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    Not to sound like a broken record - but Lineage 2 support has told me multiple times this WAS bannable, CMs on forum and Lead GM Telliks says it is absolutely NOT bannable, and now again today I hear that it is bannable.
    We need to know how many PKs is too many in terms of being considered harassment.  How many times can I kill someone before they can get me banned? Does it just depend on who reports and how much they report? 
    We need a number and please don't respond with 'we will let this player know in private' because in private I get 2 different answers to the same question, all from 8-10 different support staff.

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  2. All that they had to do was admit an error.. and they couldn't even do that. 
    I'm quitting this game regardless, I know over half this server is happy to see me leave (that's great!- wish you all the best, was fun/gf/gl) - but this issue transcends just me as a player and goes into the future of this game for all you who wish to continue playing.  Your 'support team' should represent you, to the best of their ability.  I would demand an honest ruling from both the CM/GMs as well as the "Support Staff" that will be identical to what you've been told... not just a 'whoever spams petitions the most gets their way' which has overtaken the game (seen most recently).

    Enjoy L2ers- the last 14 years was a blessed and most fun time. Thanks for ruining it "NCSupport,"

  3. To add my personal story to this:

    For 2 months what I did was ruin 'Ashura' clan's cakes. I went out of my way to force PvP onto their groups while they grinded mobs. 100% of the time they found themselves wiped.  I'll save the details of the feud between us but it was justified from both sides and well deserved.  I am 99.98% sure I was reported by them for griefing (told multiple times I was being reporte for such). That is exactly what I was doing.. I was forcing PvP onto them. It may have ruined their parties; but it was said by *MULTIPLE* community managers that it was a part of the game, and for years it had been accepted as non-bannable play (doesn't mean it wasn't an a**hole move, but it was legal).
    Then I land a WARNING for "luring mobs/players to get them killed. Harassment."
    I fought this warning, declaring that it was a part of the game. It was the part of the game that keeps a lot of us playing - you have the ability to fight whoever, whenever, wherever.
    So I kept at it, thinking they made a small mistake for their warning and will correct it or at least not pursue a ban for it. I continued pulling their macros off EXP spots, I kept forcing PvP onto their parties - and then I landed myself a 3-day ban suspension. It was for... you guessed it: "luring mobs/players to get them killed. Harassment."
    So now I have a 3-day ban, on Saturday morning of the last EXP event weekend, with boosts/runes running - for something that has been said by GMs/CMs to be legal, and has been a factor in this game since Day 1.
    When I inquire on the forums (many of you have seen my last post I am sure) I was finally told by the GM Conguero that, in fact, what I had been reported for and warning/banned for IS LEGAL, and actually I was banned for a completely separate reason - they will let me know what that reason was at a later date.
    So I wait a couple days, and I am told that I was banned for verbal harassment - they are totally sorry that the last 6 Support Staff 'reviewed the problem and say ruining people fun with pulling/killing PvE groups is bannable' had all told me the wrong thing - but it was actually because of a couple choice things I had said in white chat. Meanwhile I am getting laughed at by the original reporters that I got banned for griefing (further clarifying that that's the reason I was originally reported) and threatening if I keep on griefing I will get perma-banned.
    They close my tickets instantly when I ask for clarification - saying that 'since my temp ban is lifted it doesn't really matter what it was all about anyways'. Well I beg to differ, I should be 105/105 and enjoying the game, instead of 104/104 with no trust for this support system.

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  4. PSA: Even if 6 GMs/Support ticket staff tell you the SAME EXACT THING about one issue - the *LEAD* Support GM has every right to come and tell you they were all wrong, and they are "very sorry" however what you lost is gone and it won't happen again - but even still... your loss.  They won't provide any evidence because they can't/don't legally have to and you are to accept their new direction as if you weren't told over the last 2 weeks by 6 different support staff that it was different.

    Be wary with decisions from support tickets you submit for this game. They will tell you one thing and tell the recipient another. 
    This is the true end of this game, when "support" does whatever they want and makes things up to cover their own errors.  They will never admit they did anything wrong.

