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  1. @xtinger, I agree with your comment about the re roll, Summoners are the flavor of l2Classic...nothing is better. I've seen it. look at the siege field and 90% are Summoners/Nukers ..with the majority being Summoner mains. Nothing like being a nuker, with more matk then regular nukers b/c of spirit sharing and how it scales. Need some class balancing... HammerForge
  2. Changes to restoration

    @mixa, If i remember correctly you don't even play. So stop trolling the forums. Its a legitimate question. There is currently no way to tell when something has been restored. And since its part of the game, people should know if the item they bought is restorable.. It would add value in a way to the item
  3. @SheOrc, Beppler made a good post. He did have a frame of reference. So as you put it my whining, lecturing, scolding?? Served well as a basis for him to cut and paste and just make bullet points. I have yet see you post something constructive in agreement or disagreement. All you do is take cheap shots at me. Even Beppler didn't do that, and we don't always see eye to eye on things. Learn from him. @WhoDat, Same applies to you. Both you and sheorc aren't adding to the post. I know both of you in game. You have lots of experience and time playing Lineage 2. Make posts that show your knowledge of the game, and how to improve it. I missed and didn't talk about Olympiad, Beppler did. I don't know everything but I do see the game from "my foxhole", my frame of reference. You guys have yours. So post your thoughts about improving the game. If the game is working perfectly then don't post. HammerForge
  4. @WhoDat, Obviously you are two scared to post with your in game name and you didn't read my post correctly. Stop trying to derail the post with your insinuations, that have no bearing on what I posted about. Instead you should agree or disagree with the post, and add your 2 cents and opinions. This post is to point out things that need fixing with the game. Anyways the post will have a life of its own. Folks have been playing this version of the game for almost 2 full years now. I'm sure even you have some good points ...whoever you are. Hammerforge
  5. @Juji, @Hime Bare with me as I point out a few issues with L2 Classic. Classic turned out to be a bit different the most of us remembered. Skills were different i.e. Raging Force did not reduce HP when used, Frenzy did not scale when HP dropped below 60% or 30%, Soul Crystals vs Classic SA's (here did 30%HP go, Conversion, etc go), Summoners are the nuker and melee of choice (super OP, not a balanced class), No noble or subclass available so no way to buff NOBLE…every time you die you lose all your buffs (Noble buff was never added to the game, it was part of the Castle items you could get from the Castle….but then you took all castles away except one …Giran). Raid boss jewelry statistics were diminished and the actual jewel was not the original l2 stats…the boss jewel were watered down, you needed 4 regular AQ rings to make what was still a slightly less than what I remember jewels being on the Live version (granted I have a Tauti Ring and a Ring of Creation..so couldn't compare). But you would think that since you need 4 to make a full ring, or 8 in the case of a lvl 4 AQ ring, that you would make the drop rate 100%. That would make killing the boss and equipping members something doable for an alliance of lets say 100 peeps more manageable and people wouldn't grow old waiting to get their epic jewelry. Instead the drop rate was maybe 20% for all boss jewels. One of the first implementation of NCSOFT tweaking drop rates to create an artificial scarcity, that would later be used to promote P2W sales that had Epic jewelry as possible rewards. The addition of cloths to unseal A and S grade for no apparent reason then to create more of a grind and "encourage" the player base to buy into some events that had cloths etc. Your Ancient Kingdom cloaks, their effects were watered down from live version… my +7 Elmore Cloak on live has 50% PVE damage for 2mins as opposed to 30% pve dmg for the same cloak… I will try to capture most, not all of what should be and can be fixed within the L2 Classic game. Constant changing of the game. One of the problems have been your constant changing of the GAME to include the Rewards received at certain levels. For instance, you used to receive Elemental Stones from a quest line that introduced you to every elemental zone and awarded Elemental Stones (Fire, Earth, Wind, Water); Used to receive all the chapter books 1-4 for achieving lvl 80-84 for the lvl 80 CODEXs; Castle Sieges…. There were a few of them, Oren, Dion, Giran, Aden… Changed and reduced to ONLY one castle. With the addition of the Kamael Patch you really did some negative changes to the game; You destroyed the cancel ability, Steal Divinity, , this allowed for countless hours of griefing epic bosses and regular bosses by Buffing the boss. We no longer had the ability to remove buffs. Epic raid bosses were made so that block wind walk, block shield, and some other debuffs would no longer land on them.. And to make things worse you Beefed up Baium's Aoe and Antharas pdef… Epic Baium and Antharas became undoable. 