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  1. Cake Fail

    @Juji and @Hime Well the winner was Qluencer from clan Zwycieski, The Farmers who control 80% of the Raid bosses on the server... wonder what they do with their loot. V/r Hf
  2. Cake Fail

    So far 56 mins for a cake that took 10 mins or less to kill. 3 CAKES have spawned and no FIOTI. NCSOFT, how many years have you been doing this? 15!!!!!! "Fifteen" freaking years, you have the experience from this event on live to learn from...but I guess if you can't learn any lesson from 15yrs of gaming, 1 year isn't going to make much difference. 15 years of uncontrolled botting, 15 years of crap random, 15 years of no live GMS (maybe its 13 /shrug can't remember the last time you had live GMS), 15 years of no balance within the classes… Happy 15th Anniversary NCFAIL! Love the game, just really don't think you guys even play your game, do you have any pride in it? From what I've seen you do not. HammerForge
  3. CAKE RAID on TI Lagged OUT

    Alright, Cake is dead. like 30 mins after it died originally. Seriously its been a long time since we've been lagged out like that. This event should be fun, not glitched. Please look into solutions for having almost the entire if not everyone on the server at this location spamming the "FORK." HammerForge
  4. NCSOFT, CAKE is dead, but is still there. NPC is not spawning and the cake is stuck up. Evening knocked off accounts. Need to fix this, can't have a cake in one spot for something the ENTIRE server is going to show up for. Please address the CAKE Raid and fix location, fix NPC spawn, Fix the LAG HammerForge