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  1. Hmm, i'm suppose to interpret your text am I? And for the second time, about the ...just special.
  2. So you would rather have all this lagg and loose all the people that are leaving just to keep the rankings going? Thats about the ..nope not gonna say it. Guessing @Jujiand the crew actually closed shop for the weekend. No answers to anything. Just sad.
  3. @Jujiwhat i don't understand is why you all think we need to see were we stand in the rankings in real time. At the daily turn over the New rankings can be posted with how much exp we got for that day, and thats all we need to know. A minute by minute tally is not needed. Please SHUT..IT...DOWN.
  4. @JujiTurn the rankings back off, if the lagg goes away then you've just solved all of our problems. Its just that simple.
  5. This server is not running smoothly. I am back to the melee lagg of tuesday. If only someone would believe and turn it back off. i just knew it couldn't last.
  6. Don't think this is the maintenance, this is just a crash of some type. Sll had 2 hours to go before maintenance and it gave no warning. So not sure whats up, but i am sure that this is not at all surprising. If the melee lagg get fixed and feels at all like it did yesterday, they can do this again every evening. Finishing Baylor, Kama, Ashen bosses, and 1 more daily whose name i forget in less than an hour becomes normal. Just restart this MF'er daily.
  7. OK i'm guessing its time for me to call it a game. See if peeps can give me a shout when this becomes a game again. I really don't understand WTF is going on, but its just not even something i wish to waste me time on anymore. I'll get my dailies done with my crew today then i'm out. This shit is a waste with no one even thinking about fixing it. WTF am i doing still here. Time to answer that question with.. i'm not here anymore. Cya all later.
  8. So, if you're new and just started you should be ok with the lagg? The no support? The money events that take your RL cash and give nothing in return? The Free events that back when i started this game gave items you could use and to a large number of players, now its gives jack. All this should be OK if you're new and just started this game? That would be your thought process to gain and keep players? This is an online MMO which i thought was meant to keep the players of old, and gain players anew. That is not what i see on a daily bases. What i see is a game that is turned on and walke
  9. I believe that "town of Aden, and town of Giran" is somehow the problem. I logged into my account that was DC'ing on another toon that was in Goddard and it stayed online, then i switch and got on my main and it was fixed. Those 2 towns were somehow changed during the maintenance. I always feel like i shouldn't type the word "maintenance" when pertaining to this game cause they don't maintain jack *&#^$. So, if you're still haveing the problem log into your account but find a toon thats not in one of those towns and see how it can help. I see they did restart to fix this problem...wait...
  10. A thread like this keeps popping up and its for the same issue. And in all this time we still get the same response...NO CHANGE. The fact that they sometimes use a queue lets us know that they are quite aware of the problem and feel that a queue is the best fix. Can someone tell them that thats a waste of time. It changes nothing. If you have enough people in that requires a queue it in no way changes the hit lagg, so you may as well let them in. I get maybe 1 good day a week of good semi no hit lagg and i'm guessing its because people are at work and unable to get the bot machine running unti
  11. I know that people like some of these events, but for me the events that give things out for free these are the worse for melee toons. (You can add EXP events to this rant also). All around the event managers you see soo many characters whose soul purpose is to click the event ticket and just take up space. Wellll the more characters on and the melee lag begins. Now i know there are those who will say "i don't have any lag, it must be you", well yeah its me. But for some reason it wasn't me before all these toons logged in..Imagine that :). In some far off distant future this melee lagg issue
  12. Ummm, you're probably not to far from the truth. Clan/Ally peeps that logged in fast and got a Greedy Chest, 5 of them, all got lvl5 emeralds. I don't think thats suppose to happen. Somebody didn't turn something down to its "give them random BS" lvl. Not sure if they'll still be there when we get back. But we shall see.
  13. Bethra why do some people still think calling someone "random" is a put down? Pretty much a 12yr olds statement but hey to each his own. You really do seem pretty Toxic. Not sure why, but it is what it is. "My History" would have meaning..if anyone actually cared. They don't.
  14. Yes Bethra they are still missing the point. They are focused on what they feel is lies or something. and not getting the point of what it "cost" to try to keep up in this game. And even after spending 8k in a short amount of time he's still a 1 shot. It doesn't matter if he didn't "QUOTE" What I would do: 1 grand on artifact event 1 grand on cloak event 3 grand on la vie 1 grand on agathion 1 grand wep/armor 1 grand vitality/xp What matters is the amount he spent and the fact that he had to spend it and still needed to do more. FreeToPay is obviously a
  15. Yes they still exist and i've had them message me on one of my other toons claiming to be "GaneaIf". Looks the same in game as "Ganealf". But ones with a capital "i" and the other is with a lower case "L". Told him that I often talk to myself but i've never actually done it without being aware. I must really be going crazy after all. He didn't pm me back.
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