  5. 8 hours ago, Neutron said:


    We finally had a chance to look over this and I can say that we definitely did not change our stance on PvP and engaging others in PvP. 

    The violation reason stated in the email was incorrect and very unfortunate as it implied that participating in PvP content would be considered a form a harassment.

    There was something the user did that triggered a severe suspension like this, it just wasn't explained to them properly.

    We'll discuss the matter further with this person privately through support and try to clarify the violation reason more clearly to them.

    Thank You


    So this was my clarification to the violation.  We've agreed that force pulling players/monsters around is within the realm of 'PvP' and isn't against your policy (as you just stated and your team stated months ago in regards to people pulling and forcing macros red) - but the info provided earlier is all you can share with me.

    So lets take a look at the info provided earlier (note, this is from 2 tickets, the warning ticket and the ban ticket -- 6 different GMs/Support staff answered and they all seem to have looked at the evidence and agreed it was luring mobs/players):
    GM Yiar 7/11 - "After reviewing this report, we have found out that you are harassing other players by luring them to mobs with the intention of getting them killed."
    Robin 7/12 - "Also, we have carefully reviewed the details of this incident and we understand that this violation may not have been intentionally offensive. However, we must consider every reasonable interpretation of behavior and communication to ensure that we apply our policies as fairly and equally as possible and so we can offer an environment that is fun, friendly and respectful for all of our players."
    Max 7/12 - "Just to make clear things out, you were warned because you've caused disturbance to other players. As previously indicated in the Rules of Conduct, you must respect the rights of others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. To this end, you may not defraud, harass, threaten, or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players. Thank you for understanding our position on this matter."
    Edanne 7/12 - "We understand your point but it doesn't mean that you'll do such disturbing actions that may cause annoyance to other player(s) playing the game. We're just reminding you things so that the same incident won't happen again."
    GM Nero 7/14 - "Violation: Intentionally luring monsters into player parties, Abusing skills to pull players into a group of monsters."
    GM Izko 7/14 - "However we are still unable to uplift the suspension on your account. As previously indicated in the Rules of Conduct, you must respect the rights of others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. To this end, you may not defraud, harass, threaten, or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players."
    Edanne 7/15 - "We have thoroughly investigated this incident and we have found no errors or inconsistencies in the decision to suspend the account. Though we regret having to take these types of actions, we believe it is in the best interest of our service. "

    Please @Neutron, what is your ACTUAL stance on luring players into mobs/mobs into players and if you're all on the same page why does my clarification email state 'all the above was what you can tell me' in regards to my harassment ban?  I'm sorry but your support staff isn't doing a very good job in regards to this, and this is the only way I know to get an answer from people(you) who know how the game works. What did I do twice to trigger the ban? Once prior to the warning on the 6th and again before the ban on the 14th if it wasn't engaging in forced PvP as was pointed at multiple times?
    If it's not about what was done but about how frequent it was being done, then we as players need to know how many times you can gank someone before they can petition you for 'harassment'.  Is there a daily limit? Weekly? Monthly?  Does it depend if they have vit running? Does it depend on how fragile their emotion state? What clan they are in? If there is a 2-way war or not?  These are all things that haven't mattered in L2, so if they matter now we deserve to know.

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  6. 13 hours ago, MissDirect said:

    You should own your crap really. Quit with the denial, the drama and the victim stuff, when you clearly and absolutely are the victimizer! This includes the little followers echoing said sociopaths nonsense campaigns - but you are the weakest of all, truly the grunts and bottom feeders enabling the twisted and lost.

    I wish you woulda posted this sooner I coulda stopped reading your first essay half through as well. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Draecke said:

    ps, seriously to many tears over a 3 day temp ban, you guys act like it was perma..

    That's the point, next time force attacking will land me a longer or perma ban... so that's why we are trying to get an official GM stance on this -- also banning me on exp weekend rip.

    As to that long novel whoever posted -- killing people and stealing their castle is also against the law in real life. get over yourself with your comparison to game and real life, it has no grounds for this game. I have never threatened you IRL and certainly don't care to see what you look like in IRL. I find and hunt you in this game, you are my war tags - in fact you have started the war many times, so clearly that idea is mutual even tho you don't have the war up all the time. 
    For a clan with 'PvP' in their recruitment macro you guys look pretty silly.

