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  1. Great! There goes the ugly fish market!
  2. Please do not allow this game to devolve into a petition war in place of PVP. All we ask is that (((you))) be consistent with your rulings or action from case to case.
  3. Company is consistently NOT new player friendly or current "casual player" friendly with it's events and general gameplay. Player base continues to stagnate. "At least we have these whales" NCSoft's variable stances on things change from petition to petition. This finally affects a whale. NCWest shareholder's faces:
  4. Fantastic, Squash has always been my favorite event.
  5. Winona

    Roadmap 2018

    Any chance on the horn-rimmed glasses returning as a permanent item? These were last seen a few years ago as a vit-replenishing hair accessory during a school-themed event.
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