6 months Later we discovered we could do Baium by putting all support for the titan/gk/tank/Super summoners where Cherub Galaxia spawns and send only those classes up to hit Baium (while using debuffers to run in and run out (Stigma, Necro) Zaken was taken out of of his raid instance and spawns outside his boat. No issues but you allowed him to be resettable… who ever had aggro could pull him through the tunnels till he respawned at his spawn point with full health. This led to months of griefing on our server. People quit the game b/c of this issue…. He is the only resetable epic raid boss in the game (I have video of Baium being taken out of his floor but YOU supposedly fixed that../shrug) Removed the Cancel Target effect from the following skills-Stunshot, Bluff, Trick, Auraflash, ShieldBash, Shadow Step and a few others… Why would you remove these skills? Fishing- Changed from giving buffs and exp scrolls to I don't know what? Does anyone really fish on Classic. I can fish on live, but then again I use Fancy Fishing Rods. Removed the ability to see buffs and debuffs on raid bosses and Player characters- This is a detrimental change to the game. It has been brought up numerous times and has not been fixed Removed the names of Summoner pets. You have no idea the name of the PC who owns the pet. Kamikaze Incognito pets of death! The Auto hunting feature and repeating macro. The auto hunting and repeating macro system was introduced to L2 Classic after it started. The first system was like the one on live, but then you changed our auto hunting feature with the winter of war update. @Juji The auto hunting feature- What is the intent of this feature, was it meant to be used in a party situation- how do I heal?, or cure paralysis with auto reuse? There are very few spots that this is useable in Classic due to the small concentration of mob spawns, unlike on live where the density and grouping of mobs everywhere (like outside Aden castle, or blazing swamp) allow this autohunt feature to work well. The autohunting in my opinion is not really optimized for party hunting, and definitely not for DV, AL, TOI. Improve the AutoHunt feature- Add a targeting option for Chaotic Characters that targets them and THEIR red pets!!! Provide a tutorial for your autohunt feature. That would be a first, but yes please provide how to use it effectively. Adena and Item Drop Rate. One of the first and constant complaints from your player base has been about the adena and item drop rates. They have never been high enough to support a parties SPS/SoulShot farming. It has always proven more beneficial to hunt in lower lvl areas to farm more adena, as the higher lvl areas (Dragon Valley, Lair of Antharas, Imperial Tomb, and Now Tower of Insolence) do not provide an adequate adena and item drop rate for the difficulty and lvl of the mobs you fight. The risk vs reward is not there. EPIC Raid bosses. Their loot table was changed when you leveled them up to level 85. Their drop table removed cloths from Zaken and shrunk the loot table to about 4-5 items. You spend more in shots/sps to kill it then what drops. And you are supposed to share this with your clan/alliance. 1/4 loot share of nothing is nothing. Frintessa is your only Instanced raid boss, but can take 1 hr to 2 hrs to do. In the old days (orginal Lineage 2) in the 2nd room, the instance dropped arrows. These arrows were used to stop frintessa from doing certain songs/skills would help you do the event. I haven't seen them, not sure if its working as intended Antharas still undoable. Baium- Doable but only b/c of the setting up the healers and buffers below him (at Cherub Galaxia spawn point), don't forget to pull the angels down. I'm sure some of our players who are stacked and have reached lvl 87 or even 89 can do it in a more normal way, but his aoe dmg is still too wide and maintaining aggro by a tank has always been an issue. RECOMMENDATION- Since Frintessa is instanced, might as well make ALL the epic raid bosses Instanced. Why have one epic raid boss instanced and the other 3 aren't? Even though Antharas is still unkillable. Fix the debuffs so they land on EPICS and all high level raid bosses. Reduce Baium's Aoe range by about 300 range, its too wide since the kamael udpate. Adjust the loot table and the % drop for the epics. People want epics now, not in 2 years. Crafting packs- Fix them to include all materials and items needed to click the craft. Who ever heard of a crafting pack with just the key parts (13 blades) and the recipe. What about the S crystals, gems, and materials??? Class Balance. There is no balance between the classes. Almost everyone has re-rolled to a nuker or summoner. Nukers win over almost everyone except Summoners (which are NUKERs and Melee). Melee classes do not stand a chance in the current version of l2 classic. As a Titan, I can get two shot by a nuker. I'm lvl 84 and with decent gear. The removal of the cancel target skill from many melee type classes have not helped this at all. Currently there is nothing