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  1. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    TBH, were done here. Have been for a while. Server POPs are laughable, a few thousand, combined? Revenue is declining. Literally scamming simpletons to gain what revenue they can. There is almost nothing left of any L2 experience. Posts will get deleted. GMs/CMs either have no power to do any service, or refuse to do so. NC can stay in mobile gaming for all I care. There are better MMOs comming out soon (sub based non P2W). Been Real, but not real real, CS
  2. how to get adena

    Over 50% of America doesn't make a living wage. I mean, I suppose, you can go work in society to support your 14yo MMOrpg game. But if that is more efficient, what does that say about the game? What does that say about you? Crackheads also try to go to work to afford crack. Albeit usually unsuccessfully. I would only be salty if your an American. I really don't want my fellow countrymen to be as uneducated as to think and act the way you described. What would that say about our education system?
  3. how to get adena

    Exaclty! You can Farm L2 store to get gear to farm raids. Or, you can use the L2 store to get items to trade. Or, you can convert USD to Adena via the L2 store and use that to buy mats to craft and sell, maybe even OE first if you also used the L2 store to get a maphyr shirt +7.
  4. PSA on Automated Macros and PvP

    Fernie, As a player who has invested at least a decent amount of USD, how would you feel at the end of the day if the P2W gear was simply removed from the game? Alternately, how would you feel if the P2W gear was added to the game in a relatively (<- key word) easily obtainable fashion? I honestly don't know how you would reply, but I would imagine if you truly enjoyed L2, you and most other heavy spenders would rather see it return to a more balanced field simply for a more robust in game experience. Perhaps I am wrong, and the whales of the world truly don't enjoy competition in most scenarios in life. I just don't think that is the actual human condition, I believe that things are more rewarding and enjoyable when they are challenging and not just available to just anyone for purchase.
  5. Another soldier shot down by p2w mechanics.

    Gotta love people who claim to be able to achieve magical results, then back it up with comments like this. LOL. The answer is you do the quests in the L2 store. But you have to complete the pre-quest first where you give NC soft your money. At least then you can come on the forum and pretend your adena came from other in game quests/investments and such. Its always fun watching the lesser educated sheeple call others names like "stupid brains".
  6. Another soldier shot down by p2w mechanics.

    1. I am having some serious doubts you have played in the last 24 months. I think you missed the point. I am wondering, how you got the gear required to do AF. You are not going out there and doing anything at lvl 99 in AF, let alone without a good set of R99 gear that is full element and some OE on it. As I pointed out, you are not getting that gear from K99 or ANY field exp. I would assume you used the L2 store and converted some USD to adena to buy some R99 gear....best case scenario. 2. Oddly enough, you are a proponent of using the L2 store (literally giving money away to get a chance to pretend to own a virtual item that they legally retain all rights to), but feel the need to criticize how others want to spend their fictional currency on changing their toon as they see fit. Ignoring that and your thoughts on LUC, you are so hyperbolic with this example of yours its silly. The players have asked for the same drop rates as other regions, and all items to be available in game. Not 10000x private server settings, although I could make an argument for that. This is something I think you have invented. Unlike you, I will offer some examples of how this is working acceptably; L2 Korea, L2Japan, L2Russia... none of these servers have +40 armors nor NEAR the degree of a gap that we have between players here in Fail2 West. 3. FYI there is no real "CP" system. This is a player created style, and yes it works very well when everyone has the same mindset (all party use L2 store), the same availability and the same commitment. Solo players, via L2 store exclusive gear, DO go and achieve what 50 people in a clan working together cannot. Have you seen the videos of people soloing 105 field raids? I have watched non-major clans take several parties out to go and do this successfully. Hell, I have seen solo titans with over $20,000 in gear kill a big raid boss before 2 nova parties could dent it...and they were there first! 4. I have personal experience of doing the major raids 1-2x a week for almost 2 years straight, I led them personally. All of that time, I had the prestige pack with a drop rune that it comes with. The other members had at least that, and often the more expensive one as well. I will tell you this, you can outfit everyone in a tauti shirt (yayyyy almost as good as a +5 shiny shirt!). We received for our efforts, 1 Tauti ring, 1 ekimus belt, some misc R95 parts and lots and lots of monster appearance stones. Again , this is consistent farming for 2 years....with drop runes. Respond with as much BS as you want, you really sound like you don't/haven't played this game as it is. I am not making this stuff up. I have played since prelude. I have played with whales, I have played with FTP champs, most people I played with are in the middle. Its horrendous advice to tell someone at 99 to form a CP and go farm their R99 gear in AF. It is irresponsible of you to say normalizing our server rates would lead to some people getting GM gear (they rock +50 for fun). Its a really odd stance to take, I wonder now, do you work for NC soft? -CS
  7. Another soldier shot down by p2w mechanics.

