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  1. xCaim, I agree with your comments... it is "TRULY" unprofessional they way they run these servers. Besides what you have pointed out, they change the rules when ever they want to suit their needs.. i.e. the Restore policy for items that blow up..... How many times have they changed that? they have even changed it mid event (first time the Belts came out, they changed it mid event) Had a friend fail a +8 combine to +9 and the changed the policy while he requested the restore..so he lost the belt. The policy for restoring items has always been Vague, upto their interpretations, you nev
  2. yep massive DCing and server lag.
  3. Looks like people disconnected/crashed at Siege twice! massive crashes-- @Jujiare you looking into this?
  4. @JujiSeems like the SK's cubic is causing crashes to the error screen/bug report. We had our SK stop casting the cubic and the crashes stopped. Took us 4 days to figure it out. Please do some PC/QC with your launches, i feel like i'm playing open beta but no one listens.
  5. Again, you fail to "FIX" any real issues with the game. Before i go on the negative side, Pros- 1. the removal of the +10 jewel to make +4 boss jewels is a good addition. Plus the 100mil cost "NO FAIL COMBINE" to make it a lvl 4. 2. the PK system changes are a "step" in the right direction but you gave everyone a pass who have 600-700pks and basically cyber bullied their respective enemies for the past year. 3. The ability to share within the account A-grade Imprint equipment, Activation Armor (Imprint), Talisman of Fate, Dragon’s Belt, Gems, Talisman (of Speed, Ad
  6. yep it does, but they should fix it. Mobs should not spawn on walls. Where auto next target wont target it. Its been going on for 2yrs and they dont' fix it. Mobs in FoG, Mobs in WoA, Mobs in GC.....
  7. CLEARLY they don't care. The cloak event posted on the official site showed the live server cloak stats for classic, all last night. Looks like they finally noticed their mistake and corrected it.
  8. @xtinger, I agree with your comment about the re roll, Summoners are the flavor of l2Classic...nothing is better. I've seen it. look at the siege field and 90% are Summoners/Nukers ..with the majority being Summoner mains. Nothing like being a nuker, with more matk then regular nukers b/c of spirit sharing and how it scales. Need some class balancing... HammerForge
  9. @mixa, If i remember correctly you don't even play. So stop trolling the forums. Its a legitimate question. There is currently no way to tell when something has been restored. And since its part of the game, people should know if the item they bought is restorable.. It would add value in a way to the item
  10. @SheOrc, Beppler made a good post. He did have a frame of reference. So as you put it my whining, lecturing, scolding?? Served well as a basis for him to cut and paste and just make bullet points. I have yet see you post something constructive in agreement or disagreement. All you do is take cheap shots at me. Even Beppler didn't do that, and we don't always see eye to eye on things. Learn from him. @WhoDat, Same applies to you. Both you and sheorc aren't adding to the post. I know both of you in game. You have lots of experience and time playing Lineage 2.
  11. @WhoDat, Obviously you are two scared to post with your in game name and you didn't read my post correctly. Stop trying to derail the post with your insinuations, that have no bearing on what I posted about. Instead you should agree or disagree with the post, and add your 2 cents and opinions. This post is to point out things that need fixing with the game. Anyways the post will have a life of its own. Folks have been playing this version of the game for almost 2 full years now. I'm sure even you have some good points ...whoever you are. Hammerforge
  12. @Juji, @Hime Bare with me as I point out a few issues with L2 Classic. Classic turned out to be a bit different the most of us remembered. Skills were different i.e. Raging Force did not reduce HP when used, Frenzy did not scale when HP dropped below 60% or 30%, Soul Crystals vs Classic SA's (here did 30%HP go, Conversion, etc go), Summoners are the nuker and melee of choice (super OP, not a balanced class), No noble or subclass available so no way to buff NOBLE…every time you die you lose all your buffs (Noble buff was never added to the game, it was part of the Castle items you coul
  13. @Juji Checked tonight at 10:51 pm cst 29 August. In combat tried to learn a book..it lags/times out... waiting for reply. I then get out of combat, but learning the transform stays bugged. HammerForge
  14. @Juji Transformation seal books, when learning them, require you to be out of combat. If you are in combat they seem to lag.and time out... you get a message "waiting for reply" in the text chat. If you log in and out, and remain out of combat you can click the books non stop with no issues. This was the response from the GM support desk below: oh and they requested that I send video evidence of the issue..that will give /allow a higher probability that they will take action. .. Please do the following:1) Start the NC Launcher 2.02) Sign in with your account details.3) Scan
  15. @PhoenixMitra, Nice to see a moderator answered. There are no resetable EPICS in lineage. If you do Zaken the correct way inside his ship, he ports around but he is BOUND by the boundary of the ship, so he never resets. So when the developers put him outside the ship, they forgot to add the same mechanics as inside. There is no way that is working as intended. Thats more like we are too lazy to fix it. Hammer
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