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  1. I am just going to post this here, so we get back on topic. Stop trying to derail with nonsense.
  2. +1 to this, with only 2 servers now a dimensional siege seems kind of pointless.
  3. Entire Clan can't handle 1 mid gear tank, but was able to take Giran Castle and Dim Castle.
  4. Yeah, most people who feel they will lose an argument aren't interested in arguing. I get it.
  5. And it takes 10 minutes to search the entire map lol. 50% chance he finds them in 5 minutes. Seriously your making yourself and clan look pathetic. Stop it. He is a tank with average gear and you can't handle him. You have top gear guy.
  6. Dude, no one uses zoom hack lol. There is only 10 places to xp in lineage 2 at a certain level. It is ridiculously easy to find people. This isn't C5 running through 15 catacombs/necros =D The crying is insane. I don't care what anyone says, pvp is part of the game, if you don't like it get out.
  7. This is the game we have all been playing for 14 years. You don't need open wars to pvp, never have. If ncsoft wants to change the game and remove the ctrl key they can by all means. It is their game. But what are the players supposed to do at this point? Before we use CTRL ask ourselves if it is harassment first? If it is move on? lol I am really struggling to grasp this. How is lineage 2 intended to be played? What if someone flags on me, but then decides they want to pve instead. I attack them and kill them. Were they just harassed? will I get a 3 day ban? What is stopping a player fro
  8. Embarrasing for Ashura. If I were a GM I would be mad, these guys are flooding the petition system. The petition system was not intended to be abused like this.
  9. Hope someone disconnects after waiting 72 hours
  10. Mutch 4 hours ago: I started all this with 1 post! Mutch Now: What! Nova didn't start or cry about anything... we innocent little babies.
  11. Even by your own logic, you started it. Just stop and think for a moment. You had 100+ people all petition Truffle. I don't petition people though, never have. So don't worry about me.
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