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  1. 1 hour ago, Zeeki said:

    Said the people from first wave that got free top D weapons. And how new players have to start without such events and market ruined by previous events?

    With that same logic, first wave players who get random lucky drops every day ruin it for new players that have to start the game without such lucky drops, so the game is ruined by first wave players who get lucky drops everyday?

  2. People are just lazy, entitled and want to be instantly rewarded. If nobody bought adena with real money then adena sellers wouldn't be a problem but this problem is evident in subscription models and free to play models too. There will always be cash cows in every server with a player economy and there will always be russians and brs who want to profit from RMT and 3rd party solfware. Atleast in a free to play model you're not forced pay to play and you can leave anytime u want.

  3. 12 minutes ago, Lawman said:

    I switched to Skelth last week and haven't encountered these problems yet.  I do agree the server is dead, at least at the lower levels, but Innova treats its players far better than NCWest.  So far, I like it there.  BTW, I haven't been griefed yet, but I'm only 43 and just joined a clan today.  I'd suggest it's certainly worth a try for folks who are unhappy here.  Yes, there is a subscription but it costs half what maintaining VIP4 does here.

    do the problems i listed don't exist because u haven't experienced them yet? yes or no

    yes we know innova server is dead that's why they're making discounts on their subscription, but for how long?

    is this subscription at innova optional and can i play without paying for a subscription? yes or no

    can i login and play without vip4 or vip 1 for that matter at ncwest servers? yes or no

  4. 11 minutes ago, fishman said:

    i prefere to just go into a field and kill the same mobs many times over quests any day, but only if i feel im getting rewarded for it, how this feels is that exp sucks, adena collection shocking , drops  few and far between... so i just feel like im waisting my time putting in many hours for no great reward apart from frustrasion, and reading the same " we sell adena" advert inboxed to me time and time again..


    its not fun.

    All im going to say is its not as bad if you group with people and more fun too.

  5. 13 minutes ago, Oeste said:

    Since they "fixed" the spider quest I am not sure it's a true adena source anymore, the other quest u can do is the orc quest where u get 5-6k as reward, but u need to roll an orc specifically for that one and it's boring... Once you have the right char for that one, it takes you more or less the same time the spider quest used to take to complete.


    9 minutes ago, fishman said:

    when i started the plains of dion farm i had over 400k,and thought to myself, this is going goood, i may have a decent weapon in a week or so, now im down to 120k and thats just from having to buy the shots and pots, i may have to get a 2nd account healer then so i can heal myself whilst auto attacking the ants and not use any SS, because i cant really stay in the plains anymore as not every mob is giving me adena, 

    The problem is u guys are heavily depending on QUESTS for adena and probably XP too. Most of those quest rewards are a side bonus, you're not supposed to earn adena from a quest to buy a full drop. Most of your income should come from trading and farming adena or XP with people rather than doing a quest solo.

  6. 11 minutes ago, fishman said:

    If im being forced to buy NC COIN  to buy shots its 60 coins for 1000 shots  , and £4 for 400 coins  , so with that i can get 6000 shots , which will last about 3 hours max,, in that 3 hours i will probally make 100k adenas max, for a D grade weapons its about 1.6 million adenas, so how much money do they want me to spend??   

    Then by the time ive spent a fortune from my wages on NG SHOTS i then gotta buy D shots which are more exspensive, then somehow try to save 6 million+ adenas for C grade weapons, and thats without even thinking about armours a jewls..   lol   whats the point in this??

    First of all nobody put a gun to ur head to buy NC coin. You chose this.

    Second there are many lucrative ways to save adena. I will not discuss them here, but like i said find people and make a party, find a clan and make a party. Look what classes people want in their clan or parties and play that class. Look what people buy and sell.

    Its a real problem to play this game solo especially as a new player.

    And most end game content is not achievable solo, like Raids, Castles, etc.

  7. Why don't we adjust the game to your NEEDS for a lack of a better term? as opposed to you adjusting to the game like everyone is doing right? Lets make the game so easy that when u login u only have to click one button and you're good to go. 

    There's many other options out there where games are not so time consuming, either deal with it or don't.

  8. 17 minutes ago, Oeste said:

    Again this lame comment: FREE TO PLAY does not automatically give you an entitlement to everything the game has to offer, FTP does not mean you will have the same chances and the same this a paying customer will have. The game is indeed totally free to play, but free to play does not mean free end game items, free hero status, free... w/e, but it's free and it's real, you can go on killing elpys for years if you want but you will never take Aden castle that way... so no, F2P does not mean you are entitled to everything.

    Can i login the game without being forced to pay a subscription to login? yes or no?

    The problem is credit card warriors like yourself are entitled babies who don't know the meaning of hard work. If the game is too hard for you, play another game like Lineage 2 revolution or Diablo mobile.

  9. 11 minutes ago, Izual said:

    I totally understand the logic in what u are doing... The economy has to be low in order of a long term f2p server.

    But i think the worst mistake you did was boosting low level areas in the first weeks. I guess you did that to prevent players from mass fleeping.


    Now you really have 2 options either turn the server back to what it was in day 1 or go serverwide same rates as pre 40 areas (x0.7% i guess) and release new areas faster than it was scheduled... 

    But seriously take that decision fast before you have real mass flees...

    I personally vote option 1 and true hardcore with low pop


    I agree with this solution, turn the server back to what it was in day 1.

    You should have NEVER boosted low level areas in the first weeks because now people have another reason to complain!

  10. @Hime

    Can you please make ingame surveys?

    30 people complaining on the forums about adena/drop/spoil does NOT reffect the whole population!

    If people want to finish the game in 1 month they have L2 Mobile or L2 Live.

    If you make this game easy the hardcore players will leave, if you make it too hard the casuals will leave. 

    You marketed this game as a hardcore experience and at its heart this is not a casual game.

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