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  1. Because in 40+ lvl you can't be good solo player u must join some CP or clan. this game isn't created for solo players.
  2. Hi, i was interested how to make Lineage 2 work smooth. My PC is not bad but i want to make better for Lineage 2, because in Giran town i feel little fps drops and it really feels then i spin camera around, I want to play full game with maximized graphics. So who know what resources it use most? CPU, GPU or i need to do some special settings? My PC now: GPU: GTX 980; CPU: i5-7600K; RAM: 16GB, SSD
  3. this will be mobile or pc remake? I dont understand.
  4. No one know how to protect from bots, there isn't any protection. Today we don't have any mmo games where wont be bots.
  5. U hat CATPCHA because you been reported, so system don't cares you are bot or not if you get more reports you will have to enter CATPCHA. It's system not humans. I think if you fail latter you will be checked by GMs
  6. Any one can report you. ;D but you never be punished if you not using bot.
  7. Bye bye, boting is the old problem for Lineage 2. No one can defend from them .:) It's just impossible. Just developers can't admit it.
  8. Logic? Its F2P game first test it and if you want u can purchase it's your chose.
  9. Why everybody cry? It's game play it as it is. If you don't like just don't play. Simple? Why u need to cry here?
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