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  1. I wish we as Lineage 2 Classic Community had a voice in all this. Classic aint Live and Live aint Classic. The Lineage 2 Classic Community aint the same as it was with Live. They won't step into this Pay2Win trap again. I refuse to re-live LIVE Servers all over again. That is in the past for me now. I'd rather would have spend my NCoins purchasing a 30-day XP/SP Rune (200%) with all the additional VIP Adena & Drop settings enabled above Rank 4, then this Pay2Win Dragon Pendants. Next Step: QA, Core and Orfen Epics from Event Boxes? Again, I'd rather would have spend my NCoins pur
  2. Its true that the Game Mechanic allows the Ketra's vs Varka's (Captain/Commander types) fight eachother in this place.
  3. It works as intended. Each Command Channel can claim loot rights on only one raid boss each time. The CC loot rights: The CC did not hit the raid boss over 15 minutes (Claim Resets); The CC claims the loot rights on a 2nd raid boss when first is still alive (Claim Lost); The CC drops below 27 players (Claim Lost); The CC disbands (Claim Lost); The CC defeated the last raid boss hit by CC (Claim Resets); The CC or party of 1-26 players hit before any other CC (Claim Lost). The CC loot rights only work on the last raid boss hitted by the CC. All other
  4. I agree that it should be changed back to Classic server settings and not Live server settings. It should have been the Command Channel/Party that does the most damage, picks up the loot. NOT the one who does the first hit.
  5. You guys are such a comedians. There is nothing casual about your group or to be proud of. Some of us know you from Classic EU and had experience with you first hand. We already know your group don't come play here for the fun. You all play here, because L2 is your business. Yes I agree, the EXP rates are easy compared to Skelth. Especially for players like your group when most of you got multiple drivers playing your Accounts 24/7 all day long. So just keep farming Antharas Lair for now, and move on, because there is nothing legit to see in this Topic. It should have been eassier to start Top
  6. Launcher does not load at all after you enter your account credentials and click on the Login button. It instantly stops working, while giving a Locked account popup seconds later. I noticed world shouts in-game that it is not just us experiencing it since maintenance concluded.
  7. I used my PayPal on 3 different Accounts without any problems sofar after all this time. Since the 30 minutes emergency maintenance concluded a few of my friends got their Accounts Locked, not Banned. The Launcher instantly stops when you try to log into the Account when typing just the e-mails. We are confused what just happened after todays emergency maintenance with some of the Accounts. Can someone please look into it?
  8. [Data Error] Could not connect to the update server. Please restart the Launcher. E01005 NIC updater.nclauncher.ncsoft.com_17231940 ______________________________________________________________________ E02010 RGIU_G4/17231940 ______________________________________________________________________ E01004 GSID LINEAGE2_12_17231940 I got a ton of different errors every minute I try to restart the Launcher. Also as said website Master login is having huge delays/errors aswell.
  9. This Topic is going nowhere while stating old rules and old facts. We are living in the present and not in the past. You already admitted the facts that lead against the EULA of Lineage 2. In order to play 6 accounts simultaneously by clicking a single button on your mouse or keyboard on one of the Clients/PC. It means you have programmed Third Party Software, outside the Lineage 2 client to automate gameplay in the other 5 Lineage 2 clients. This fact alone is bannable by default. In order to play multiple clients you need to switch between clients manually and press the action keys on each i
  10. NCwest already said before that programming your Keyboard or Mouse software to enable you to auto-play on multiple Clients at the same time is bannable and thus not allowed. Hime already said in the past that such software was only allowed if it was considered to be used on 1 Client, let's say during PvP, in order to allow you to spam CP potions. That's about it. Anything else you will do with your Keyboard and Mouse software is illegal by default. Simply because there is no difference in using a Third Party Software compared to programming, manipulating this Keyboard/Mouse software to your ad
  11. I have no idea what you are talking about. I was talking about the complete Third Party party auto-hunt/auto-assist trains that are running all over the place from starter village to dragon valley area.
