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  1. You ever considered that while XIGNCODE is running in the background that 2 GB RAM would not be sufficient any longer for your console? Hence the freezes? Freezes are only considered to be internet issue's if you get disconnect from server within 30 seconds. Any other freeze is considered to be RAM or GPU issue in 90% of the cases.
  2. I am from Europe, the Netherlands. I know exactly what I am talking about. I never understood the Europeans that do play with WTFast and Battleping. We got one of the best internet data transfer stations in Europe such as Amsterdam, London, Paris. I don't see any difference at all. I play Castle Sieges without any of those programs in Chronos on my Healer. Can you imagine players from USA that do use WTFast and Battleping? That's beyond reason for me. Games such as CS:GO I would understand, but Lineage 2 MMO? I am using glassfiber optics. Our internet package is unlimited 300 Mbit/s up an
  3. Windows Defender is even worse then AVG and Avast. I have disabled it, since I have encountered alot of problems even in Lineage 2, Fortnite or even Origins - Battlefield games. You need to exclude all the Lineage 2 folders (both game and programs files) from the AV scanning process. It will make your gaming experience almost twice as fast and you won't be needing any Ping enhancing tools after doing this alone.
  4. It is common knowledge that when you create or login into 4 or more Master Accounts within a set amount of time (15-30 minutes). All accounts are somewhat restricted from access. Sometimes it's a set amount of time, like 1-hour. Sometimes it's a permanent block, until you confirm you are the original owner by Support Ticket, they will unlock it. It's a precaution system against hacking and fraudulent use of the accounts. I must agree they should change the current security protocols. NCwest was trying to allow the multiple use of 3 LIVE Servers and 3 Classics at the same time. This automatical
  5. I do not have any problems nor any lagspikes that are being caused by XIGNCODE itself. Also I do not have any IP enhancing programs running in the background. I strongly believe from what I have seen from the players around me that the VPN programs and Ping enhancing programs are causing the problems. Perhaps even being blocked by NCwest now without telling you. Regarding Anti Virus programs I have excluded the "Lineage II" game folder and the "NCwest" folder from the Program Files (x86) long time ago and had no problems ever again. I noticed Avast and AVG are the two biggest AV scanners
  6. Let me rephrase. Casual players need 9 accounts to survive and be more competitive so they need macro loops for it. It is from my point of view a real casual player don't even need more then 1 account and is fine with just the regular macro system clicking it once every 5 minutes by himself. Not clicking a auto-loop and go AFK for the next 90 minutes. Come'on people.
  7. I wonder if they will do the same thing in Classic? I know players for getting 7-day bans by harrasing other players by continously pulling and dropping mobs on them during EXP sessions.
  8. Finally some good news. Hopefully we will get it before launch. Classic equals hard work. Not inactive gold farmers with 1 active guy auto-looping a complete party.
  9. The reason to play Classic video games is to have fun and play actively with other players. It is no fun where all players all over again start to login with 1,2,3,4,5,6 of their own accounts from the same IP. There is no social reason to play video games like this at this time, unlike a proffesional gold farmer. I'd rather would see Juji will not allow 3 Clients per PC, but 3 Clients per IP/Household. I don't see any reason for people to login more then 3 characters at the same time in the same server. Unless you are in the RMT bussiness for gold, account and item selling in the long term, as
  10. To allow more balance between active DPS Classes and active Support Classes, you should just allow 1-2 game clients per IP/PC. I mean with 3 or even 6 clients, 6 days a week all will have Support Boxes again. This basically killed the Active Supports in between and all around Clans. In future when things get nasty in mass PvP or Castles Sieges all will be crying for Active Supports all over, when there is none in decent level range to be taken, except for the Constant Parties. It's a Deja Vu all over again.
  11. I remember back in those days Castle Sieges were on a Saterday. It changed to Sunday due to Territory War in a later update. I hope it will be on a Saterday again.
  12. I personally would not open 2 servers at the same time. I would open just one, and put the second one as backup/followup in case the traffic & participation is high. In that case I would open a second server 48 hours later beginning of the weekend on Friday October 5th. Also I strongly suggest to open under average GMT. GMT-2/-3 I have no clue what your bussiness model will look like for the future of the in-game store. In case of altered store functions (like JP) in near future I would like to see two different type of servers. I would prefer you make a subscription (VIP system only)
  13. I have no idea what you mean by this. Back in those days we had to bring multiple Clans or even a complete Alliance to kill anything. It does not matter what tier Boss you were fighting. Field RAIDS, Frintezza, Freya, Baium or even Antharas. In those days we had like 8+ Clans in the Alliance killing them. I remember the first Valakas took us 13-hours on Gustin with over 250 Players from a dozen different Clans. When your Client crashed you were back in Town, At the end of the RAID half of the Players was standing back in Goddard town because of the crashes. Although I remember most Bosses chan
  14. Look at the bigger picture. There is a reason why they have introduced XIONCODE3 before announcing the new Classic Servers. We all know what happened in the old days. Servers full of bots.
