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  1. No mate, you lost the point of this thread and came to talk about something else... You are wrong here, as well as your example, and attacking ppl for no reason.. There is no chance for Djokovic to lost by a guy with a boosted racket because there are rules in tennis and any player who doesn't respect the rules is disqualified.. This has nothing to do with pay to win.. As a matter of fact, someone has to pay huge amounts for training and equipment in order to reach the top in tennis... So there is certainly a pay2win element there.. What you say is like telling me that all the top football clubs do not play fair, because they spent huge amounts for their players.. This is wrong and this is the way it is for anyone as long as they abide by the rules.. Although i don't like the pay2win element as it works in L2 now, you should understand the difference with what Liti said in this thread..
  2. My understanding is that fair play has nothing to do with pay2win... Fair play doesn't mean that all will be equally strong in the game or that someone who doesn't spend real money will be able to beat someone who has purchased all the items in the server.. Fair play means that there are rules which should be respected by all and when these are not respected by some, then the company has the means to enforce the rules.. When the company clearly states in the T&C that buying adena from third parties is prohibited but allows bots openly advertise in-game a real website/company that sells adena, there is something obviously wrong here and fair play goes out of the window.. As i said in another thread, any company has legal means to turn against other companies when there is such an obvious offence like this, but here they don't.. I can certainly make many assumptions why this happens but the certain thing is that a company that does nothing to enforce its own rules, is a company that doesn't respect itself and certainly doesn't respect its players/customers, at least the legit ones...
  3. Very well said.. Apart from the fact that only 1 in a 1000 gets "lucky" through these events and the rest just take minimal rewards, mostly garbage, for their investment, i can't really understand the situation with the adena sellers... How can a company tolerate the adena sellers logging into its own game and advertise websites for adena selling, is really a mystery for me.. They could certainly use legal means to shut down the advertised site but they don't.. The only reasonable answer to this is that the company earns from these adena sellers and something really illegal seems to take place here.. Of course i don't expect any official answer about this anymore.. As a matter of fact, i have come to terms with the realization that this is a company that acts as a real scammer and just trying to protect myself like everyone should do..
  4. Yes as it is now, you will need another PC or a VM for more than 3 clients.. You also seem to ignore the party matching window.. You don't just wait in parnassus for someone to invite you... If you look at the bottom bar of the L2 client in-game, you will see a button called party matching.. Press this and a list with all available parties will appear.. Then you can find a party that suits you and double click to enter the room.. An invitation will then come from the party owner (or not)... I hope this helps..
  5. And i do find funny that you still believe a PC can run 5 L2 clients but cannot run virtual software.. I can also play with 7 clients but i am not that selfish to think only about myself and leave other people who just want to play with 1 character, waiting in queues, lagging or not able to complete quests because of the huge bot armies..
  6. As these people from "top clans" explained more than once, if new players need more than 3 accounts, they can use another PC, or if they cannot afford a second PC, they can use virtual machine software which is free.. What is so hard to understand here? This restriction will certainly limit unnecessary boxes, and most probably if performance improves they will allow some more clients.. In addition, if by new players, you also mean "free" players, its time for them to understand that equipment, medium and above, cannot be obtained without NCStore.. It's better to understand now than later in any case... If they hope that by logging 20 chars in the game they will get good equipment, they better learn that this is not gonna happen... At least not in the next 5 years.. I can't say that i agree with all these insane prices in the L2Store but this is a reality.. It makes more sense to me to ask for lower prices than to ask for no prices at all or to ask for unlimited boxing..
  7. Adena from Prestige Rune

    Yes thx all for your answers.. In any case i think my point remains that the description of the item is a bit misleading since it only increases "your share" of adena drop..
  8. According to the description of Prestige Rune, it increases the drop rate of adena by 300%.. Well, i've noticed today that this is not true when you are in a party and the others do not have a prestige rune too... It's easy to check now with the double adena event (which is quite good by the way)... When i am farming solo, i get 30k-50k adena per mob.. When i invite my ISS to the party who doesn't have a prestige rune, the amount is reduced to approximately 15k - 30k per mob (the sum of what both toons obtain ofc).. I can easily prove that with a video... @Juji Could you please check this and confirm that is indented please? To me that's a false advertisement... The rune doesn't say that it increases adena by 300% when all party members have it.. I understand that this is not top priority for you but please check.. Thank you
  9. Adena from Prestige Rune

    Yes it makes sense this way.. But these ain't really simple maths.. I just forgot how maths work in this game.. In simple maths, the adena from mob should be tripled and shared between me and my iss, we should share the 30k as per your example.. As it is the total amount shared is 20k... Any way thanks for clarifying that..
  10. Adena from Prestige Rune

    My question is different and doesn't have to do with gears and best combo for farming.. btw nothing can compare to a stacked up feoh or archer currently in the game... My kill rate and gear are not bad.. Thx anyway..
  11. Lineage install HOW??

    Have you tried inserting North America in the area selection?
  12. Lineage install HOW??

