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  1. wow usually immune to disconnects. But cant stay logged in since maint. reupping my prestige was a mistake.
  2. Popo or Luminous Popo? 3% or 5% more enchant?
  3. I miss selling CBP in Giran.
  4. It was funny watching all the high rollers talk of disconnects. 2.0, 3.0. I go to sleep afk xp. I wake up expecting a server shutdown. But there is my toon still beating on mobs. *Shrugs*
  5. Yes I noticed they were gone too. The love potions help, but they are infrequent compared to the herbs.
  6. opened all 100 for no specials. Way to keep hope alive. "When opening a pack, you receive a Scroll: Enchant Cloak - Legendary each time. There is a very small chance to instead receive a Stable Cloak Enchantment Scroll - Legendary." no stable scrolls.
  7. I did open the boxes. Because of that they did not refund. Sucks but understandable. Opening the box has a chance to get special scrolls. Someone devious could open them, swap out the special scrolls for base scrolls and attempt a refund. Does not make me any happier to have blown 9600 NCCoin. The scrolls from the pack only sell for 15m on Naia. So only 1.5b. or I could try to buy another 1-10 x75 pack and pray to hit +10. Either way it blows.
  8. Well I bought the wrong package. Thought I would get more scrolls and have more success with the Ultimate Legendary Scroll Pack. Not reading the fine print, the 100 scrolls are for Legendary Cloaks only(+10-19). Completely worthless as my 75 scroll pack got me to +3. Do I try to get support to refund the 9xxx NCCoin, or will they just say, you opened it, you bought it, sucks to be you. Do I hold on to the scrolls in hope the glut of scrolls goes away and can later sell them at a decent price and recoup some of the loss? I watch the market and they do not move fast, do n
  9. Or if you need the buffs, like the solo life, don't want to spend lots of real money, there is always prestige for $15/mes. You get decent adena to keep up with consumables, but not much more.
  10. I will rephrase that. I will not join random enchant, or open at your own risk RNG events anymore. I will pay for what I get in the NCStore, or Night Market style event. No more RNG. If it is my lot to hit a mob for 30 seconds for 0.0001% at least I know where I am and how long it will take me to get to the end.
  11. yup $250 in NCcoin blown. Ill stick to my prestige and call it good. NCWest never learned; shear the sheep, dont skin them. There is no logical and steady progression. No matter what you spend, its all gambling. Fool me once(or more times than I care to admit), shame on you NCWest. This game is supposed to be about PvP. yet 99% of the toons here could not compete at any level of PvP. So you have people grinding PvE until they get bored and quit.
  12. America, land of the Free To Pay games.
  13. The meals are both a XP boost as well as a damage boost which helps you kill faster and get more XP. @juji please extend the deletion of the meals an extra week.
  14. Yea, I wanted to make good use of this exp event. Purchased the Hero weapons. Quite underwhelming.
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