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  1. There is no limit in how many secret keys you can receive if you farm those instance zones?
  2. Well, if we start believing what the description says on items then I wouldn't have wasted billions on attribute artifacts that dont stack. So If I use a gem energy on lvl 4 and it fails I get lvl 1 ruby?
  3. Ermm.. I can use gem energy on lvl 4 gem to try and make it to lvl 5? I don't need same lvl of gem? Where is this explained in game?
  4. Wrong forum I think, and also players should be used to these tactics by now.
  5. I think it's clear that those with adena are screwing everyone else, as they buy up anything that is in demand for that day and relist for higher prices. Personally I don't mind too much as I would do the same thing, but all its doing is just delaying peoples progress as I think people are panicking less and just stopped giving a F in general.
  6. Wrong parts inside that pack, or do I have to upgrade the mafterwards?
  7. Can anyone explain the procedure for crafting it? First I need to craft that mark of abundance, but I need talismans like slaughter, morale, war... how do I get these? THx
  8. So it's safe to assume that mammogeddon pack has not been changed? Gives wrong talismans.
  9. Nice one, avoid! Are they tradable though?
  10. So you have to spend adena on extra warehouse space, I think. Dawn bracelet has been sitting there nicely for many years, I'm sure I will need it someday! +5000 weight
  11. Whole event was a joke, after yesterdays hunt, I ended up with +4 accessory lol, used it for 12 hours and now its gone poof! Wicked
  12. Come on NCWest we need dawn! I need like 60 to try and progress with my equipment but I refuse to pay those prices, so I guess we returners/newbs be stuck in 105lvl zones until you do smth about it. And why you didn't add cocktails to the royal feast pack? Kind of useless without buffs that... Add consumables box to the store for like 3 bucks. That box lasts me a week, so I would need 4 of those a month, thats another 12 bucks for you guys.
  13. Honestly its bad, seems like crits are working different or p crit dmg isnt working how it was, shame red libra gone..
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