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  1. Please fix Spezion Quest. This bug, unable to submit your quest.
  2. Happy Holidays from the Lineage II team!

    January Preview ???
  3. Yewels

    Hello, What yewels need for good tank?
  4. I did not get the purchased Ncoin. In vain I write a ticket with no response. 22627981 Ticket
  5. WTB +15 Dark Weapon!!!

    I bought
  6. WTB +15 Dark Weapon!!!

    Hi WTB +15 Dark Weapon for 80B or +16 Dark weapon 100B
  7. +15 dark weapon good?

    Molensa said this to me: D
  8. I have a question +15 Dark WEapon good weapon or only +12 and +16 good weapon? I've heard that at + 16 there are bonus stats. What are these if that is true?
  9. Heine Fishing Expedition Returns Wed, April 4

    Yes. Finally, I can pull the dual.:P:P
  10. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 28, 2018

    Secret Embryo Bait coupon event pls Need lvl up.
  11. Exalted 1 quest. 30 world chat quest (step up quest) not working, 30/30 and not done. Please fix it.
  12. WTB BAIT 10k for 15B

    WTB BAITS!!!!!!!!
  13. WTS +13 Dark Dual Dagger 3sa CHEAP!!!