    SO much of this is so wrong. I mean no great disrespect, but lets not be delusional here before this post gets deleted. You shouldn't need to do mental gymnastics to justify why you are enjoying a game. Why shouldn't a casual player expect to have as much fun as a hard core player? Your first misconception is writing so many, ever fewer actually, players off as "casual". What you mean is NON-WHALES or F2P. With this being at this point, a dying out cult classic of just a few hundred people left playing, there are few to no "casual players" running around. Insinuating that they should not qualify to have as much fun as the spenders, or WHALES, is a form of endorsing the F'ed up "haves and have nots" system NC soft has set up. Even that is not a good term as its more aptly the "weak minded and the non-tards". The lottery that we have in America is setup almost exactly this same way, although far less predatory. Now I will try to help out here; 1. People don't get upset at hitting lvl 99 and not having +10 gear. They get mad when they hit 100 or approach 101 and still have no way to fund a simple +3 R99 set with element. Spoiling would be an amazing solution to this, except they removed that from the game, along with drops. By all means please calculate how many K99s it would take to attempt to craft one part of an R99 armor. This alone makes me wonder if you have played in the last few years. You speak of things long gone, like spoils and drops. 2. Bumping adena drop rate only, would make things more expensive, but everyone would have the proportional amount of increased adena. Bumping the adena drop rate and adding back in the spoils and drops will make all gear more abundant. More gear + more adena + same amount of people....do a supply and demand curve, the costs of everything would drop. +6 sets would become more rare and +10 sets would become more prominent due to EAR scrolls also being more abundant from spoils and drops. This in and of itself helps balance the players, takes some cash away from the L2 store, and renders the services of many RMTs useless. Enchanting items above 16 does not get easier with increased drop rates. Actually, the enchanting success is not at all tied to drops. You would still need the same amount of base items to go that high, witch arguably would be easier to obtain, but still very difficult to go that high. Your being hyperbolic with this one all the way. 3. "Lineage 2 is about grind and progressing." <== Exactly this. This is NOT what L2 is about today. Grind all you want, you will not progress to where you want to go without getting items that are exclusive to the store. These amazing people who "dig into mechanics"?! They dug into thousands of USD at the store or another website. You are not right to say that some people, for any reason, do not deserve the same amount of fun and difficulty. A game should under NO circumstance be more difficult for people who do not have $20,000. There is a place for that, called college. What everyone who is sane wants, is a game where the difficulty is the SAME for everyone. Where the opportunity to get a shiny shirt, or some broach jewels, or a bleep cloak is the same for everyone playing. Not easy. I never said that, but the SAME. So that you understand me, I LOVE the 10k mob quest at 103. This is exactly what L2 should be like as far as difficulty goes. All of that is out the window when it comes to items that only exist if you pay for them. 4. You will go on to contradict yourself in a following paragraph where you imply a CP should be using the L2 store. Soo, how does your CP with "0" Ncoins ever spent look? How long would it take to get there? Tell me, how do you go about getting gear that only spawns from ye ol L2 store? Oh you gunna buy it from someone who bought it with cash? How can you value it when its a direct translation of cash for adena? So let me say it, you can't do sh1t with out the L2 store. You can work with a clan, make a +6 to +8 armor set, get 103+ and always wonder why you cant go solo/small group superion or GC lower or a new area. You can't do it without epic jewels, without broach jewels, without OE shirts, without 2 SAs on a full element +12 or more wep, without at least a bloody set, without giants crit if you wanna solo. Its about stacking dmg and element and defense. You need the gear to allow you to stack, that gear is not coming from mobs. -CS
  8. Monthly Cost of L2

