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  1. On 12/22/2020 at 2:48 PM, Slycutter said:

    odds of a payout and winning big are two different things.  Yes you can put a dollar in and win a quarter back.  You still win didn't you?  Casinos would not function if it wasn't a profit making factory.  Think of it this way you start with $100.00 bucks and you pull the leverl 100 times but after 2 hours you lost all your money but won 91 times.... Still won 91 times?

    NCsoft guarantees you win on every box, 100% payout, so how is it any different that respect?

    All legal casinos are obliged to post the payout for each game on the slot machines.. The RDFM rule applies here (read the manual)...

    Payout is a percentage of the money that will be returned to players for an x amount.. 90% payout means that for 100 dollars, 90 will be returned to players and not that you will win in 90% of the spins.. Ofc 90% doesn't also mean that every player will win 90 dollars for his 100 dollars.. It means that at the end of the month the casino will have returned 90% of all the cash in.. If we are talking about millions, you can understand that 10% profit is too much...

    I agree with OP that chances should be posted by NC.. However, i cannot help to think that spending so much money without visibility certainly helps the company to continue with their policy, since it is so effective..

    And on the other hand, this randomness and this difficulty to obtain top items with crazy spending seems like it's a protection for the not rich players, which is actually the 99% of the players in here.. I am not judging anyone for the ways that he/she desired to spend his money, but this is my opinion on a public forum..

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  2. 19 hours ago, Hyunkel said:

    Hi everyone,

    Please contact Customer Support regarding this issue. They should be able to help you.


    So you remove them from the store without notice (according to event details they should be available until 2/12) and then ask from the players who were fast enough to purchase them to talk to support in oder to get the correct ones...

    You treat us like @$% once more...

    Most of the time i feel robbed by the company itseld in this game..

  3. 5 hours ago, voo said:

    and my friends all 1 k a month spenders

    Typical arrogant comment from a representative of the most arrogant class on the servers... Most of you rerolled to an archer just to be OP.. Many of you behaved like you own the whole map.. We know you know.. Now you claim you weren't OP.. What's wrong with you guys?

    I didn't want to take part in these threads but i cannot tolerate arrogance... Where were you when all the rest of the classes were nerfed?? Where were you when mages were nerfed, when the wynns got nerfed, when sayhas and so many other classes got nerfed?? You were just laughing i guess..

    And btw if you really spent 1k per month, where is your problem? You can reach top critical rate in a month again... Oh don't tell me... You are doing it for the community??.... laugh...

    Bottomline is that we are all "dancing" on the company's rhythm, but 1k per month obviously helped them to follow that path..

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  4. 1 hour ago, Degus said:

    my last post, look at a roulette wheel, 50% chance red, 50% chance black, then theirs that 1 green which represents the tiny percent that makes odds just under/over 50%

    In a roulete, casino has no preference, in both cases some will lose and some will win.. In the case of the OP you have 2 possible outcomes, where 1 is like a jackpot and the other is like a fail..

    These events have nothing to do with a roulette, its more like a slot where an algorithm decides the outcome.. No physical rules apply..

    Everything works as planned in a casino and you can never beat them.. You may win once but you will lose 50 times.. And yes authorities do check casinos and there is nothing illegal there.. The probabilities work in the billions.. If you can't try 5 billion times, it's "your fault"... This is how RNG works and it's quite legal in casinos..

    Take a slot machine for an example, where payout is 90%... You think you will win 9 out of 10 times? You are wrong... You may lose 500 dollars just for fun and the next one may win with just 2 dollars.. Illegal? No, just casino practice..

    And believe me i am not taking out of my ass about this..

  5. 2 hours ago, Degus said:

    correct me if I'm wrong, aren't we talking about percents here?  remember, 50/50?  you know what ya get when ya divide your out comes by total the test number?   you get a %!!!!    that was 1st grade math, you'll get it next year.  Do your own study man, roll a die and call odds or evens, do then 50 times, then come back here.  wth are you talkin average for?  if your average  is much higher (or lower) , then you need to re-look the 50/50 just like OP said.  these are tests you can try at home kids, the earth is not flat.

    What you and other ppl are saying is correct on the physical world or when tossing a coin..

    However, RNG is not working according to the physical laws.. In gambling aka RNG, you could have huge discrepancies in the results, meaning you could have lot of failed consecutive attempts and then lot of succeses.. What matters is that at the end of a cycle, which could be even a billion of attempts, the nominal percentage is reached..