  12. It would be much appreciated to start doing something about the massive group of Third Party users that are showing up more and more in Talking Island server. Alot of active players are considering to quit Classic because of it. It's starting to look NCwest can not control any of it. Sadly all within a week after opening of your Classic servers. We all know what happened in the old days, if you don't control any of it. Please act. I don't know what is more worse, login issue's or third party users that impact server stabillity in general.
  13. So Drops depending on Area's will be boosted by 50-150%. How much % the Adena Quantity will be boosted? How much % Spoil Rates will be boosted?
  14. Some other Lineage 2 regions got +250% drop chance increase in their VIP system. So it is not entirely weird that some players ask for same results in our region. I've been checking some old Lineage 2 drop databases and in every single one of them them the Adena drop amount and Spoil chances are like ~3x, 6x to 10x times more (depending on in-game territories) of what we got right now in our version of Classic. Just to make an example the Twink Puma in our version is like 15-30 Adena, in any other C1/C2 database it's 90-180. Also we must consider that in our version you will tak
  15. Most of the players don't realize that any form of software programming of your Mouse/Keyboard that will allow you to auto-hunt while away from keyboard will result in a perma ban. They can actually see now if you are actively clicking your mouse and keyboard keys yourself or a software program is doing it for you. It does not matter, if it's a Third Party software, or the software from your Mouse/Keyboard doing all the work for you. I know a couple more players for leaving their Logitech Software on for a couple of hours when going to the Gym. When they returned they were disconnected and ban
  16. I am heading for Lv.30. I have not spend a single Adena in the Shop sofar besides spending 8k for a Spellbook Life Leech and 14k on Fishing Soul Shots. Still I am stuck on 60k Adena. I have played the game since 2003 and remember it was not this low as it is now. I even remember back in those days I could spend alot more Adena to reach certain shop items such as Armors and Jewelry. In return we should consider the boost is like 25% VIP 40% Scroll 50% Rune 5% Fruit and Clan Buff. It means the balance is totally off between leveling process and the drop system at this rate. With current rat
  17. I must agree that Adena drops are totally off according with other Classic servers and different websites. With current rate when you hit Level 52 you still can't affort a top non-grade weapon.
  18. Instead of postponing it multiple hours per deadline why not just say 9 AM PDT tomorrow and get it over with? So both USA and EU have good times to start on the Server. LIVE servers Chronos and Naia are affected aswell, or simply can open them right now?
  19. I forgot to check if I saw any beastshots in the stream. I really wonder.
  20. Remastered or Refurbished or whatever you can call it. Hahaha In the end with VIP still need to Pay2Win $50 directly to get there. I wonder? Are there enough usefull/decent items to purchase to even get to VIP 4?
  21. Karma 4 or higher you will drop items when being RED, like any other Classic I suppose. Just wait for patch notes. Also they turned off items being dropped upon death when being killed by any monsters/raids no matter your Karma (0-4+) when being WHITE. To make the game player friendly, more enjoyable per (new & old) as explained by Juji.
  22. 300 ms, 100 ms. You just explained the exact definition of hiding behind a firewall yourself. Players should stop complain bad routing is causing 60 ms to be 300 ms in fivefold. These amounts are only caused by software in routers, windows defender or firewalls intergrated in AV programs. Tele2 ISP modems are known in my country to cause these problems aswell with their ISP intergrated software. They manually update it from ISP server side. Anyway GL. I tried to help you, but you rather call people names for being a smart ass. Just go to the cave you come from and stop complain here in fo
  23. Anything with 300 ping (EU>US) means Active Firewall running in background, especially from countries like Sweden and mine. Turn it off or exclude Lineage 2 from the list and your ping should be between 60-115ms tops like me without ping tools. No, I am not joking.
  24. Although it could been as easily your AV scanning XIGNCODE non-stop causing the freezes aswell.
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