  15. Please let us know if the Dragon Claw weapons are (Fragment) (Standard) (High-grade) or (Top-grade).
  16. Yet it always worked like: Mob 100 EXP + 100 EXP Exalted = 200 EXP + 200 EXP (100% Rune) = 400 EXP per mob Now: Mob 100 EXP + 100 EXP (100% Exalted) + 100 EXP (100% Rune) = 300 EXP per mob So atleast now after all these weeks and days wondering we know where the 5b per mob went into thin air. We used to get 17b per mob. They now give 12b per mob on same location. It basically means they have changed the Boost formula and put Exalted at the back of it instead of base start as it was before. No it's not a rumor. It was always like this months ago, since we tested it back in those
  17. EU - version posted Aug 7th in EU Forums by Moderator. We tested EXP last night under (equal) boosts between Characters. Yet there is something wrong between Exalted Players and non-Exalted Players, since the EXP is almost the same. Either Exalted Passive is not working as intended or one of the XP Boost Items is not working properly with 105 and above Characters. The base EXP given is same as it was before, but yet after calculating the total amount of Boosts given something is off as comparison between the Players. XP Table EU
  18. The statistics in the Innova Table are incorrect. Those are the EXP amounts required to reach each next level in the table. To hit 105-106 in Innova you need 263 trillion while in our region it's (467-160=) 307 trillion. INNOVA from 1 to 110 = 16,803,517,626,335,800 TOTAL EXP needed; NCWEST from 1 to 110 = 11,988,606,493,388,800 TOTAL EXP needed. That's 28,65% less EXP needed to get to 110 in our region according to both patch notes. In our region it's eassier to go above 108 to get 110 then Europe. However in our region the mobs give now less EXP since a couple of weeks ago. We got sligh
  19. I agree with Draecke on this one. Our Region is totally messed up since the ninja EXP nerf from a couple of weeks ago. Either Monsters are giving like ~30% less EXP or some EXP Runes are not working as intended. Also in our region, like any other region which is Free2Play, you have a choice to purchase the Prestige Pack to boost your gameplay. It is a similiar choice you got in Europe, called Premium. You have a choice and are not obligated to get it. Also I urge NCwest to change our model. Either increase Server Base EXP/SP by 100% indefinitely or add a Rune into the Prestige Pack that will d
  20. Korea took 100% base EXP by default with Server Settings since this particular Patch. Europe took 100% base EXP by default with Premium Account Settings since the start. US West took 0% base EXP since forever. I think it is time for the Prestige Pack to receive a 100% Base EXP/SP Boost aswell in our Region or decrease the EXP Table value's by atleast -50% for each Level. EXP Table Comparison
  21. To much arrogance, jealousy, hatred and sarcasm in a single post. I would ignore players, if you don't like them. I would not point fingers and accuse players of RMT, if you have no clue about the scale of it in the whole server. It is easy to blame one person when the server as a whole is pushing any other player to do the same, due to Pay2Win. Imagine when your neighbour got illegal TV cable, so will you and the neighbour next to you at one point, purely out of jealousy and the ease of which it can be done. It's an infection that spreads same as RMT. At one point 75% of the server is do
  22. This comment alone shows how ignorant and incompetent most players are in Chronos. Hell, most players in this server don't even know what PvP means, let alone how to do it decently. The fight against Nova continued on a different scale, ever since MS got merged with Zaken players. Yes, the battles were equal on same grounds. Yes, the battles continued over 2-hours of non-stop PvP during Castle Sieges for months. It does not matter where you were, both Nova or MS were trying to follow and catch eachother in whatever Castle they might be. So yes it was 2-hours non-stop PvP. Even the Youtube
  23. I personally think it is pathetic of all those ex-Nova who left for Naia. You must consider with all of them complete it was a equal and interesting fight for over a 2-hour Castle Siege duration. It was non-stop PvP!!! They did not like it and moved to Naia? I am still shocked what might have happened within Nova community. Considering the new update will come next month, since NCwest promised us it will be released in the Summer? I suspect all of us might be EXP'ing savely in our peacefull server. We already made preparations. It is not so hard to get 110 with the proper amount of XP Boo
  24. This is true. However it could have been easily avoided by introducing a similiar system like in Aion. Abyss Points, in our case Individual Points and Clan Points. With these Tokens it should have been made possible to purchase Dark Eternal Enhancement Stones from the Clan Store or Castle Shop. Its a perfect System. You participate, just show up and at the end accumulate the points from both Individual Participation and as Clan, conquering stuff. You can only be in one Clan at a time and play one Character. Imagine old Seeding System from Castle? Purchase PvP luxury items with them such as Jew
  25. I am looking forward for a Red Libra type NPC where all players with Dragon Claw Weapons either could downgrade or make an even exchange at it with a small fee. This is the only way to enshure both sides are happy. The upcomming update 105-110 will be much more enjoyable to play in PvE for all with such helpfull friends with helpfull weapons. More players will be spending money to get to 110 no problem. Meanwhile I would obligate all NCwest Lineage 2 Staff to start a Character of their own and start play the game themselves. It's the only way to understand the mind of your customers. It's
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