  8. 29 minutes ago, bigpoppapump said:

    I mean what value outside of the fed Hero clan rep does your CP even offer MS. You never help them at siege, you don't raid with them, you are all unsuccessful in the real wars MS has with SoloFarmers, Nova and FS. 


    Lets all be aware that your CP made off with:

    The countless weapons and armor we all donated before everyone was kicked so we could help lower lvl members.

    If that was the case why didn't they kick us and invite your 3 parties when you offered it last week?

    As far as the donated items - who that is left in TF right now received any of those +8 sets made with the donations? Those freebies all went to pre-merge Ashura members *cough* nardy *cough*

  9. 1 hour ago, Dargor said:

    I'm pretty sure it wasn't the method that you used that got you banned. 

    Then that's weird why their reasoning for my ban is the method, you don't think?  I posted exactly what i was told.

    Do you not you understand that being in a clan gives you the pros as well as cons associated with that clan? Whether that's enemies, allies, wars...  you choose to be tagged under that clan, and in doing so you accept everything that comes along with being in that clan.  They tainted your clan name when they posted that vid and various other shouts.  Now you're dealing with that and whether you had anything to do with it or not doesn't matter. Welcome to being guilty by association

  10. Lets be real - I only seeked the 'Top PvP' party of Ashura at first, then (about 3 weeks ago) Nagnar and BattleScav started calling me 'liltard' and sh** talking - so I added their group to the hunt list.

    Easiest kills of my life, and justified - you guys talk so much mess and can't back it up. You need to learn your place in this social game.  Don't mess with people better than you. And since I started, you have picked up your sh** talk, so I keep killing.  You coulda stopped at any point but you didn't - even randoms like ZooArcher talk and I didn't respond to any of you.
    Then you posted the video; Chilltown PM'd me about it, and BPP distributed it (no idea who else sent it, but this is how we got it) - that's when the gloves came off, and only then did I start messing with all Ashura.  It hasn't even been a month, because during the first EXP weekend we let Nagnar's PT exp right next to us in Elven for 2+ hours... coulda blinked and wiped them but that was before they started talking sh** and when it was just a personal issue between us and the top cp.
    As to me finding you guys instantly... there are only 2 top hunting spots, your clan can't handle them without a strong PT (which can be assessed the first time I find you), if it's a weak Ashura group, rule out Elven and Superion -- then there's just 3 group spots to play - GC, which takes 2 min to sweep group spots. AF, which takes 2 minutes to sweep group spots, or GoS, which is a pain but needs to be swept because people go there. You guys are so predictable it hurts.
    I was told when I roll up on audge group she audibly goes 'how endearing' in discord. xD I'm sure shes still so endeared with all those tears hahahah xD 

    Aside from all this tho, because I feel justified in my targeting of you and your clan (they can leave at any time and be safe), the issue now is that it's bannable to force use skills on players or avoid getting a PK by outsmarting an EXP party and getting mobs to kill them.  This, along with the fact that sending enough petitions will get you what you're asking for no matter what.

  11. c7055d085c1175f99973ceb9ffafddd1.png

    This is what the game is coming to "you came in flagged and we flagged back. Reported since I have nothing better to do with my time"

    IS THIS WHAT YOU ARE CATERING TO? IS THIS WHAT THIS GAME IS COMING TO? This is clan Ashura petitions in the works, once people catch on you comply with this random BS more will come and this game will become PvE only.  This same dude petitioned me for the earlier incident.

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  12. I posted the exact email I got about the ban, all I did was block out my email.  This was the reason they gave me a warning too, which I responded to and tried to get them to see how absurd it was I would have to be warning for PvPing in a "PVPVE MMORPG game".  They don't care, if this is a real bannable offense now this game is done.  Ashura's L2 is here xD

  13. Would like an explaination why I was banned for holding CTRL and using skills, same as every other player has in the past:

    Meanwhile - camping on bodies and PKing them as soon as they accept rez is fine.  Pulling people and forcing them to go red, then collecting their gear (GM posts actually blamed the macroers) is fine. 

