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  1. sounds like a trauma for all his life.
  2. well i agree with some ppls that we need only fioti with xp reward 2 times a days thats all. GG
  3. and what about party xp penalty? will this thing goes back to normal or stays like this for 4 weeks? @Juji
  4. What about 3 client limit?

    JujiLast Wednesday at 5:49 PM the limit has been removed
  5. So any news about this? coz on live servers they removed 3 acc per pc restriction.
  6. Anyone run into this

    I had this before long time ago, but i cannot remember exacly what was that but it was something with nvidia expierence if im not wrong
  7. ARENA PVP (ncsoft answer?)

    lol even i am in that video