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  1. I didn't know what you fixed, but sure didn't fix people Attitudes. I couldn't even log into my normal spot, Bunch Aholes decided it was Fine to PK me on the spot, sec I logged in , I know QQQQ,,, But it's where I have my teleport set too, no reason to pk some one when they log into game. On different NOTE I was the Adult ,(Location EV south of where the swords dropped in game today) I Moved whole 5 feet away to new open spot, one buff round lvl5 I randomly die, over and over , nothing different than the last 2o plus days of playing in the same spot same party. same every thing, I cant p
  2. I am not one to brag , but yes 3 account no issues at all on one pc... no lag melee class just fine, If your in area that is high demand I am sure there's gona be some delay... so suck it up all you buttercups. learn to adapt...
  3. What problem requires them to rollback. this doesn't explain what the issue is. other than some one crying that there not getting what they paid for... sure would be nice to know what the issue really is.
  4. I wouldn't NEED to be in a party (Of my own) if I had same advantage as other classes with way over powered Skills at same level, Mystic Muse Used to be able to SOLO group mobs it's level, not have to spend thousand of dollars of gear weapons +10 to Xp in your own level range. Counting on other in this game is pointless.
  5. All idiots stop crying about the server stop spending your money on ncoin buy NEW computer I have no issues other than all you idiots crying....
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