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  1. PC + Laptop can open 6 boxes?

    I could fish with an entire clan of 40!!!!! 😆😆 Would be funny to see at least 😋
  2. Remember buying a boat ticket to get from TI to Gludin because it saved money? Nobody gonna afford Gatekeeper!!
  3. You get excited with all of these xp/sp scrolls yet they simple serve to move you out of a good adena farming range...
  4. 9 boxes for everyone! The future is here!
  5. Warcryer vs Overlord?

    You have to play OL as it is meant to be played. For much of the game they are jacks of all trade but pretty bad overall. But when it comes to PVP clan vs clan they are worth their weight in gold. A good clan will party with you and help a shaman level up to OL But as they are leveling they will use someone else as the party's main buffer, dd, etc. If the clan has no aspirations for PVP, having an OL is almost pointless.
  6. I play on Aden and have not seen a queue yet. Perhaps it is due to the schedule I play, but I have not noticed any issues yet. Glad to play this game again NCSoft, GoD was too P2W gear based. Currently there is one "power item" in game and anyone can get it with effort and time. Which is the Clan Bracelet of Duty.
  7. Is VIP the same as Prestige subscription?

    Another quick question. Is VIP status conferred to every character on an account or only one character. The FAQ does not spell this out. And I'm at work so can't test myself. It will spell whether I can reroll or need a sex/name change. Poor planning on my part.
  8. What town do Humans start in?

    The first part was sarcasm. Of course humans start at Talking Island. The second part is not sarcasm. Asking why the other races villages don't have proper names...
  9. What town do Humans start in?

    Humans start in human village. Just like orc village, dwarf village, elf village and dark elf village. Come to think of it. This game is very racist vs non humans.
  10. Bot's and Multibox

    If you're not playing 3 computers and 9 accounts you just need to try harder.
  11. Bot's and Multibox

    You explained it better.
  12. Bot's and Multibox

    As all should know there is an action automatically placed in your hotkeys. It is the bot report key. Use it. If he is not there, he will get the bot debuff and probably die to mobs the video only shows that he has all the characters on a looped /target my enemy /Forceuse skill Ezpz