    I am not in any way defending NC or saying that this is what they actually do or they should do, because i don't know.. I am just saying what really happens with RNG/gambling products and to me as a player this is how the events in l2 seem to be working like...

    My opinion is that this is a game and shouldn't be a casino and more importantly a very expensive one.. I mean there are events here where you can gamble with 500 dollars and get nothing.. This is as close to a scam as it can be if you ask me, and despite that there are ppl who do try.. Add to that, that casinos are being audited and monitored by authorities so more or less they do follow some rules, which is obviously not the case here..

    And by the way, there has been some improvement in prices and events over the last few months, but there is much more room for more imo...

  6. I agree with that but there are 2 facts to consider:

    - They are not being audited or certified by any third party or regulatory body so they can claim everything without consequences and without anybody being able to verify their claims.

    - Even if the odds are correct, i.e. 50-50, high risk events or odds for expensive items are made in such a way in gambling products that in order to reach the actual percentage, the sample should be as big as billions of attempts..

    The best thing to happen for us players, is the gambling regulations to be extended, so that loot boxes' games like l2 are put under strict supervision by authorities, like the rest of the gambling is.. This has been discussed many times in the past here..

  7. 1 minute ago, aussielisaa said:

    would it help if i made two more accounts and play with them as well of try find a groups?

    Most people have at least 3 accounts for various reasons, so that would be a good idea to make an iss and a tank or maybe a healer for support..

    However, i think you should also try to join some parties cause that may help you understand better how the game mechanics work..

  8. I don't fully agree with OP..

    In some cases, i need to go to town for 5-10 minutes to perform some basic staff and when i get back i don't want someone else to have already taken my spot..

    In other cases, where people leave the spot for hours and expect that by leaving a box there with "spot taken" title, others should not take the spot, then i agree with OP..

  9. The issue with the inventory still remains... The inventory change implemented with the latest update didn't fix this issue.. It seems that the developers DO NOT UNDERSTAND the issue..

    I will try to make it clear once more...

    I have 152 available slots on my inventory... HOWEVER I NEED TO HAVE NO MORE THAN 95 (95/152) OCCUPIED IN ORDER TO CHANGE CLASS (from main to dual and vice versa)... If i have 96 items in my inventory I CANNOT CHANGE..

    What's the reason to have 152 available slots when basic funtions do not work if i occupy more than 95...

    It really is a nightmare when i need to change class..

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  10. The issue still remains... The inventory change implemented with the latest update didn't fix this issue.. It seems that the developers DO NOT UNDERSTAND the issue..

    I will try to make it clear once more...

    I have 152 available slots on my inventory... HOWEVER I NEED TO HAVE NO MORE THAN 95 (95/152) OCCUPIED IN ORDER TO CHANGE CLASS (from main to dual and vice versa)... If i have 96 items in my inventory I CANNOT CHANGE..

    What's the reason to have 152 available slots when basic funtions do not work if i occupy more than 95...

    It really is a nightmare when i need to change class..

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  11. Customers: We need more areas for 107-111 lvls.. The ones we have are crowded while we have a lot of 115-120 areas which are empty..

    Company: OK... We will nerf 107-111 areas and create some more for 116 lvls...

    Customers: We need more ways to make adena from farming.. Good items are extremely rare and expensive...

    Company: OK... We hear you... We will nerf adena more, make bosses so nobody can kill and ah... yes we will nerf even Venusta box... 3m was too much...

    Customers: The odds for enchanting items are close to impossible... The prices are insane..

    Company: OK.. We have the solution.. We will create some more expensive L2 store events...


    Quiz: Find the Company..

    I mean come on guys, this company's logo should be next to the definition of FAIL in dictionaries..

    They would come 2nd in an one-man race...

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  12. 12 hours ago, GroupCaster said:

    To be Fair to all, GM should reconsider their option  

    1.  Permaban Castle Leader that knowing it was Violation to Code of Conduct #18. 

    1. Follower should get 3/7 days due to following orders from the Castle Leader.                                                                                                                                                                           

    It has been said many of times. It is really unfair that this a cycle and it is injustices. Wyvern, Jump Skill and Teleport Books. What's next Wynn's summoning skills, Sagittarius Agathion Charm.



    Greetings Adventurers,  

    It has come to our attention that many players have been exploiting inaccessible locations of the game. These locations have been used to create unfair advantages not intended by the game.  