more OP then a Summoner. Leading with the Elemental Summoner. It’s the nuker of choice, the AOE'er of choice with the pet. I believe Pandalicious pointed out a bug for the summoner pet, where if the summoner has Navy Admiral Transform up (or any mythic/legendary transform that procs), it just resummons the pet and the pet reactivates the special proc of the Mythic/Legendary Transform. Recommendation- Fix make Zealot a skill we can use at 90% for both the GK and the Titan. Fix Frenzy to scale as HP drops. Fix cancel target to all the skills and classes you removed it during the Kamael update- Stun Shot, Bluff, Trick, Stun Blast, Switch, Aura Flash, Earthquake, Shield Charge, Shield Bash, Shadow Step. Summoners- add a reuse to their summons. Summoners should not be allowed to resummon a summon indefinitely when its stunned, slept, rooted. Unlike on live, Here on classic Summoners nukes keep leveling. Their nukes are not as powerful as a normal nuker but with spirit sharing, their matk and cast speed exceeds all normal nukers. Take a look at that and see if that’s what the intent is. Add a summon Cursed Bones to Necros so that they can summon it and not spend so much adena per shot when using Death Spike, or add it to the grocery store at 15-20 adena. Each. Tanks- improve their aggression. They can't keep aggro on raid bosses over damage dealers. Tank skill Shield Deflect Magic skill should last at least 15 secs. Grocery Store Items and Pona items- Recommendations. Add A gems and S gems to the grocery store, possibly add Cloths too now that they don’t' drop from Zaken and you further nerfed drops in DV, and the new Item Creation allows you to get unsealed items both A and S grade. Putting cloths in the store would allow people to unseal A and S grade items instead of crushing or throwing them in to the crafting points and gambling it away. Add Transformation extraction scrolls to Pona Add an option to turn in lower transform scrolls for the higher grade ones. Currently only way to get legendary/epic rares is through events. We want to enjoy the game and play it to the fullest. At certain levels maybe after lvl 80 or lvl 85 your dailies gives you partial book transformation sealbook fragments for the HIGH Grade random Seal Books. Daily Instances- Recommendations - ADD MORE Make Clan Arena a daily instance- Tweak as needed. This will help with leveling clan levels. Make Goldberg a daily instance- Add passes to do Goldberg like on Live for Kamalokas. Change the Tomb of Ancient Pirates- timed hunting area with great exp, drops, and adena. Make Elemental Bosses doable more than once a week. Tweak as you see fit. But would give clans more to do. Epic Elemental Bosses tweak their HP down a bit, or allow 1hr time limit like regular Elemental bosses have. Currently only way to get Chapter 4 books is by defeating epic elemental bosses. Ignis being the one most people would try. Tweak the Four Sepulchers difficulty level as well. Will allow more people to explore and have something else to do. But if EPIC elementals are not unbeatable by 96% of the server population, most won't bother with the Four Sepulchers. Hunting Zones Recommendations Elemental Zones and all hunting zones, improve mob density so that auto hunting stays within a certain area. Where did the Evolutionary Stones go? Add adena drops to Elemental Zones. Adjust adena and drop rates in all higher hunting areas adequate to their difficulty. Currently They are all sub par (Dragon Valley, Lair of Antharas, Imperial Tomb, Tower of Insolence). You currently reduced the drop rate of items in Antharas Lair and Dragon Valley with the latest patch. Revenge System- If I kill a red toon, he should not get a revenge on me. He was Chaotic. Reduce the amount of time you can be revenged. Cut it by 12hrs. Clan War System- Was broken before, didn't really do anything. If you were at war you still flagged when fighting it allowed for other people not flagged to get involved in the fight. Your changes are fine. The change made it so there is no clan war, just identify friend or foe…and everyone flags. Siege- Bring back the sieging of multiple castles- Original Lineage 2 had multiple castles to siege. L2 Classic did as well untill it was changed. Make sure people can only step on the siege field if they are signed. Add Noble buffs NPC to sieges, or add it to the game for people to use. Constant changing of your Restoration Policy I believe you have changed your item restoration policy at least 3 times since L2 Classic began. First year, I didn't even know one existed… Your latest change of your restoration policy came in between two P2W events. Where many people counted on the token restoration policy to attempt to level, lets say for arguments sake +8 dragon belts. They blew them up unaware of your latest change to the restoration policy, going on good faith with your policy. You've left many people upset and dissatisfied with your current changes. I'd recommend you honor the token restorations, as you made the changes mid P2W and did not warn your player base. P2W- Items/Sales of items Recommend you put items that people can buy if they want. Leave the