    You should choose North America on the Area Selection field on the launcher.. Even if you live in Europe or wherever you should select North America.. I guess that should be the problem..
  13. I agree.. It would be better to just pay a monthly fee and have everything you need in game.. I just have to add that the monthly fee and the in-game grinding should be reasonable, not like today.. However, watching the way things go lately, i find extremely optimistic this to happen..
  14. My eyes are bleeding after reading about this new event.. With a rough calculation, I understand that you need 590 Bottle of Luminous God's Soul + 1 secret book and several other items to obtain 1 gran kain necklace stage 1.. For this you will need at least 12 x Hardin's Magical Bag (x50) , which cost ~ 1,100 USD... Provided that there will be a low chance to obtain a bottle from the bag, of course you will need much more than 12 packs, probably something like 120 packs, having in mind that you will get around 5 bottles in every 50 bags.. So the total amount for obtaining 590 bottles will be ~11,000 USD... And of course, there is only a chance for obtaining the necklace.. So you might give 11k USD and you can end with no jewel... I don't know but it seems that these prices are blown out of proportions, even for this paytopay game... Or someone is just joking with us.. Or i hope that my math are wrong...
  15. New God Accessory Event

    That's maybe the cost if you upgrade successfully on all stages.. You forgot to calculate the fails that will inevitably occur because there is a random chance.. In any case, if that would keep players on the servers it could be good, but i don't think that's the case any more..
  16. New God Accessory Event

    For the calculation i did the assumption that only NCCoins will be used and that 5 bottles can be obtained every 50 bags.. If someone has opened 50 bags, he/she can enlighten us about the actual amount obtained.. However, i don't think it will be much different... And this amount, even if it is the half of it something like 5k, it's not for a top pvp item.. It's just for a stage 1 necklace which is actually the equivalent or a bit better than a blessed valakas one.. For the top item, someone should reach at least stage 3, which shall be done with triple the amount and the chance mentioned... So for reaching stage 3, someone would roughly need 3 times the amount of stage 1 and should be more than lucky to achieve with the company's chances.. This is to me the most expensive item ever, even compared with the brooch jewels which were already insanely expensive.. And i know that people are spending thousands of dollars in the game.. But even these people will say enough is enough at some point.. Noone likes to be scammed or milked like this... We should all step back and understand that this is a game, and games are to be fun, not cash deposits..
  17. New God Accessory Event

    Yes we can crystalize 2 valakas necklaces to have a chance to obtain a gran kain one... And we all know how the chances work with Korean random.. This company has a strange sense of humor...
  18. Cursed swords profit or....

    +1 Apparently they are exceptionally rewarding only for a few selected players and the rest of the community will gain nothing, so i think that's the logic behind it.. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer (and pk'ed if they don't like it)..
  19. Insane prices

    Over the last months we have been watching the "Company" offering a few free for all events.. This was probably a result of the feedback which the "Company" was receiving from the players, but most of all i believe was a result of the diminishing community of this game.. There were 5-6 servers up and running 4-5 years ago, while there are only 2 now plus the classic servers which after an initial success, have already started to follow the same trend.. Even Naia and Cronos have roughly half the population they had 2-3 years ago.. Despite these free events, the "Company" hasn't changed its policy... They keep requesting huge amounts of real money for the valuable stuff in game.. And not only that, the prices are being increased instead of dropping.. This new brooch event for example is the most expensive i can remember... You have to pay $200 for 150 random jewels.. With the abysmal rates used by the "Company" for upgrading jewels, somebody would need about 5 such packs to just have a small chance to get a lvl. 5 jewel... I don't even dare to calculate how many real money someone will need to get a 6-slot brooch and the price of a rare one looks like a joke.. Prices for new weapons and armors, also look insane to me.. So i have a question and i hope somebody from the "Company" responds at some point: Is your intention to make this game available to rich people who can spend thousands of dollars each month or you believe that the players should be satisfied by being 1-shot and should just killing elpy's ignoring all of the end game? I believe it's a legit question and although sounds rhetoric, i think it needs to be addressed... Thanks
  20. Iss

    Yeah whatever.. Trukken came in this thread, added and corrected my post but he didn't say that i had no clue.. You did twice.. And you're telling me that "i don't know nothing"? Maybe you also know nothing about English.. Should i tell you this or go on with my life?
  21. Iss

    I wasn't insulted but i don't like the attitude "I know everything and the others have no clue".. I've spotted the 2 most important differences between the 2 ISS.. A new player doesn't really need to know about dominator's PVP skills, because PVP is only for big whales now and has no meaning until someone reaches lvl. 105 at least.. Maybe you should also try to learn first before you criticize others... That's all
  22. Iss

    If you want it for pve only, go for doomcryer without a doubt.. Chant of Bison is a nice skill although you get it on 101 lvl.. Dominator's clan buffs are the same level and not more powerful than doomcryer's, they can just be given to the whole clan.. @Wintex just relax a bit dude.. If the skills you've mentioned really made a difference in PVP, there would be a bunch of dominators running around in sieges, oly etc.. However, i haven't seen more than 1-2... Even if i was wrong, i came here to help and not start bs and insult anybody..
  23. Iss

    iss dominator can buff all the clan, while doomcryer can only buff his party.. Doomcryer gets chant of bison at 101 lvl while dominator doesn't.. Other than that i don't think any other differences exist, at least important..
  24. Insane prices

    No mate, no response received and thank you for pumping this post up.. This discussion has been opened many times in the past, i know.. And they haven't only removed the old forum, they have also recently removed the old events.. So that noone can see that the prices are getting higher and higher... The way it goes, they will soon ask directly for kidneys.. Joking here Have a good day!
  25. Disappointing

    Unfortunately as i also said in another thread, currently someone has to spend approx. $1000 to just have a SMALL chance for a lvl. 5 jewel... And of course everyone knows that only the needed jewels should be kept and the rest should be sold.. And of course a lvl. 5 jewel is just a drop in the ocean compared to all the other stuff that one has to have in order to be just a bit competitive.. If this isn't insane then i am in the wrong game (rhetorical again)...