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  1. To be honest i don't think that the engine that L2 is made with ( 'UnrealEngine 2.0 ) allow the Ray-tracing since its a feature of 'UnrealEngine 4.22
  2. The first ray tracing algorithm used for rendering was presented by Arthur Appel in 1968.
  3. http://lineage2.plaync.com/classic/update/history/2019/190220_jinkamael#/
  4. W We receive update from korea, and korea classic got the kameal up date. But the kameal from classic is far to be like the kamael from live server so you may be disapointed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZmO9b9ybtQ There is big chance that the kameal arrive next update since we are catching up korean version
  5. classic here mean classic class, no awakened. that all
  6. You don't understand how it work don't you? Korean have full autority on the game NCwest have 0 autority. If NCwest break any rules that is on the contract that let NCwest publishing the game, Korean can force to stop the game in NA as they feel to.
  7. It's not a fake @TEX, I'm in the same clan as HairyFox and he linked it in clan chat when he got it
  8. @Euthanaisa check patch note before saying bug : Cruma Tower Removed the aggressive setting from the monsters. Some monsters now give only XP/SP (no item drops) and will respawn more frequently.
  9. I'm playing the game as long as you and i still find your answer dumb. Yeah top clan will make ATL clan to take castle but atleast it bring to make strat. I have long time be in a big clan and we got able to take some castle. You cant deffend properly many castle. At some point you must send some top CP to an other castle and that weak your power at your main castle. It give this kind of discussion : ( x's party, y's party go to giran, z's party go to dion, other stay in deffence!) And when other clan take avantage. You call to castle and hoping that you won't lose any castle
  10. Dumb answer, Not all clan can fight the top clan that own the castle + the other top clan that want to take the castle.adding castle would let ppl try castle other than the one of a top clan.
  11. @Hime you should check pendant cause it look bugged. Pendant 2 lvl 6 give 250 crit power so there is no way it inc of 700 dmg by itself. even the video : https://youtu .be/pd7aEiU-xyQ - See video on YouTube seem pretty bugged
  12. Clan : LogHorizon Alliance : None Clan level : 3 Time Zone : NA, EST time Greeting, We are looking for active players lvl 35+, The clan not old so we have enought room for active ppls serious and mature. The clan is English speaking but we have french(Quebec) ppl too. PM Daggamie for more info. ============================================================================================================================== Nous recherchons des joueurs actifs de niveau 35 et plus. Le clan est relativement nouveau et par conséquent nous avons beaucoup de place. Le
  13. Oly are effectily supposed to be on Savior up date
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqqHq5L_OBY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlV7fSFHV5A
  15. I play WindRiders since 2008 and i don't find evasion that much broken. Its even fun that the evasion passif now have p/m.skill evasion. for me dagger in heavy + shield are just noobs. Learn to play dagger, dagger in L2 are made to atk from behind. It's about the same as on the live the only thing is that we don't have Deadly blow buff to increase the land rate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qleWASoGzHc&t=592s
  16. Ok first, in-game(classic), the skill backstab says :half-kill possible. Plus it would be stupid to remove half-kill from dagger when its their specialty in pve since their blow miss often it help. anyway i want a response from @Hime or @Juji
  17. well then the skill text haven't be changed in classic cause the skill in game here say half-kill possible
  18. @Hime @Juji The skill BackStab of the dagger bug. Since i'm lvl 40 my skill never did Half-kill on the 10 000 time that i used it. Since the half kill on the dagger is his main purpose in party its pretty *** P.S : I played dagger since 2008 until now and i know how a dagger work so i can say that its a bug.
  19. The english version has closed long time ago. only left illegal server
  20. I'm Plain walker and i played this class since C3. And i kicked the ass like if they were nothing of almost all AW and TH, with plus or less egal gear, that i fought so you can keep your word for you. PW is the god of Dagger specially at hight lvl
  21. That's really a bug. What nufnuf said is wrong i never got problem with quest item while killing many at same time
  22. 3 Server, ppl are crying because the queue, why don't you juste switch on Giran or Aden( wich is light btw) ? Ho and dear GMs putting GMT -8 server is maybe why ppl dont spread on this server? you should put it GMT -3 or -2. Yo i guess that if you put a third server is you spread the player and stop the abusive queue... anyway. with all the ppl on Talking, there is enought to put all the 3 server on normal/medium
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