc (also to a spellsinger) No Curse death link to benefit from bless the body, no body to mind (effective one) to benefit from slight heals... Only acumen + zerk (and you can get acumen lvl 2 pots). And even though, both Sorc n sps have nice casting speed. With an SE you get empower (++++) and recharge along with standar buffs (concen, ww , shield, mental shield) With an EE you miss empower but you get clarity and... dunnow if wild magic, and the idea of a future prophecy of water.
  8. No point at all on choosing pp as sorcerer box.
  9. I've mained a prophet on a c3-c4 server, kinda similar. All the things that ure reading about battle prophet are probably posts about olympiad, where prophets long time ago had a golden time, with bow + root, and duals after the bow nerf (when they reduced casting speed with bow). it could apply to 1 vs 1 scenarios also and pve (draining ss), but not further On an actual masive battle (90% of old times L2 even more being a support) i would not go with heavy + duals, you will have no chance to hit no one, honestly. how to be an active prophet on battle? Go wizz (a
  10. All the people saying: "You need to have better drop rates or SS for VIP so ppl will pay and they will mantain the server" are just completely wrong, like tryng to justify ncsoft so they will get a "good boy" reward. Look at league of legends, by far the most profitable online game, they give NO INGAME BENEFIT from real-money bought stuff, or at least nothing that will stop you for beign as good as the best player in the world. And they make tooons of money. Because when people feel a fair trade, a fair game, they keep fighting , cause every noob or lvl 7 guy feels like they can reac
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