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  1. How to do that ??? I know just about report button but it not working in the city’s .... they shood special adena seller report bitton
  2. Guys i hate this its worst thing what cood happened to our game..... and why gm do nothing about that
  3. I got a feeling innova send beleaua to do som advertize :)))
  4. Non of vip ppl want to play alone thous free2play ppls fill the server create confort for everyone so dont say if thay dont pay dindt benefit server coz they are
  5. I never play on ncwest server before so to soon to tell my opinion. What about innova servers i dont have good game experience moust of all b coz adena sellers and trains
  6. Ones again i try to login to giran and fail again another server with gmt 0 cood be heal for my pain :))
  7. What you think guys ? We have huge comunete i don’t think we can fit in one adleest for now
  8. Ncwest guys plz plz plz dont let thous online prostitutes ruin our game
  9. Hello as i live in london i feel som latency in my gaming . What kind of ping reduce program i can use ? Thanks
  10. I feel now like Grinch who steel christmass dont make do that ....
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