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  1. @Juji Thanks for the response, So i currently have 330% exp boost. I remove my vital 3, it drops to 324%, i requip the vital 3 and it goes to 330%. Now i remove the 7 day vital 5, the boost remains at 330% and doesn't move. Now my passives show the 15% exp/sp and sayha grace -30% consumption. So the game recognizes it in the passives that i have it equipped but the line in the UI (bottom left) where the exp is shown .. i.e. EXP 32.6456% the boost line doesn't change when you equip it or remove it. v/r HammerForge
  2. @Juji Can your team check the bonus given from the vital 5. My exp boost does not move when I equip the lvl 5. It remains the same and it should move 30% points... Anyone else notice? HammerForge
  3. @Juji, So last time you provided us a cats eye it had both Matk/Patk... but now you've split the two into a RED and Blue cats eye (like live server). My assumption is that you'll introduce them to the jewel box of random jewels and then we can buy lots of random jewels to work on the specific RED or Blue jewel that we'd want. So its more of a money sink eventually. And I say its a money sink b/c ,both on live server and on Classic, there hasn't been an event or store option to buy just the jewel you want. So you cannot buy large quantities of the jewel you want to make yo
  4. As far as an anniversary event, it sucked for a server wide population (currently greatly diminished as mass exodus over the past year). But for Omega and its allies who were well organized it was great. They received every reward except 5, 3 that DidAllCould managed to get some hits in and get last hit on the Baium tower boss. They also lost 2 as they timed out and Baium disappeared (as the opposition attempted to run and keep Baium off the 14th floor) like i said in my first line, as a server event ... anniversary event ..pretty crappy. As a stand alone event , it definitel
  5. @Juji Instead of being helpful GMS seem to do everything in their power to not do anything, by giving "canned" scripted responses, specially when it comes to the restoration of items. I have not done a full on restore with my accounts as I've been waiting to do so, but now i wonder if 'll be able to as i keep reading in discord multiple people, more than 10 having issues with the restoration of items. Lets look at this example, I went on vacation and visited a real life friend who i also play lineage 2 with. I log on to my toons while at his place so we can play together.. s
  6. L2 Community, What do you need to do well in L2, you need gear, lvls, and buffs. to get the lvls you need gear, to get the gear you need adena (or ncoin, or gamble at the l2 events), to use it all you need buffs. party requires, wc, prophet, bd, sws, shilien elder, warlock. But you you don't promote grouping @JujiFolks make more experiance, adena (if in a zone that drops adena) soloing/duoing. Box the support and kick them ...so the solo person or duo makes all the experiance. There isn't much incentive to add people to parties... why require a bd, sws, pp, ol/wc ...
  7. @DukeGr, Valid points, appreciate your input. This was meant to have people talk. I don't expect everyone to agree. @Beppler- to each his own. But i don't see you on Leoz... ? not good enough to play it in that event. As always people will gear/tune the toon to take advantage of the current game mechanics and toons power (your GK is super OP), but anways.. 5mil to join the event hmmm possibility, but then you exclude lots of folks as well. Lag problem is game mechanics/server .. we've seen it with the CAKE event that the cancelled what like 2 years ago...everytime there
  8. @Juji, My perspective from talking island... So not sure if you have been following the Baium tower event but you should watch it. Things that don't make sense, Why can't go up as a group with your cp/or group. 500k for every time you port there-- (you leave to get songs/dances/buffs/kitty ..whatever) open pvp zone, You get picked off as you port to the last floor if you made it that high- doesn't matter if Baium has been killed already. Suggestions- as its a server wide event- no pvp allowed (not a very popular option by the winning side or some true l2
  9. xCaim, I agree with your comments... it is "TRULY" unprofessional they way they run these servers. Besides what you have pointed out, they change the rules when ever they want to suit their needs.. i.e. the Restore policy for items that blow up..... How many times have they changed that? they have even changed it mid event (first time the Belts came out, they changed it mid event) Had a friend fail a +8 combine to +9 and the changed the policy while he requested the restore..so he lost the belt. The policy for restoring items has always been Vague, upto their interpretations, you nev
  10. yep massive DCing and server lag.
  11. Looks like people disconnected/crashed at Siege twice! massive crashes-- @Jujiare you looking into this?
  12. @JujiSeems like the SK's cubic is causing crashes to the error screen/bug report. We had our SK stop casting the cubic and the crashes stopped. Took us 4 days to figure it out. Please do some PC/QC with your launches, i feel like i'm playing open beta but no one listens.
  13. Again, you fail to "FIX" any real issues with the game. Before i go on the negative side, Pros- 1. the removal of the +10 jewel to make +4 boss jewels is a good addition. Plus the 100mil cost "NO FAIL COMBINE" to make it a lvl 4. 2. the PK system changes are a "step" in the right direction but you gave everyone a pass who have 600-700pks and basically cyber bullied their respective enemies for the past year. 3. The ability to share within the account A-grade Imprint equipment, Activation Armor (Imprint), Talisman of Fate, Dragon’s Belt, Gems, Talisman (of Speed, Ad
  14. yep it does, but they should fix it. Mobs should not spawn on walls. Where auto next target wont target it. Its been going on for 2yrs and they dont' fix it. Mobs in FoG, Mobs in WoA, Mobs in GC.....
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