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  1. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    Because in 40+ lvl you can't be good solo player u must join some CP or clan. this game isn't created for solo players.
  2. How to make lineage 2 work smooth?

    How can i make more CPU power to one core?
  3. Hi, i was interested how to make Lineage 2 work smooth. My PC is not bad but i want to make better for Lineage 2, because in Giran town i feel little fps drops and it really feels then i spin camera around, I want to play full game with maximized graphics. So who know what resources it use most? CPU, GPU or i need to do some special settings? My PC now: GPU: GTX 980; CPU: i5-7600K; RAM: 16GB, SSD
  4. New trailers for Lineage 2M

    this will be mobile or pc remake? I dont understand.
  5. Bye bye BOTs I'm done

    No one know how to protect from bots, there isn't any protection. Today we don't have any mmo games where wont be bots.
  6. Doubt about bot reporting

    U hat CATPCHA because you been reported, so system don't cares you are bot or not if you get more reports you will have to enter CATPCHA. It's system not humans. I think if you fail latter you will be checked by GMs
  7. Doubt about bot reporting

    Any one can report you. ;D but you never be punished if you not using bot.
  8. Bye bye BOTs I'm done

    Bye bye, boting is the old problem for Lineage 2. No one can defend from them .:) It's just impossible. Just developers can't admit it.
  9. Everybody cry

    Logic? Its F2P game first test it and if you want u can purchase it's your chose.
  10. Everybody cry

    Why everybody cry? It's game play it as it is. If you don't like just don't play. Simple? Why u need to cry here?