    It is very possible that the base rate on sub R99 gear is 60%. This was the original base rate for armors and weps, and honestly I cant remember the last time I enchanted anything that was lower than R99. All of my testing shows base rate (of R99 gear) is about 50%, and with the +7 maphyr its 60%. I did not notice a lesser rate at higher enchants, however usually having a smaller volume to work with due to costs, can make it appear like worse odds. Also, my testing didn't show much or any benefit to the increased chance items in the L2 store. This is consistent with the L2 store never providing anything of worth, and serving only to separate you and your money.
  9. Member Berries

    I remember when you could improve your L2 character and get better by playing L2! You MEMBER?!
  10. Monthly Cost of L2

    Scam: A dishonest scheme It is at its very nature the text book definition of a scam. What is not dishonest about selling something like the cloaks? With all the advertising and marketing leading you to believe you could make one of these, especially when they are to be "enchanted". Other armors enchant with a base rate of 50%, and with luc and maphyr shirts these are easily doable. One is lead to believe they can enchant a cloak too! Why not! What is NOT advertised or even mentioned, is how very low the base rate of success is for these cloaks (compared to the other armors), while using the exact same enchanting system as other armors. That right there in and of itself is a dishonest scheme. The real scam however, is the pricing of these items in USD. Just to have this unknown super low chance to success, all the while dodging the fact that the fools buying these have been pre-conditioned through various means to act on impulses and past experiences enchanting armors with higher default success rates. Honestly, if NC west had offices in my state I would be pursuing legal processes to address this issue. The only reason this is possibly not criminal, is because this type of predatory behavior of gamer's is still a rather new type of financial defrauding. The other poster is right, EU is starting to focus on this issue, and ramping up the greed by companies that are supposed to peddle art and entertainment (not scams and in game achievements), will only help this process along. Enjoy it while it lasts, someday you will once again have to play the game to get gear and achievements in the game. Someday developers will once again have to create something enjoyable and entertaining, instead of being a parasite on other peoples past work. -CS
  11. Staying on theme, since it is January, I thought it would be nice if you could put together a well thought out "State of L2 Address" post. A lot has happened in the past several months, including a merger, an update, a few survey polls and several events, promos and fiasco's. It would be fun and informative to get your perspectives on how last year went in your view, and what you expect to try and do this year. I think its fair to say that this community is very interested and educated in all aspects of NC west as an organization that extends beyond just L2. I would even feel free to cover company finances and resource allocation if possible, as Yidao is going to link it several times this year anyways. I would just ask to be as detailed and informative as you can, no one likes vague meaningless posts... you know what I mean. -CS
  12. does it worth to start l2??

    Really speaks for itself. As GM Conguero has said : "If you ever come across a method of obtaining currency that feels exceptionally rewarding for the effort required, please don’t hesitate to submit a bug report in-game." No, there are not thousands of ways to farm adena. There are almost no ways to "farm" adena. They would prefer you just use the L2 store. It is exceptionally rewarding to them for you to do this.
  13. Nickname story

    or short for Charles Staccato
  14. Salvation - First Chapter Feedback

    Well, I'm jealous, our coffee sucks How bout bumping up (restoring) those drop rates? Or adding L2 store exclusives to the drop tables or town merchants? It's just that it feels like, because it is, these things keep coming up over and over and the sense we get is that you gloss over it, ignore it, or at the very best say you can't control the drops and exp. Followed by events where you control the drops and exp . Or say things like RMT control, when it negatively affects the community far worse than any RMT (that happens anyways completely unchecked) ever would. (I assume you've seen my math on the fishing scandal) I don't want to come across as a jerk, but I really want a game experience that is exceptionally rewarding. For me that is, I care not how rewarded NC feels.
  15. Monthly Cost of L2

    Up front or over time, to be a top tier PvE, we have documented players saying they spent a little over $20,000. Not that you cant be very good for just $5,000 - $10,000. For PvP, factor it by 2-10. A dragon wep alone will set you back several thousand, ask around there are a several that have purchased them. That will get you caught up to the other whales. Then you must maintain. With this power you can either self sustain by using your whale status to profit enough to buy billions worth of event items as the other fools try to convert promos into adena, or continue to P2W and roll around $1000 into each promo that has good or likely newer and better gear that you can only get in the L2 store. Please, don't forget to come back here and either tell us all how you did it without spending very much/anything, or that its completely reasonable and acceptable behavior to have done so in the first place. Depending how you justify it to yourself. PS- Are you really playing EDH, Standard AND Legacy MTG? Damn dude, that's one hellava collection you must have!