Random Number Generator Loot boxes etc etc for the free to play… but allow for players to purchase "Guaranteed" items or scrolls to lvl them that DO NOT fail. For example. You could have sold the Talisman of Authority and the scrolls to guarantee it to a Noble Talisman of Authority. Then you could offer another pack of scrolls to take that Noble talisman to a radiant talisman for 2000 NCOIN (just an example). Same example applies to everything, your Aden/Ferios/Elmore/Elmoreden etc. I believe people will play your Heroic Circlet event, but you made it untradable and bound to your toon, I already played it a little bit and was dissapointed at the enchant rate, couldn't get it pass +3. Make most items tradable and if not tradeable shareable within the account. (will allow people to re-roll or try other toons when bored and still have the items they invested in). No one likes spending hundreds of dollars and have nothing to show for it. Over priced VIP Levels and Maintaining Currently it takes $1,012.50 United States Dollars to get to VIP 10. Then it takes $375.00 without tax to maintain the 30k points we lose every 30 days. The cost of getting to VIP 10 is a mortgage payment to some people, that’s the cost of 2.5 xboxes, or 2.5 nintendo switches. The cost of maintaining the VIP 10 is a car payment. I truly don't see normal people spending this kinda of money and justifying the expense. Recommend cutting the cost of VIP 10 by 400%.- that would be around 250-280.00 to get to VIP 10, and 100 to maintain (with taxes). Other options Cut it by 50% to get there, then add a monthly $15.00 subscription to maintain VIP 10 or don't charge points once you achieve vip levels. Recommend that the rewards for VIP 10 get switched out once of a month (from aden talisman to eva talisman, etc), like some people have mentioned (Pandalicious) L2 Classic is Marketed to all of North America, Central and South? Recommend if possible (I know mobile games have it), add an ingame translation ability to text chat in support for Spanish, Portuguese, and English. This would help with communications between your player base. No Ninja nerfs and patches, be fair to your player base! Announce all changes to the game. There should be no unannounced changes to the game. We are all adults, publish your changes. You've ninja changed bugs, drop rates, without adding them to your patch notes. But then there are times where you know something is wrong and you don't fix it : i.e. When you merged servers with Talking Island, everyone who came from the other server had their nom nom and yum yum candies, While the entirety of Talking Island players did not have this advantage. You removed Caravan Transformation from most players, but you left it on some others. So for 4 months some people had lost that transformation till you fixed it with the patch 2 weeks ago, but some other folks still had the Caravan transformation in their skills bar. @Juji These are my thoughts, my opinions and suggestions after being a LINEAGE 2 PLAYER SINCE OPEN BETA, I have a few more but I already went on too long. You've been at the helm of this game for a while, your knowledgeable, you've communicated openly with the community through the forum and through things like JUJI's lab, but what we need is more fixes to the current content, and soon, not fix it when most of the people have quit. We need more GM interactions to support the player base. Understand that this is a game, and it’s a business for you, but we can't throw our money away with your events and get nothing from them, we can't keep playing a game where the EULA is not enforced ( no harassment, sexual or otherwise, cyberbullying, pking for exp/hunting spots, items and extorting adena) to include enforcing it for the use of 3rd party software… OR change the EULA and allow 3rd party as your autohunting doesn't cut it, I hate to say it but botting seems to be ingrained in the Lineage 2 DNA. It is a slap in the face when you @Juji log in to the server and the number one botter (s) shout for you to ban the bots. It is ridiculous. I don't know if you can or will change anything that I've mentioned, but I needed to get it out there. Too many players don't bother posting on the forums b/c nothing ever happens, people stop reporting b/c nothing ever changes. I'd like to remind you of your Producers Letter - January 2019- You were engaged and excited about L2 Classic and Changes to Live server. But most of all was your last 2 paragraphs where you stated, "One of the most pressing concerns from the community is the topic of botting after the launch of Lineage II Classic last year. Since the launch, our security team so far has banned thousands of accounts… I would ask that players continue to be rigorous when submitting bot report tickets to our support team, so we can remove cheaters that have made attempts to bypass our detection methods. Lastly, we Truly appreciate all the feedback we received from players after the launch of Lineage II Classic. Your feedback was vital in helping our development team improve the game for the community and we hope that you will continue to send us feed back for the betterment of Lineage II. Sincerely, Jason "Juji" Lieberman- Lineage II Producer" These were your words that brought hope that you would have a bot free game, fast forward 21 months later…NCSOFT removed the XIGNCOD3, the bot report button in the action bar, and any successful "macro" group in high level areas is using 3rd party software as your auto hunting does not cut it with the difficulty level of the NPC/MOBs in these areas. 