    We will be adjusting a few game systems to prevent further abuse due to these terrain exploits. Using game exploits is a violation of our Rules of Conduct. Any players found exploiting the game by any means will result in actions taken against their account(s). If you have any inaccessible spots in your My Teleport bookmarks, please remove them.  

    Thank you for your cooperation 


    Hope this is not a duplicate post

    Creating a new account to "attack" your enemies is lame imo.. You could use your main forum account to express your opinion.. Accounts with 1 post asking for the harsh punishment of other players are not to be taken seriously..

    And in my opinion again, the penalty applied to the ones who exploited the bug was fair because they lost the advantage they obtained through the exploit... If they do it again then a ban would be more fair..

  13. 16 minutes ago, profarm said:

    Does the artifact box contain artifact fragments ?

    +1 to this...

    The artifact boxes should contain artifact fragments.. These are needed for obtaining artifacts in any case which is the reason of this event...

    We have ptw events for every of the numerous items in this game... We've learned to live with this.. But having different events for the same items' category makes no sense and its completely unfair..

    @Hime @Juji I understand your model is about milking your customers but at least make it seem more fair.. 

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  14. 36 minutes ago, OldSchool- said:

    listen, what's the sense to keep a box or keep a friend that will be more strong, more active, more equipped than a nub box ?!


    Listen, in any situation you can make some way not conventional (like to keep a box in pt), but you have to THINK for the mass and the BENEFITS for all if are superior than this stupid ways that you mentioned.





    You're just a typical example of the bad l2 community..

    If you wait for such an event to invite your friend to your party, then you most likely don't have any friends.. 

    If you want to help your friend, you do that no matter what, you don't expect an event for "helping" your friends...


  15. I agree with you that the game has become a joke with incredibly high prices.. However, you are wrong to say that a +16 weapon is not good... The only bad thing about this weapon is that it isn't available for European players...This is another joke of our beloved company.. If they don't want European players or they don't have a license for Europe, why they don't just block them? Because EUROs are sweet..

    However, what i understood over the last 6 years i play here is that they are not going to change anything and they will keep getting more and more aggressive in marketing as long as their pockets are full.. 

    The only way for this to stop is if people stop paying...

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  16. 17 hours ago, OldSchool- said:

    the problem is that u dont want a party, coz u reduce exp per mobs to others and u dont need with a great gears!


    Staff have to keep in mind that need to INVOLVE ppl to make cheap stay into a PARTY. 


    this is an MMORPG. 



    There should be places for parties/groups and places for solo.. I don't think FOS was meant to be a party area..

  17. 6 hours ago, Neesir said:

    Oh cmon guys, stop the whinning, for 108-110 you have Silent Valley, Fields of Silence, Forest of Mirrors, Isle of Prayer, Aligator Island, Plains of the Lizardman and im sure there are more...

    Have you ever thought why half of the areas you mentioned are full and crowded and the rest are just empty? I call that bad design or a design that wasn't meant for here..

    Silent valley is an 105 area btw..

  18. 4 hours ago, NejJim said:

    My estimation about gear and lvl is..

    We getting the updates pretty close to eachother nowdays.. since server was way behind.

    Causing the lvl and gear should be made never got the time between updates. The gear (and lvl) could of course be "bought"... 

    Meaning... invest ALOT to get highend so you can farm at the places that could actually benefit for your upgrades. Even though it's been possible in other regions, prices here are really blood draining :P

    There is a logical reason why the 99% of adena sellers sell on Chronos and Naia.. this is where the market for buyers are :(

    That's correct..

    It makes no sense to have the worst service and the most insane prices..

    Bottom line is that maybe except from Juji, they don't give a @#@ for players here.. They will soon promote extra-greater jewels when 95% of ppl don't even have lvl. 5 jewels... This doesn't make sense..

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  19. 16 minutes ago, mixa said:

    Try Isle of Prayers or Breka Stronghold.If you`re close to 110 you should really go IoP, its good there and not very crowded.If you`re under 110, even Tanor or Ivory works great.

    isle of prayer is not feasible for a mage.. The mobs have resists there.. This place is isolated as it can be only farmed by daggers and maybe a few tyrrs..

    The mobs in breka stronghold are far from each other so again not a good spot for mage.. It's a 113 zone but i will get half the xp there of what i get in FoS..

    The bad thing is that in DEV's logic, its better to nerf FoS than do anything else.. We've seen that many times in the past..


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