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  1. I'm gonna go with The Scavenger, as its the only boss I killed!
  2. THis video will feed me for the rest of the week.
  3. IT is the end for me, I came back after 2 years playing csgo, just to see whats going on. Heine fishing event helped get my lvl up which I thought was great, then I needed new equipment so I spent some money on the monster research event to get me some jewels and now this cloak event... Since I saw this was not the first time this event was running I thought it wouldn't cost much to make a +10 cloak just to get an augment, as I figured if they are advertising skills for +20 on these cloaks, I Thought surely it cant be that hard to get something decent, so I got 75 ancient cloak scrolls and I c
  4. Most of server should've been banned by now, so dont get your hopes up.
  5. They just play without talking jeez, what bot?
  6. Wednesday probably.
  7. Yes I'm upset, where is my compensation? Do pets take adena automatically now?
  8. MAybe make petition asking to ban ncsoft as they wont let their customers enjoy the game "fully". I'll definitely sign.
  9. I dont understand, it says for 160 money you have a chance of receiving a legendary cloak???? Give me the odds or I'd rather go on actual casino and walk away with real cash????
  10. Well said, its pretty hard to find party at night.
  11. bit off topic but anyone know if i can compound those jewels from that faction with normal ones from people?
  12. PimpMyBow


    Ofc, xmas is coming! but i think next week
  13. at least let us buy PC Vitality!
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