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  1. Insane prices

    As you yourself are saying, the other regions are more balanced although they also have a store there.. So the problem is not the store but the prices in the store...
  2. Insane prices

    Hi to you too. The numbers usually tell the truth yes, but this is for the actual numbers, not some "guesstimates"... Unless you have some connection with the finance of NCSoft, i don't think your numbers are correct.. There aren't 200 ppl spending a thousand per month based on what i see on Naia.. I would say there are about 10-20 ppl spending a lot, and another ~10 which are making a lot of money from the game itself.. Most people are average spenders and there are also some which don't spend anything... And as per the MD, it really depends.. Other would care for quick cash grabbing and bonus and other would care for survivability.. If you ask me, i would like to have a big customer base spending average amounts than being dependent on a few whales.. I didn't ask for fairness and ok life is not fair very often, however i am asking about what do the "Company" think about their prices..
  3. Insane prices

    Yes i've said it myself in my first post, that my question sounds rhetoric, however it still stands since i want an official view on that.. I agree that people who are paying huge amounts indirectly contribute to a company's policy but it's the responsibility of the "Company" to set the policy or explain to us their view on this.. And in my opinion, L2 Store wouldn't be a problem if the prices in there were not insane.. We all work for a living or doing something to get a benefit and people who produce, support, develop and create the content of this nice game should also be paid for their jobs.. It wouldn't be possible for them to get paid if everyone was getting the game for free... But i repeat again, there is a difference in paying for something than giving a fortune for something..
  4. Insane prices

    Why you are saying that i wanted pay to win, could you explain? Your second sentence shows that you want it to be over..
  5. +1 to all here It really makes no sense for someone to increase inventory slots when the cap for changing to dual class remains the same.. This seems like an omission from the developers because i don't want to think that the company's preference is to annoy and make even the change of class hard for its customers... Only dwarves have a higher limit as far as i know..
  6. Does anyone know whether elemental shirts' enchant is safe up to +3? I cannot remember...
  7. Enchanting Elemental Shirts

    So i can go with normal enchants up to +3, right? Thanks!
  8. Who needs the new skills when he/she can purchase NCoins and new scrolls that cannot be used? You're all too greedy.. We are now entering the next phase.. freetopay and paytowin now officially become paytopay... joy is in paying...
  9. Promos Items. Stop this PLEASE

    I will just copy some text i found in an article on the net: "Microtransactions... they were once considered as a great way to extend a game's replay value beyond the initial purchase. Gamers were excited about extra story content and additional multiplayer accessories. However, some games took this concept and turned it into pure evil. " I believe the last sentence describes best what's happening here.. Constantly creating new content and put that behind pay walls as high as thousands of EUROs is imho unethical... The situation here would make even the most brutal casino owners feel embarrassed.. Adding to this, casinos follow strict age restrictions... Here there are no age restrictions, and although from my experience the game is not any more played by young people, this is again unethical.. The Company has closed 3-4 servers in the last 3 years but tries to reconcile with more and more aggressive and expensive promos.. Recipe for destruction? Time will show...
  10. Of course it's your right to spend your money in any way you like... Absolutely.. However i think we should agree that this doesn't look like free2play.. We are not even talking about micro transactions here.. We are talking about "mega" transactions..
  11. 35 packs cost 1750 EUROs... That's way higher than the amount that most of the players would be able or would like to spend for a game.. The question in place is not whether one can get something good after spending this amount of money.. The question is whether we could get something good with an amount of money that makes sense, something like 50 - 100 euros per month.. And if not obtain something good, at least obtain something which could be of use and not collect dust in the warehouse... And since you want to support this outrageous, in my opinion, business model, please go on and tell us how many pantheon soul crystals you've obtained after spending 1750 EUROs..
  12. Hey Foto I think we are saying the same thing more or less..
  13. I don't mean any disrespect to you but we all know that in this game, fortune smiles only to someone that spends more than 500 euros per event.. If someone spends less than this amount, the most someone can get is EAR, BEAR, Pantheon soul crystals etc.. In short, items that could be available through normal hunting and then he/she should spend weeks or months with online shop for getting some mediocre benefit.. Ok, there is also a probability to get something good with less money, but this equals to someone earning the lottery in his country.. And i believe that most of the time earning a lottery is easier and cheaper.. Thank you for reading this.. Regards
  14. 250 Pouches Test

    I wouldn't call that random to be honest.. In fact, i believe there is nothing random in casino like algorithms and business.. btw your link is not working, at least for me..
  15. 250 Pouches Test

    You are not gonna get any real data from NC... As per the facts, if you watch the videos you will see that no dragon shirt appeared after opening 250 (first link) and 500 (second link).. Now you can do the math yourself.. And by the way thanks for the videos guys... You saved us from throwing our money in the most expensive one sided casino ever... In short, you need about 500 pouches in order to get 7 dragon breath... This means you will need approximately 1500 pouches (1500 euros) to get just a +0 second stage dragon shirt.. That's a good joke NC..
  16. NCWest XP Requirements

