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  1. Yes they shey should open it +1 from me, leets make this thread HOT HYPE GMT +0/+2
  2. thats why he is asking about bot to play, on monday he probably stop, what you dont understund?
  3. Dude can you imagine there are people who want proper play for months and play with other people on same time-zone? Not everyone is like you quit after 40lvl
  4. So you think guys they gonna open new EU server? They opened Aden and Gludio and said they gonna be merged.... Anyway on weekend they don't work?
  5. Idea of this server is just stupid (time-zone) another EU server will have 3x more people .......
  6. Dude, they are playing 24/7 with drivers, you are just stupid or what ?
  7. @Sica I'm afraid that none of the admins will read this. And even if, they have us deep in the ***, I mean European players. If it were not, they would have already gotten a new server. In addition, in another section of the forum I saw photos of Community Support who do not transfer VIP status to new servers, even though Hime and someone else on Discord promised that they will. edit: For them, we're just a product for punching their wallet. Today is Friday, so as today they will not add a new server, they will not add it at all. I follow other forums in other languages and I
  8. I think that at the very beginning they should open 5 servers, 3 US, 2 EU. And give the opportunity to merge the character for 20usd. There would be no drama then. Can not log in to the server? Move the character. As today they will not open a new GMT + 1 server, I will stop waiting for a solution and I am waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2 Good luck in the wild west guys! Edit: Look at last login Hime and Juji, and you know where they have us.
  9. Thank you for links, now i know all, its time to move on from this illegal server
  10. Well no i didn't, but you mean they failed like this before?
  11. The point is that around 1-2k of EU players will have to wait in queues for a few days and will stop playing (new Innova server) not to mention players who have not even started because they do not want to be in queue. I wonder if this is a deliberate operation of NCsoft or is anyone sabotaging these activities? L2 players are rather hermetic bunch and if someone even asks their friends whether to play on the NCWest-Classic will answer - NO. Opening servers now is just an extension of agony that will soon begin. You do it on purpose to make people buy VIP, you want to earn big money in a s
  12. Anyone can answer this questions?
  13. 1. If someone moves their starter pack, rune + 50% exp will be 30 days, or the remaining time left before moving to the new server? 2. The same potions and buffs from the Pack will be added as new or if someone used it will not have them on the new server? 3. If the Pack moves, will it have VIP3? 4. From the above statement @Hime, He is saying that they are able to compensate for purchased NCoin's right? So we can spend them again?
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