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  1. First 10mins of PI and nothing, then finished up the 3 hours with 62 total. Not sure were that 100 in 3 hours came from but that must be the luckiest MF'er ever.
  2. They never report the nerfs, we all just feel the difference when it happens. Just like any event there will be that person that can point to the greatness from his items. But if you're 1 in 100... the nerf is on.
  3. HAHAHAHA, you so funny. The bots are just regrouping. They will find a way around any anti-bot program L2 comes up with. That being said, now is the time for the treasure chest for a "LIMITED TIME". Rest assured that the bots will find a work around. Its only a matter of time. I could give you an example of someone currently still using a "game enhancement program". But i think its illegal to name names and point fingers on the forum.
  4. You are correct. There should be a pack that only gives items that are actually useful. These packs show you useful items that you will never get and you get only the bottom lvl items. And yet, we keep trying, and trying, and trying. Been playing for 17yrs and i'm quite sure i've put some kids through college that were not mine. Nobodies fault but my own. I can stop at any time(says the game-aholic).
  5. Everything said here is 100% fact, there is not one part of this that i can say is not true. That being said i'll still be one of the "mentally challenged" that will over time buy probably 2 of those chest. Either to sell or to do the "Las Vegas" challenge. Currently even if i don't get anything, which i wont and i've mentally accepted that, i'll still have a few rose buffs to save from raids, etc. As pathetic as this is, and I am, if we choose to stick around and play this game we must except the fact that we are going to get "Played". I think that i've put $100-$200 USD in most events tryin
  6. This is what i find. If you change 1 character out of 3 on the same computer to target PC all will eventually change. Same for turning off auto pickup. All will stop picking up. Minor game glitch that i find i have to watch during castle sieges, or during Raids when i turn off auto pickup. Might not be what happened to you. Maybe all your characters are on different computers and this does not apply. But, since the game can randomly turn off your macro, its quite capable of just "magically" changing you from Monster to PC. If anyone says differently...thats just crazy talk.
  7. This Update as you call it wasn't an update. This was you adding an area for farming purposes thats not working out well at all. No skill changes, no items added, no well anything. Not sure why you even put Update before the title. You are aware of the problem with the Summoners that can't lvl their summons beyond lvl110? One would think an Update might address such an issue. Maybe the skills that can flag even if you're set to attack monsters only. That should be in an Update. Maybe a possible fix for the economy. That should be in an Update. I have no idea what this actually was, but it was
  8. I would like to know if its true that the Summoners Summons does not lvl pass lvl110, leaving it incapable of doing real dmg to higher lvl mobs as the summoner gets higher. So, a lvl115 summoner does no true dmg to lvl115 mobs because his summons is still lvl110. Is this true and how is this possible in a 17yr old game that should have a clue. I'm currently lvling a summoner, its lvl106 now, to test this theory. Gonna take a while without a real exp event, but , let the fun begin. OH, and if this is true does anyone know of an update were this is addressed? Since we are so far behind , time wi
  9. Male Erthia..Horrible ideal. Can just image the look of him. Maybe worse than a male L.elf. Horrible to imagine.
  10. I'm an Evis and i'll always be an Evis. I have more than enough Archer alts if I want to lvl one. There's nothing like critting on skills and not dieing for over 3mins unless a God jewel or item that "one shots thru anything" hits me. Someday i might even be able to kill a "Super" in the 3mins..I doubt it, but i can dreammmm.
  11. Often when i post many miss my point. And again it happens. Its not about the QQ here, its about all the QQ's before and nothing came of it. This is not the first time a "major fu.ckup" has happen. But i can say that this one that got us "noobs" something out of it is the first time i've seen them roll it back. How many times has someone found a "glitch" that gave them a major ++ on weapons or adena? But the masses didn't benefit, only the chosen ones. Was there a rollback? Hell no, they kept what they got and the fix came about before "we" got anything out of it. This time we got something..f
  12. my post from over 12hours ago when we first heard of the rollback.
  13. Things like this has happen before, but all those other times only the guys at the top of the food chain got the benefit. Was the game rolled back to take away what they got out of it. HELL NO. They still got to make the +20 weapon or those jewels , or the DW. So this time some of the little guys got something out of it.. WAIT...WTF...Roll this sh.it back. It may take a little time for me to recover from what i had in my inventory, to what i see now. You have no ideal how much i really wanna curse at this moment.
  14. So let me get this straight. Something was broken that benefited us, so it was fixed with a roll back in record time. But when we had lag you were incapable of reading forums and getting that fixed for ..years. Now, that the NPC to trade the normal event items is broken to the point of us not being capable of using it...you're waiting for a fix. So basically &*^^%us. Gotcha. Oh and 4 Dandy balls do not = 13 dragon claws.
  15. Hmm, think most of you completely missed what this all means. Over the passed 2 weeks i spent about $200.00 on this event and got myself close to 15+ lvl5 jewels. Some i sold some i kept to improve myself. Last night i bought a pack just to finish up and see what i could get today. Then they messed up.. and showed us all why Korea has lots of DW's. Just get the sword to +12 and you get a dragon claw. Out of the 800 enchants that i have I got 13 dragon claws, 1 Greater Charm, 1 Insanity talisman and 1 Forbidden something or other. Now consider the 11+ jewels that i got, if we were getting the "
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