3rd party botting reports get the usual canned Customer Service response and nothing changes. They continue investigating and never let you know if they closed the investigation or at least let you know whether it was found or unfounded. Not sure how long I'll continue to play this version of Lineage 2, but if nothing changes then part of being an adult is knowing when enough is enough and that its time to move on to other things. Sincerely, HammerForge 102 Tyrr Titan- Chronos HammerForge 84 Titan- Talking Island
  6. Transformation Seal Books time out/lag when in combat

    @Juji Checked tonight at 10:51 pm cst 29 August. In combat tried to learn a book..it lags/times out... waiting for reply. I then get out of combat, but learning the transform stays bugged. HammerForge
  7. @Juji Transformation seal books, when learning them, require you to be out of combat. If you are in combat they seem to lag.and time out... you get a message "waiting for reply" in the text chat. If you log in and out, and remain out of combat you can click the books non stop with no issues. This was the response from the GM support desk below: oh and they requested that I send video evidence of the issue..that will give /allow a higher probability that they will take action. .. Please do the following:1) Start the NC Launcher 2.02) Sign in with your account details.3) Scan file4) Wait for the files to verify.5) Click on "Start Game"
  8. Zaken Epic raid boss still resetable.

    @PhoenixMitra, Nice to see a moderator answered. There are no resetable EPICS in lineage. If you do Zaken the correct way inside his ship, he ports around but he is BOUND by the boundary of the ship, so he never resets. So when the developers put him outside the ship, they forgot to add the same mechanics as inside. There is no way that is working as intended. Thats more like we are too lazy to fix it. Hammer
  9. Hey all, is this thread only for Live server or does it apply to l2 classic as well? if it doesn't apply to classic @Hime @Juji, Please add Suggestion Box to L2 classic . Thanks
  10. Auto Hunting Commands

    Hey all is there a thread or instruction guide provided by NCSOFT on the Autohunt feature? How to use it etc. Classic has had two systems, the one thats the same as live, and then the one that they "upgraded us to" but provided no instructions on how to use it.
  11. @Juji As late as last week, Zaken was still resetable. If he has lost any HP, once he is pulled he teleports back to his spawn spot and resets he is at FULL HP. This is an epic raid boss, its HP should not reset, it technically shouldn't be allowed to move that far. I've only seen Baium pulled out of his room before but even when BAIUM resets into his wall ... his life is right were it was before. thank you for your time.
  12. ATT: Juji, So I went through the your bug submissions and did not see one for the TOI doors. There were removed a while back ... but all that really happened was that they were turned invisible. Currently with the new update to TOI, i haven't gone to check. I'm sure you could. Thanks in advance.
  13. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    @Juji, Fixed an issue where the World Raid Bosses could be lured out of the boss area. Zaken world Boss can still be lured out and reset by aggro pulling it out of its area. Zaken resets at full HP as it has for the past 7-8 months. So what did you fix? Before the patch even Baium could be lured out of the 13th floor. HammerForge
  14. New Drop Table for Lv 85 Raids

    @Juji I've played l2 for quite a few years...and of course I came from Live server. I'm used to seeing crafting packs....no big deal... But what is the deal with Crafting Packs here on Classic? The Crafting pack ONLY has the 30% recipe and the key mat for that material... i.e. Saint Spear craft pack (1 x 30% recipe, 13 x Saint spear blades or whatever the actual amount is). you should call them 1/2 packs...b/c they ARE NOT crafting packs. A crafting pack on live has the recipe, key mats, all the sub mats to include the S gems/Rgems whatever.. its a Turn KEY pack. you find a dorf..open the box and click his craft. Done. What the #$@& is this crappy 1/2 pack of a crafting pack. Please look into this … it just doesn't make sense. Its been a big let down, just like the drops from epic raid bosses. HammerForge
  15. WTF is new lvl 86 in TI

    @Juji I had the same problem, I had a transform from the event, after maintenance it disappeared and I did not receive the transform book with the correct version for classic. Customer Service just ran in circles and now claims that all I had was the scroll transformation. Please look into this Juji, my ticket number is #23553969, and #2355830. HammerForge