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  1. Dude, 25-35lvls are FINE, perfect drop ratings. The problem is that 40+ content is back to the pre-patch shitshow. And rates below 25 are too good. So they're perfect for bot farm that you can see in starting villages. Nerf pre 25 drop by -50%, buff 40+ drop by +50% and we have perfect rates all across.
  2. Can we have our own version of drop calc? Instead of piggyback Innova's sites for info. pvp/pk/lvl rankings would be nice too.
  3. A lot of people are on the verge of quitting. You have a lot of casual players who played during 2004-2010 years, and they don't know this chronicle, cp system, aoe, adena quests etc. Put 1000/500 NG ss/sps a day in store for free until you get info from devs before it's too late.