    This is a PvP focused game, with heavy social aspects to it. There is a balance, you try not to bleep of the people who can kill you and you don't take sh** from people you can kill.  How do you fight people who don't throw a war up if the only ways to kill them can be mass reported for 'harassment'?

    I guess this is a notice to everyone: if anyone kills you in anyway that 'ruins your enjoyment' if you get enough people to report them they will get banned! So careful if you hold CTRL to hit players, if you PK, if you do any sort of shenanigans!  Welcome to PvP in 2018.

    Edit/Update 7/14 10:40pm - They refuse to lift the ban even after being given screen shots of GM/CM responses about similar issues of force pulling players and other 'messing with players gameplay' where their responses were that it was a part of the game you have to deal with.
    They state, "However we are still unable to uplift the suspension on your account. As previously indicated in the Rules of Conduct, you must respect the rights of others and their rights to play and enjoy the game. To this end, you may not defraud, harass, threaten, or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players. Thank you for understanding our position on this matter."
    Lineage 2 - 2018 "If you can't beat them, report them." 
    Enjoy guys, best wishes.

  14. Several ways, aside from standard ISS buffs (Note: I am probably forgetting some):

    - Ability Points (defensive tree for example has 24% in first 3 rows)

    - Dual Skill Certs (I believe it's 6% Max HP per level, up to 24%)

    - Higher level (as you level up your max HP gets higher)

    - Take Prophecy of Wind instead of Drum Melody (PoW gives 20% Max HP, drum doesn't add to Max HP at all)

    - Dual Maximum HP toggle (as you level your Dual Class up, you level up a toggle skill that gives increases your max HP up to 2k at lv99 dual)

    - Clan Skills  (6% at lv 4 Clan Condition)

    - Higher Seed Talisman (upgradable from Infinity/Destruction up to Insanity all increases Max HP by more and more)

    - Weapon SA ('Body' from a Kain gives flat Max HP, there are other combinations that gives, for example, Max HP+Cast Speed from a Lionel, 'Sigel' option 3rd SA gives 15% Max HP)

    - Weapon Dark/Bloody (Simply having a Dark or Bloody weapon adds 10% Max HP)

    - Increasing CON/CHA  (Can be done through Exalted Quests, Accessories, Dyes/Tatoos, Enhanced Bracelet)

    - Prestige Pack/Evas Rune (Gives 10% Max HP)

    - Higher grade Belts (Rulers Authority belt gives 1k, Ekimus and Lidia and Chef give around 300 or so to max HP)

    - Consumables (Freya's Art of Seduction gives 30%, Pa'agrio's Blessing gives 10%)

    - NCoin Shirts like Elemental and Shiny (Give ++ to Max HP, must wait for an event to roll around)

    - I *think* you get higher HP values when you wear higher ++ armor (though I could and probably am mistaken)


    Hope this helps.

  15. My recommendation, and I am by no means a top PvPer so if one of them replies I would go with their advice, would be:

    Sub Skills:

    -4/4 P def/M def

    -4/4 P crit/M crit

    -4/4 Atk Speed/Cast Speed

    I've looked at the Evasion like you, and I don't think it's good in small amounts.  To evade things regularly you'd need a lot more Evasion than what you get from the sub skills.  Cast speed just helps you cap easier/get closer to cap (especially if you wear light).


    Dual Skills:

    3/4 Dual - Light of Protection (Chance on hit to increase P.def / M.def 40%)

    1/4 Dual - Max HP (6% at lv1)

    Reason for this is that I think if you're taking consistent hits, threatening damage, proccing for 40% defenses is really strong to mitigate incoming damage and help you stabilize.   And Max HP is always a great option.


    Revelation Skills:

    #1 Disparition 

    #2 Undying Will

    #3 Unbind

    I think Disparition is the strongest skill available out of all options.  Being untargettable and removing debuffs has multitudes of uses and abuses.  Unbind I would recommend for most classes, however since healer has Brilliant and Radiant Purge, I think the invincibility/life saving chance of Undying will help you more.

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