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  1. z The tool tip in the passives section when wearing +6 Eternal Robe Set has the correct values but in different order, as can be seen in the left screen. I am wearing a +6 Eternal Robe Set [Recovery] with Blessed top, Metal Suit appearance. if that matters.
  2. You should get an alert (bottom of your screen next to menu options) as you reach certain level points. I believe for Ali Island you need to reach level 46 to get the next destination scroll and quests. Usually you won't reach that level just doing the quests, so you'll need to do raid bosses or some grinding between quests to get to the next breakpoint. IIRC, when you first get the scroll it sends you to an NPC in town, who then gives you a scroll to the area you'll be killing in. When you first port in or just after you talk to the first NPC at the hunting zone you'll get a display on yo
  3. I second this. Hard enough to find a Saturday around 1pm where I'm open to sit on computer and now bugged. This is a once/2 weeks thing, :rip:
  4. I was encouraged to post this here to get all your opinions on this topic by the GMs who responded to my inquiry. https://i.gyazo.com/811fdf61daf1f1d0f486726d0b018be0.png https://i.gyazo.com/376b9476b4b04adf239cf94a7d2f9753.png Here is my conversation with the GMs regarding this issue. Forgive me for my rude responses, clearly I am upset with this confusion. Can any player who plays this game tell me honestly that they own an Enhanced Shadow Weapon that is "untradable"? Am I out of line for assuming when the GMs post an event description (multiple times now) that say "only tra
  5. It's a good question. Honestly the Crier's Harmony (Combo of lv1 Warrior+Wizards from Doomcryer) is really strong. It may not be as strong Patk wise for fighters as lv2 Warriors, but having the skill reuse makes up for it, in my opinion that is. Different people will find each useful - but the powerful Drum Beats combined with having Warriors AND -20% cooldown from Doomcryer make them an exceptionally strong buffer. As far as Dominators go, I think a great QoL improvement to them was given this patch with the introduction of party buffs. It's not so painful to level up as you aren't 100
  6. Old Harp Melody gave +34 speed from lv1, which has been taken out and combined into Guitar. Now it gives varying speed increases as it levels up (lv4 Guitar gives +25 speed, lv5 Guitar gives +30). Edit: To also add, Warriors and Wizards Harmony used to give +8 Runspeed (I believe for all ISS), now- for Doomcryer the combo Crier's harmony doesn't give any speed boost. Dominator's Wizards Harmony also gives no speed, however their Warriors Harmony gives +10 speed.
  7. Ah, thank you. I should have posted and asked before the event - the vague explanation on the event page strikes again. :rip:
  8. Not sure if this is a bug or confusion about the Red Libra event; but the previous Red Libra event posts regarding exchanging weapons (as well as the news for the current one released today) have notated that Shadow weapons can be transferred to other Shadow weapons, but only the "tradable versions". When I visit the Artisan Black NPC, my tradable Enhanced Shadow Shaper doesn't allow any options to exchange to. Is this confusion on the wording in the event news? Are the Enhanced Shadow Weapons not considered "tradable Shadow Weapons"? Has anyone else had this problem in previous Red Libra
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