    Personally i know nothing lol.. But if what you say above is true, and your first comment ever was: then yes sir you fulfill all the requirements of being a troll..
  17. NCWest XP Requirements

    I totally agree with what you say here, and i would really like to see more free events as well as lower prices.. I have also criticized the very high prices for items on the L2 Store, in the past.. However, my comment was solely referring to the alleged nerfing of XP after the update and the way that some people (not all of course) spread misinformation by mistake or on purpose, although things have been repeatedly answered.. This is something i don't like and obviously creates negative instead of positive effects to all the community..
  18. NCWest XP Requirements

    But the community manager responded 3 times in this thread and the third one was even supported with specific XP numbers.. This is clearly not a case of silence, right? The fact that you can't or you don't want to believe him or the other players that stated the same, it's clearly not a case of them being silent about it.. So running to the conclusion that we don't have equal rights with other territories is not so valid, at least in this case.. And in any case, community managers have stated that it is a different business model in each territory so comparisons cannot be easily made... It seems that you want to argue here just for the sake of it.. I can understand that and won't argue about it, although i have a slightly different opinion about L2 Support.. I have nothing personal against you of course..
  19. NCWest XP Requirements

    The forum has become dead because all you can find here is people whining, and spreading negative energy.. The community manager has replied to you more than twice that there is no change in XP rates but you continue blabbering here with the same "conspiracy" theories to no avail.. After this great event, with a lot of free items and a huge increase in XP, you just come here to whine and spread misinformation... You disrespected the rules so there is no reason to wonder why you got banned... Every self respecting admin would do the same and i agree 100% with that.. We all know that L2 has become a very expensive game but you should understand that this is a "take it or leave it" situation.. You are free to go play elsewhere, go live your life the way you want it, but in any case by whining for everything you win nothing.. You just discourage other players and NC from having some constructive dialogues in this forum..
  20. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    My opinion is that there are some positive aspects in this new event.. Of course the top reward is way too expensive but at least you know the exact amount that you have to pay to obtain this.. On the same hand, what i saw last night in Aden market, is a ton of cheap jewels.. Jewels that can be probably purchased by new players or players who haven't or don't want to sell their car/house in order to play a game.. What will happen remains to be seen..
  21. What i said has nothing to do with the censorship applied by countries line N.Korea or Turkey.. I talked about blocking specific IPs from specific companies.. If the policies of a company are against the laws of a country, the country has certainly the right and the means to blacklist and block this company.. And this blocking will be performed on an ISP level, meaning that noone will be able to access the site/service of this company within the country.. This blocking is also almost impossible to circumvent, since even if you use VPN services to hide your country of origin, you will not be able to use your bank card to purchase since this will have been issued by banking institutes of a country that has blacklisted the company itself.. The only way i can think of is using VPN service and having a bank account in a country where these services are not blocked.. This is exactly what happened with online betting sites in many countries in Europe, when the governments decided to legislate online gaming/gambling... I am not saying i would like to have L2 blocked in my country.. I would prefer NC to minimize their money grabbing policies and offer some visibility to the players..
  22. It seems like it started.. If another 2-3 big players from Europe like France, Germany etc. follow, there will be no way back.. And yes European countries can block IPs without an issue.. This has been done in the past with a vast number of online betting sites.. If companies do not abide by one country's law they are easily blacklisted.. Hopefully, if it goes there, the companies will change their policies and not close their games..
  23. I totally agree with Argus.. The only solution to this craziness is for the prices to be significantly reduced.. Otherwise, we will continue to have these 5-10 ppl exploiting the game and its economy in their favor as well as pixel items with prices of thousands of EUROs!!! Now about the first post of having all items in the store all the time.. Well i think that if that was possible, NC would have put all the items in the Store..I strongly believe that they are not doing that with the aim to evade or better avoid taxes.. Promotional event is different than a Selling event.. Donations are different from purchases.. A permanent sale is different than a promo event.. Hasn't anyone wondered why we don't pay any VAT (tax)?? As far as i know there are no product sales that should be VAT exempt, even digital downloads.. NC is well aware that the legal framework about online games is outdated in most of the countries across the world.. And it's obvious that they do good use of it..
  24. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    Well this is my first comment on the new forums but I would like very much to express my opinion on this.. There are some terms that need to be changed in this game: - Lineage 2 should be now called Millionaires 2. This has been also said in the past but becomes more and more apparent. A game that was never meant to be mainstream has now become a game only for big wallets. And by big i mean big. - Free to play should now have the meaning of "offer a kidney for a questionable outcome". - Pay to Win should now have the meaning of "Just pay and then pay more". Nobody should feel like winning when he has to pay such amounts every 2-3 weeks. The "Love" free event created some expectations for me. It felt like somebody actually read the forums and tried to change things.. All these hopes were shattered in less than a week. Of course a lot of ppl will buy, but it's also certain that other people will just quit.. This might facilitate the upcoming merging.. Only a server will remain at the end.. A whales' server that is..