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  1. Fair and Justice

    Creating a new account to "attack" your enemies is lame imo.. You could use your main forum account to express your opinion.. Accounts with 1 post asking for the harsh punishment of other players are not to be taken seriously.. And in my opinion again, the penalty applied to the ones who exploited the bug was fair because they lost the advantage they obtained through the exploit... If they do it again then a ban would be more fair..
  2. +1 to this... The artifact boxes should contain artifact fragments.. These are needed for obtaining artifacts in any case which is the reason of this event... We have ptw events for every of the numerous items in this game... We've learned to live with this.. But having different events for the same items' category makes no sense and its completely unfair.. @Hime @Juji I understand your model is about milking your customers but at least make it seem more fair..
  3. You're just a typical example of the bad l2 community.. If you wait for such an event to invite your friend to your party, then you most likely don't have any friends.. If you want to help your friend, you do that no matter what, you don't expect an event for "helping" your friends...
  4. Ok just don't hold your breath for it..
  5. Did 16th Anniversary Boxes Stop Dropping?

    There are some areas which are bugged, meaning they aren't dropping the boxes although they should according to the event description.. Juji has added these areas in the list of the update's bugs and this issue will be hopefully resolved during the next maintenance on Wednesday..
  6. I agree with you that the game has become a joke with incredibly high prices.. However, you are wrong to say that a +16 weapon is not good... The only bad thing about this weapon is that it isn't available for European players...This is another joke of our beloved company.. If they don't want European players or they don't have a license for Europe, why they don't just block them? Because EUROs are sweet.. However, what i understood over the last 6 years i play here is that they are not going to change anything and they will keep getting more and more aggressive in marketing as long as their pockets are full.. The only way for this to stop is if people stop paying...
  7. No spots to farm..

    There should be places for parties/groups and places for solo.. I don't think FOS was meant to be a party area..
  8. No spots to farm..

    Have you ever thought why half of the areas you mentioned are full and crowded and the rest are just empty? I call that bad design or a design that wasn't meant for here.. Silent valley is an 105 area btw..
  9. No spots to farm..

    That's correct.. It makes no sense to have the worst service and the most insane prices.. Bottom line is that maybe except from Juji, they don't give a @#@ for players here.. They will soon promote extra-greater jewels when 95% of ppl don't even have lvl. 5 jewels... This doesn't make sense..
  10. No spots to farm..

    Ok thx man.. Lizardmen looks a bit better indeed..
  11. No spots to farm..

    isle of prayer is not feasible for a mage.. The mobs have resists there.. This place is isolated as it can be only farmed by daggers and maybe a few tyrrs.. The mobs in breka stronghold are far from each other so again not a good spot for mage.. It's a 113 zone but i will get half the xp there of what i get in FoS.. The bad thing is that in DEV's logic, its better to nerf FoS than do anything else.. We've seen that many times in the past..
  12. Shilien Soul Crystal Price

    The best part of this event is that upon failure to upgrade you receive a fragment that you can sell for 1.5m adena... Come on NC guys, you can keep your 1.5m... Stop mocking us...
  13. The current design of farm zones is obviously made for other regions, for players with much better equipment and higher levels.. Is really the management of our server so blind that they cannot see that we need more areas for levels 108-110 and no or less zones for 119 levels? We have at least 3 zones for 119 levels and especially after the update, NOONE can go there... On the other hand places like Fields of Silence (FoS) are so crowded that you cannot even find a spot to stay.. And even if you do, you will lose it in 1-2 minutes if you decide to go to town or something.. In addition, the next available zone for 110 levels which is Mahum doesn't really deliver in terms of xp and drops.. It's the same or maybe even worse than FoS.. It sometimes feels like we are the beggars who are just getting what garbage is being thrown to us by the "DEV", we pay the highest prices from all L2 regions and at the end noone is listening.. I mean its getting more and more boring and impossible every day to play here... Pay 200 dollars to get nothing and then pray to get a decent spot to farm..
  14. They didn't say anything about 3 clients per IP... That's just your guess and is likely wrong