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  1. Manner is a tricky subject especially for melees. I still use it but it can be very frustrating. The automation the game provides isnt very smart and you will go ahead and hit the mob even though someones ahead of you, with full knowledge that your about to pay your dmg and SS costs to his mob , after which you will stop and move on, so you just wasted SS helping them kill their mob due to your manners. It can get quite crazy when you come back from afk and find your char inside a pack of 5+ others all moving from the same mob to the same next mob, each time one guy hits first and
  2. I dont think its really in their control, this game version has been like this for years I think it must be intended feature Maybe I'm better asking if players know of any workaround to filter specific tabs.
  3. The rooms let you keep melee chars (or a party) together without wandering all over.
  4. It wont let you claim stuff out from mails unless your in a safe town, is very annoying.
  5. At lvl 46 you start getting 5 free sayhas (<75 version) per lvl from growth missions. So you really just need to leapfrog 40-46, which can happen with 1-2 decent magic lamp hits during the first lvl 40 transcendant. Especially if you go in with a gust activated before your sayha burns out, and the free 100% lamp flame from the lvl 40 quest. I've run multiple alts to lvl 40 to lvl up personal clan 5k fame, and always just jump right into transcendant after hitting 40. Some of them only get out at 43-45 , but others come out at lvl 49+ if you get lucky on the first lamps and
  6. As a free item Aden seems to be intended to allow F2P some competitivity, I assume thats why we cant use nccoin
  7. Dagger is just ultra gimped in essence, according to this class rankings from the eu version https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/673382/ Though they say its possible to ultra whale a dagger close to the top. ### I'd advise just to switch to less competitive mode on the dagger until the adjustments come , unless you really want to keep throwing money just to stay in the rankings. A 79 dagger is still a good achivement as is. Maybe instead throw a little at creating some longer term support structures for your dagger (from an easymode farm class alt or second acct healb
  8. I look at the 300k as buying 30 Sayha cookies, nominally sayhas are @50k per, so its 1.5m adena worth of sayhas for 300k if my maths correct.
  9. I joined for first time the other day, you just "request match" and its automatic you get in a waiting arena with 6 ppl, 3 red and 3 blue team, you can talk to middle npc to get a buff boost. When it starts its just all 3 vs 3 at same time, and is over fairly fast, either last one standing, or which side had more still standing when time is out. Think its about 60 sec per match. If the team wins it counts as a win for your score/record/mission.
  10. thats a shame you rushed in and died while I was typing up some guidance which we posted above at the exact same time almost... I did say to read up on it beforehand. You can reenter it for free same way after you die, but you need to talk to npc again to re activate your special aoe nukes to work...and the 10 mins will be counting down Not to worry you can run it again after reset today., meanwhile read about it and be prepared. ..also dont be afraid to ask for advice within game, use the & for general chat and say eg "how do i do this trans dungon?" , there are he
  11. In the bottom right screen button opens general menu, in the middle of that is "Special hunting zone" transendent dungon 40-49, costs 100g. But you need to know the basics before u try it. at least that you will need to spam your main nuke/skill that you got at lvl 20/40 using auto hunt with auto pickup off . Going in at lvl 41 will be difficult if your not prepared. Be buffed up with the atk scrolls, have potions setup to auto use, and manual potions rdy on your bar to click. Click on your auto hunt immediately after you talk to npc to begin, before the mobs charge you. And
  12. No theres a fast easy trick to get to about lvl 50. Use the transendent dungon after lvl 40 (once daily) to get from 40-45, once your 45, get the quest from aden priest to do a transendent dungon... then use the free dungon reset from the lvl 45 newbie kit reward, and do it again. Turn in to priest after, should get you to lvl 50 ish. (if you cant do it again , you can just wait till reset and do it the 2nd time) You should also have the magic flame (from giran quest priest) for 60 mins 100% magic lamp boost, make sure to use that and sayhas grace potions + sayhas gusts xp
  13. I know this is not ideal, but you can at least log into elcaida server now before the maint, get a new char there if you dont have already, and idle for 30 mins then claim the final attendence on it. I am doing it on mine right now. Thought might wanna wait till the last 60 min before maint just in case a last minute reprieve delay is announced. (Maybe later customer support later might help you xfer the doll , or the servers get merged and it becomes trabeable in the acct to xfer it.)
  14. The full contents of the premium kit ,each stage box 60-65-70-75 used to be listed with the launch delux pack contents, but thats been removed from the website, so not sure if theres any official link anymore. however: Its overall about 90 sayhas storms, 90 attack/defense scolls, 30 magic lamps , 100+? ss tickets , and at lvl 75 you also get 2 talismans of power and 20 scrolls to blow them up with. (Maybe was some other bits am not fully sure.) Value is similar to the same priced Sayhas starter kit which has 200 storms/ 200 exp boost scrolls, but only 20 magic lamp boosts
  15. Did you go thru the tower-like building structures to enter
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