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  1. On Classic these mobs drop Proof of Bloods. Take drop rates with a big grain of salt as noone knows what rates are in NA, nothing is accurate in this mess of a server: - Krator (CT3) - 3% - Torfe (CT2) - 10% - Blood Queen (near LoA entrance) - 30% In the future updates also Varka mobs will drop PoBs but we don't have to worry about those for a longer while.
  2. It seemed like they fixed with with the last up of rates, but does not seem like that anymore. Whoever says farming lvl 18 spiders quest to sustain lvl 30-40 chars is okay and spoilers are not being thwarted by the game is... far from being reasonable in my eyes.
  3. Hello all! The Syndicate is an international, community based clan from Another Classic Server That Cannot Be Named Here that just started it's journey on Giran! Whilst original members remain on our original server, I started Giran Division with a goal in mind to spread the casual atmosphere but still aiming towards achieving clan skills, Clan Arenas, sieges and, ultimately our end goal - slaying Antharas. What we can offer: - 3% XP boost, 6% ASAP after we hit lvl 2 - fun atmosphere with weird people to ease off the hardcore grind - international cross-server community on Discord
  4. Just want to leave this here... Returned to L2 in the first week of 2018 out of nostalgia, craving some fun instances and party xp. Even poured some money to get decent gear so that I am even allowed to join K99 as DD. Now I am happy that this event hit us. Opened my eyes quite quickly where this game is and where it is heading. Pouring the money will never end, there's always another instance to which you need even better PvE equipment. Event stopped me in my traces after two weeks of false hope. For that, I thank you NCWest, for saving my wallet. Small tip for goodbye - ever heard
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